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  1. Hi CT Lex, Personally, I have no experience with Rondo. I use only Sonnett in a form of CI (electric stimulation only)and CI EAS (combined electrical and acoustic stimulation). For me, EAS provides deeper, richer sound and easier speech understanding in noise. But with good mapping that compensate correctly for frequencies that were supported by EAS component, it is also possible to hear very well with just elecrtric stimulation regarding sound quality and speech understanding in noise. Without EAS the sounds are also natural, but a little bit flat. Speech in noise not so crist clear, b
  2. I was told that it is technically impossible to set both version of adaptive for the same processor. During my first mapping when ASM 2 was introduced, my audi showed me that ASM2 disables one of the type of adaptive so only one option can be active for use.
  3. I also glad to be back! At the beginning it was not a problem to remove the tube. But seems that over some period of time it has shaped to a form of a hook grooves. Not a surprise considering that each night it is exposed to a dryer heat.
  4. Yes! That's It! Something in me refuses to accept that our CI can be humanely sensitive 😆
  5. Ha-ha, Mary, I also forget how that button called all the time. I cannot remember this word right away while reading yiur post but i completely understand what you mean 😆.
  6. Mary Beth, the hardest part is to remove the earmold tube from a hook. Seriously. Mine sits so tight on the hook that i need to remove the EAS hook and replace it with a regular one rather than just pull out the mold tube from the hook. And thank you for dragging me back on the forum 😁
  7. Yes. That's the problem when we have to be up before the rest of our familles. Time to change this habit and sleep until a cup of coffee is served to our bedside table 😂
  8. FitBit is great, even the Flex - the simplest version of Fitbit family. But my new love is a sunrise alarm clock.
  9. @C T lex, I noticed how better is a quality of my hearing with EAS right away I get it activated. I used only electric stimulation for several months after surgery until EAS got approved in the US. So, I had a great opportunity to compare. I was very comfortable with just electric stimulation, but EAS gave me even more clarity in noisy environments in regards of speech understanding. But, in general, I'd say it is a matter of adjustment and habit. Funny thing, when I got an EAS, everything sounded absolutely natural to me, except my husband's voice. It took several weeks for me
  10. That's true that there is no way to use Rondo with EAS mold. I am even not sure if any RONDOs contain EAS component embedded. Anyway, I'd advise EAS users to get both Sonnet EAS and Rondo if there is such opportunity. First, it is possible to program both types of processors with a special program that compensates the needed low frequencies in a form of electric stimulation instead of acoustic. In this case, Rondo can be used by EAS users with minimum time for adjustment for comfortable hearing. I have EAs and only electric programs on my EAS Sonnet. I use it when I want to be without the
  11. Hi Laurie, I have an EAS CI on my left side. My earmold is made from sturdier plastic compare to a HA tip I had before implantation, but I have never felt any discomfort from this piece. Actually, my HA tip caused more discomfort to me than the EAS earmold. It is why I had some concern before deciding on EAS. I was not sure if I can tolerate a much bigger earmold. My audiologist told me that If it is uncomfortable, it can be adjusted to the different shape in smaller modification. Regarding all other your concern, I think it is pretty common things for some CI users at the early stages
  12. Cara Mia

    Bilateral ci

    Absolutely agree with Mary Beth, if you are eligible for the second CI, just do it! If your insurance is reluctant to cover it due to some mysterious reasons, please, use any means to get an approval for the second CI. Good luck!
  13. Such a great new for new comers!
  14. Hi guys, we have a new pearl of wisdom from Mary Beth! Enjoy! @Mary Beth, thank you! It was a pleasure to read your new blog. https://blog.medel.com/3-steps-to-rediscovering-music-with-a-cochlear-implant/
  15. Cara Mia


    Ok, I am back to answer your questions. (1) I love that my EAS for making: - low sounds richer and more profound; - hearing in noise more easier and effortless; - securing my processor on its place for my sport activities. (2) One of my ear didn't hear not so much right after activation, speech understanding came within several days. But I could understand speech with my another implanted ear right away after switch on. You can find a lot of rehab information in our rehab forum on this link: http://forum.hearpeers.com/index.php?/forum/27-rehab/
  16. Hi Kat Southwark, Glad that your surgery went well so you are ready considering a walk with your dogs. I did it on the third day after my surgery and it was just fine and pleasure. Perhaps, It should be a shorter walk (it was something about 4 miles) because at the end I felt a little bit light headed. But since that day I was just fine with my regular doggy activities. I hope your doggos are not leash pullers, because it may cause some not needed strain on you... Just be careful and reasonable. What kind of dogs do you have?
  17. FarmTonBob, actually I work with the same system. Currently I have two Synchrony CIs that can be adjusted simultaneously. For me the option to adjust both my ears all the same at once is just an option that has no practical value despite this option sounds very promising until you try it. I would attracted by this idea if I placed it on the top of my must to have list when I choosing the brands.... Anyway, my post was just my thoughts aloud, and I wish you the best with your choice especially if it includes the connection between the different hearing system. Would be very interesting to hear
  18. Cara Mia


    Rosemary, you can find many posts related to EAS on the page where you started your this topic. See image of this page below. I will tell you about my EAS experience a little bit later.
  19. Hi Hal, good to have you back on HP. I understand your hesitations about having the second surgery very well. I am so glad that I overcame my hesitation to got the second ear implanted. I managed to convince myself, that even I am lucky with the easy-as-pie surgery, all possible inconvenience and issues are temporary when the happiness with worry-free hearing is (virtually) endless. I also did very well with just one CI even without help from my HA, but two CIs are much better. Good luck in finding your path in our sounding world!
  20. I personally not quite understand the (practical) attractiveness of a HA connection with a CI, just theoretical one.. It looks that my ears work differently and my brain processes sounds from each of them differently as well. When I need to change something it does not work like just some adjustment of loudness, or sensitivity, etc at the same degree for both ears. To improve the stereo effect - I need to find a new balance between both of my ears. It was even more different when I was bi modal. even hard to imagine how the simultaneous adjustment could help me. But perhaps,
  21. Cara Mia


    Hi @Rosemary, just read all posts in this rubric which is created specifically for EAS discussion. And you can ask any questions you have to get more relevant info. I believe, Mary Beth attached your name to several EAS discussions from this rubric. Hope you find what you need. Best regards,
  22. Ok. Some correction. I can see that info on my comp but nothing seen on my phone. I use Android. I believe Mary Beth has an Apple phone. So, something with phone applications.... short version....
  23. Mary Beth, I can see my and your info at the bottom of our posts. And everything looks usual. Weird!
  24. Ha, you are true about gibberish, Kara. In that case our CIs are useless helpless but not to blame for
  25. Yes, now it is not a problem. I could do it even with just one CI after some training. But with two bionic ears it is easy. But sometimes, kids are too high pitch noisy
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