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  1. Adam, Thanks for the effort to search, find and share the link to Sarah’s blog. Now, I’ve really got some readin’ to duo! Kara, Mary Beth and Matt, Thanks, also, for your kind and encouraging feedback. I’ve got a lot going on this month (have started a month-long residency at a local hotel, involving weekly rehearsals with special guest artists, etc.) so I’m likely to be even less of a presence here than I have been already! …but this issue is never far from my mind. I have been scheduled for an MRI in early March to rule out any structural barriers to a CI. I’ve learned that menin
  2. Holy smokes! Thanks everyone. I'm a little embarrassed to just now be seeing these helpful and thoughtful responses. I kept checking back for several days but neglected to refresh the tab I had left open after posting and figured "...well, it's the holiday season and everyone must be as crazy distracted as me!" Good to know that's not true! Ivana, Thanks for the "Beats of Cochlea Music Festival" link. Adam & Ivana, thanks for searching for the posting from the implanted orchestra musician. Please let me know if you find it. I performed professionally, full time for decades (an
  3. Hello, My name is Tim McKenzie. I'm a musician (acoustic guitar) and was identified as an implant candidate 3 years ago. I wear two hearing aids and am now seriously considering a “one implant/one hearing aid” set-up. As part of the process of deciding whether to do this I’m extremely eager to connect with other musicians (acoustic guitarists, in particular) who may have a similar set-up, if any (i.e., one implant/one hearing aid). I am 66 and began wearing hearing aids, off and on, 15 years ago. It was then I learned that my hearing loss likely started as result of bacterial meningit
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