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  1. Any word on a Canadian release date yet?
  2. Karth, It seems we have a similar history. I too had Cholesteatomas, in my right ear though. I lost the bones as well and had reconstruction surgeries, the last one being in 2006. It lasted some time and finally I had the Cholesteatoma come back again (6 times overall), so the final solution was an open cavity procedure, remove everything. I had a Bonebridge put in this past May and had my activation later in the summer. I asked my surgeon about martial arts, he said super light contact to the head while wearing headgear would be ok, but he wouldn't recommend anything full contact
  3. It is too bad that it doesn't come with the extra magnets or the magnet tool. It is something I will consider buying shortly.
  4. Yes I agree it is a shame they do not provide you with the magnet driver and spare magnets.
  5. Thanks Ivana. Actually my new box of PowerOne Batteries arrived today. How long do you guys typically use one battery? I know it depends on use, here is my situation. I got activated at 11am on Friday July 22nd. I kept it on until about 11pm that night. Saturday I used it for a about 12 hours or so. Sunday it was about 14 hours at least. Monday to Friday I only wear it after work (5 hours each night). This past Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Holiday) I used it about 10 to 12 hours each day. I just changed the first battery out today......is this normal? once I put the new battery in I not
  6. Thanks Mary Beth for the info. Power One is what came with the Samba when I got it and it seems to last quite a while. I think I will stick with those and buy a box to see.
  7. Hey All, Just curious if people have had better luck with certain brands of batteries over others? There is no where in town to buy Implant Batteries, just Hearing Aid batteries, so I will have to order them in. I was wondering if there are any brands that seem to last longer than others? brands to avoid etc. Thanks! Colin
  8. Hey All, It has been a few days since I got my Samba and I have to say this thing is awesome! When I went for my fitting I was really impressed the moment it was turned on. My audiologist tuned it up for me and we put on the following programs: Universal, Noise Cancelling, Music, TV and Outdoors. So far I have tried each one a bit, but normally I just use the Universal Program. Does anyone have any tips on using the different programs? We also tried two different magnets, at first it was a #3, but then we switched to a #2. It seems to be holding on quite well for now. For the safety li
  9. Arielle, I have not been to this place yet, but if you are visiting Toronto you might want to check it out. I am hoping to go sometime this year if I get down that way! http://signsrestaurant.ca/
  10. Awesome, thanks for the info Mary Beth. I sent them a message to see if they will offer skins for the Samba.
  11. I studied some ASL in College, but unfortunately I did not keep up with it.
  12. Ivana, of course I have already tried the magnet! It is pretty funny!
  13. I never had this happen with a hearing aid, but thanks for letting me know Mary Beth I really appreciate it.
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