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  1. Hearing and replying to context with store clerks- kind of took me by surprise as a noisy environment. Also hearing better on phone calls
  2. That is a good message to all CI users. It gets better over time. Patience, practice and perseverance the more you work at it helps too. Joe
  3. @Mary Beth I like disposable batteries too. I just don’t like them ending up in mass in land fills. Even though I put them in Recycling. Which is why I use rechargeable batteries mostly.
  4. Thinking it through, I will switch to disposable batteries for my next trip in July to avoid toting the recharging equipment.
  5. Rock on @Dave in Pittsburgh
  6. I travel domestically most in USA and never had issues with security. Walked through without issue except wearing a neck loop like a streamer or Artone Max 3. TSA will ask you to remove that first. All my equipment and I do mean all, travels with me in overhead or underseat. Spare processors, batteries, chargers, and an 8 port power strip to power all the chargers. They can lose my clothes but not my hearing stuff. That is paramount to me.
  7. @Vinod i also bought mine on amazon i use for audio books, streaming music or movies and calls on my iPhone.
  8. I received an email earlier this week and thought I'd pass it along to HearPeers friends. I have always found support dealing with hearing loss with HLAA and then with HearPeers as I advanced into the world of CIs. I started the HLAA-Miami chapter because I wanted to meet other people locally who also live with hearing loss, and now with CIs as many of us progressed. I knew that I enjoyed the camaraderie and fellowship with others living in this world of HAs and CIs This article explains it well, from family and friends and now colleagues in the world of hearing loss, we all desire relationship needs to provide us with one of the following: Emotional Support – You need to be assured that you have people in your corner. Tangible Support – Are people you can call on for help on things like financial assistance, babysitting the kids so you can watch a movie, or going with you to the dentist or doctor. Appraisal Support – The people who love you enough to give you constructive and honest feedback about yourself. Informational Support – Your AuD, ENT or other professional, but also from HearPears, HLAA chapters, and CI support groups. Companionship Support – Activity friends who makes us feel socially accepted. Also from HearPears, HLAA chapters, and CI support groups. Here is the full article https://www.explore-life.com/en/articles/youve-got-a-friend
  9. I came across this site and found a terrific set of questions to ask / consider when exploring a CI. I wish I had this information early on in my research. Colleen breaks it down into three categories: 1. the implant/electrodes 2, the CI manufacturer 3, the external processor
  10. Dear friends, @Joan  @Jdashiell @Dave in Pittsburgh @mgfiest  @Valentin @Cara Mia @VeroNika @MallaRuth @Jewel @sassychele02 @Mary Featherston I have found that my hearing loss over the past decades has come to define me. I’m that guy that wears hearing aids. No they are cochlear implants i do a lot of explaining ========== losing my hearing gradually was like going to college I graduated with My last set of HAs. getting CIs was graduating with a PhD in hearing loss. i have learned so much over the years and am still learning I am a student of hearing loss - that’s who I am
  11. I saw this recent post form the MedEl Blog https://blog.medel.com/rehab-at-home-what-is-auditory-memory/?utm_source=salesforce&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=blogInt-update190403
  12. From the MedEl blog https://blog.medel.com/rehab-at-home-what-is-auditory-memory/?utm_source=salesforce&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=blogInt-update190403
  13. I requested my last patient kit list and my warranty list for all my kits. i will see what I get
  14. Last Friday my wife and I went out to eat dinner with her parents Nothing out of the normal, I brought spare rechargeable batteries, a Roger Select, and my FineTuner, just like I always do. I use the FineTuner to adjust DOWN the Sensitivity settings 5 clicks, and the Volume Down 2 clicks. This always helps me hear better at the restaurant table. I bring the Roger Select to use in case I need additional listing help. As I leave the restaurant I use the Reset 🔄 on my FineTuner to UNDO the setting I made at the table. Now we made it home with all my goodies after stopping to get my new suit tailored in the Dressing room All was peachy keen at this point - however as I went to bed, I had a horrible night interrupted sleep several time throughout the wee hours, stomach upset, feverish, many toilet trips. Next morning continued and was quite lethargic 😟. Netflix therapy. Somewhere along the past several hours, I lost my FineTuner. Now it has a label on the back to call me if found. Next morning Im on the mend, I must've ate something bad at the restaurant. As Im getting dressed my FineTuner is AWOL - I searched every where. My wife helped out too searching other everywheres. So I am extremely stressed out at this point wondering if this loss is covered by Warranty? Luckily I have a spare backup FineTuner. Today I went back to the store where I was Friday evening to check the dressing room and uptown Lost and found - Alas no record of it. So Im thinking if someone did find it, SURELY they would have called me, Surely. So I go back home to look any where I might have missed, After all I did look everywhere. So I decided I needed to look under the recliner and sure enough The FineTuner was there!!! I did check every nook and cranny, moved seat cushions etc..... but not underneath the damn chair! A lot of stress for nothing The moral of my story is that we use a lot of technology in our hearing journey with CIs, and rely on it working and being there ALL THE TIME. And as such need to make certain we follow routines. Do not set your wallet and keys down to go get your sunglasses before walking out the door, You'll end up searching everywhere for you wallet and keys!
  15. That graphic is for the human ear. Does that mean it’s for a normal hearing person? how does it compare to a deaf ear with a CI?
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