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  1. I just saw a video and email announcing the Sonnet 2 very cool features
  2. Our AUD just returned from vacation she will get back to me soon. I would email her tomorrow
  3. @Jewel you and I have the same AuD. I’m still waiting to hear from her. I think she might be on vacation
  4. So, with WB OFF, what happens when you are in a windy situation??
  5. Hi @Mary Beth and everyone! i had wind block on almost all my digital hearing aids (first pair were analog back in 1990s). Now with Sonnets I have wind block too. i have always found in all devices I’ve worn that the wind block feature is worthless- for me. i wonder how every one else feels about it? Joe
  6. I had UH for all my Ci surgeries ( 4, but that’s another story) they covered all surgeries with no problems
  7. Mine was fairly quick. Although I got denied once b/c the insurance co claimed it wasn’t medically necessary. Surgeon called clarify and got instant results.
  8. I had to wait 5 weeks both CIs. I thought that was ridiculously long. But I survived!
  9. Hearing and replying to context with store clerks- kind of took me by surprise as a noisy environment. Also hearing better on phone calls
  10. That is a good message to all CI users. It gets better over time. Patience, practice and perseverance the more you work at it helps too. Joe
  11. @Mary Beth I like disposable batteries too. I just don’t like them ending up in mass in land fills. Even though I put them in Recycling. Which is why I use rechargeable batteries mostly.
  12. Thinking it through, I will switch to disposable batteries for my next trip in July to avoid toting the recharging equipment.
  13. Rock on @Dave in Pittsburgh
  14. I travel domestically most in USA and never had issues with security. Walked through without issue except wearing a neck loop like a streamer or Artone Max 3. TSA will ask you to remove that first. All my equipment and I do mean all, travels with me in overhead or underseat. Spare processors, batteries, chargers, and an 8 port power strip to power all the chargers. They can lose my clothes but not my hearing stuff. That is paramount to me.
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