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  1. I have InnoCaption too Technical issues tho. Rings once, disconnects. I need to troubleshoot. I use the cordless phone with speakerphone mostly. I have a daughter who seeks so rapidly and without punctuation or breathing I find id to difficult to stay on, and its usually stuff my wife must deal with. I listen to audio books in the car, currently John Adams bio by David McCullough. Other times I am listening to jazz or blues, or practicing. Just not in the car! Thank goodness I have music.
  2. I have found the the Cochlear America site the most beneficial for telephone rehab. I find it and other similar sites easy to use and hear for telephone help. I use the Roger Pen to hear on the iPhone and that helps often. It is the use of the home cordless phones I find most difficult to hear, whether its family or friends. I have a CaptionCall and Captel Phones at home and should use them. I find their text delay TOOO long. For business calls I find it quite difficult to understand people especially with foreign accents.
  3. Well I still have difficulty hearing on the the phone, 😞 working on that. However, I have music back in my life I am able to play guitar and Bass and listen to all kinds of music!!
  4. Yes I believe CVS or Walgreens can do that , they also offer flu shots for free
  5. Driving in traffic on the free way or turn pike, beep beep beep 😩 oh no, hope I can turn off somewhere soon!
  6. I had to get a pre-op visit with my Primary care physician, for each of my 4 CI surgeries. I believe I had the vaccine in the first visit. i know for certain I received both doses joe
  7. Oh believe me I understand the compassion of shoes. I have 3 pairs you might have a closet just for your shoes, right?
  8. That’s a tough one. Im noticing I can hear sounds from far away with Rondo2 but comparing between Rondo2 and Sonnet is tough. I will need to try Sonnets again in same surroundings. For now I’m enjoying Rondo2/Rondo with MyLink.
  9. Actually I realized I had the Select with me and connected it with ease, less than one minute. Seems to work great, as expected.
  10. I have yet to try the Roger Select/MyLink connection yet, however I do not foresee any problems other than initial connections. That is to say I have had difficulty switching from Roger Pen to Roger Select with my Sonnet Receivers, Roger X and Roger 21. I chalk that up to learning curve.
  11. 2/12/2019 I have received and wear the Rondo2 since December 2018, I absolutely love the the all day rechargeable battery, and the freedom of the ear space for eyeglasses. I wear it in conjunction with my Rondo(1) on my Right ear, and only need to change batteries on that one every three days. I also use the clothes clip connected to my shirt collar for safety. I use the Roger Pen and have the Roger MyLink receiver to hear on my iPhone or or at restaurants so I can hear and understand the other people at my table. I also have and wear Sonnets with Roger X and Roger 21 receivers, but for now I am really enjoying the Rondo2/Rondo combination. The hearing quality is excellent, I am able to locate sounds sound as elevator door dings, and while shopping hear the store clerks to respond actively, if you know what I mean... grin. I still need to work on hearing on the landline telephone, speakerphone or not. But overall I am living well with the Rondo combination, listening to music, playing guitar and bass, listening to audio books and reading, hearing the TV news and Netflix shows, working my hearing loop installation job. I have enjoyed the use of the Roger Pen with the receivers (Roger X and Roger 21) on my Sonnets. I also have the Roger Select which is amazing in a conference or restaurant situations. Now with the Roger MyLink and the Rondo2/Rondo combination, I set the MT setting on my FineTuner and am ready for incoming calls or place outgoing calls and am prepared for this difficult hearing situations to hear and understand using the Roger Pen/MyLink combination to hear with more clarity. Life is good.
  12. Nope it lasts all day following an overnight charge ilove it for that reason
  13. I’ve been wearing rondo and rondo2 for more than a week now and am very happy! tomorrow I am scheduled to receive my Roger MyLink from connevans via ups so I’ll be able to use my Roger Pen. i love the freedom of ear space and the extended battery life. i keep my Sonnets close by as a backup
  14. I’m a bit lazy on the regular schedule- I tend do it if and when I notice a problem 😗
  15. Yes, I had that with my first CI. Although it took me a little longer, asy a couple of weeks to hear normal. I still wore a a hearing aid on my other ear for one year until I started my second CI.
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