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  1. I'm a motorcyclist and have wondered about this too - I have a Bonebridge. I will remove the processor when I ride. But I'm wondering how the helmet will fit now that I have the implant... Please keep me posted !!
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    Congrats!! I too have only been switched on for about 3 weeks now..and wowow..
  3. Hi Ivana. Thank you for answering my questions!! My audiologist lives 5.5 hrs away...which is a bummer I do have 4 programs on my remote - one is my normal the other two a just slightly lower volume and the 4th one is for isolating the background noise. The volume control on the remote only lowers the sound at this time thank you for suggesting the diary! I'll definitely start jotting down things. that fan is a noise I'll never get used to.. so I've been putting headphone on and listening to music instead. The headphones are my work telephone headphones and have powerful volume control. It can be used for the telephone or for listening to webcasts/music on my laptop. When I do use the headphones, I mute my Samba. or sometimes I just take it off. I work in a cubicle so not much interaction with others unless we are at meetings. This is where I found the Samba's potential!! I think I will ask the audiologist to turn up the volume a bit on the Samba - or do you suggest I wait? I so appreciate all the info that you gave me and hopefully we can keep in touch!! Nicole
  4. Hi there!! Thanks for reading my blog!! I'm Nicole from Northern Ontario Canada and am so happy to have found this group!! It has been a few weeks now since I've been activated! I absolutely love it! There will be a second part of my story soon which will be post activation. I have nothing but great things to say about this implant! I do have a few questions and hope some of you can help me! Now that my hair I growing back on my implant side,do you keep shaving or cutting the hair around the implant for better hold? Also, sometimes I find the noise do overwhelming that I mute my processor. Do you ever get used to these noises? For example, over my desk, there a huge "intake fan" that never, ever shuts off- so I mute my processor. Does anyone have the Bluetooth remote? (I have the Samba). I haven't heard great things about it and I was going to wait till a more "advance" one comes out. Thanks again!!
  5. Hi! This forum is quite new to me so hopefully I'm doing this right! I'm unilateral Bonebridge user since January 26. I also wanted to mentioned that MedEl did a blog of my "story" and was posted yesterday (February 3rd) I was born with bilateral microtia atresia with profound to severe conductive hearing loss on the right side(the Bonebridge implant side) and moderate to severe on the left side. I had bone gray surgery to try to form an ear on the right side but still no opening or ear Cana ( this was done when I was a baby). I learned to lip read and didn't get hearing aid till I was 16 yrs old. Hearing aid didn't really work as my ear canal on left side is so tiny. Yes I've struggled all my life! I'm not sure what else I should mention but am so glad about finding this forum!! I'm so amazed at the quality and clarity of sounds that I can hear!! Thanks for the welcome!!
  6. I'm so excited to be part of this group!! My name is Nicole and I'm a new Bonebridge user. I was activated on January 26! It has rocked my world!! I'm from Northeren Ontario Canada.
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