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  1. Yes however the sound quality is decreased with that app. mill stick to the cable as quality is an important factor for me.
  2. @Mary Beth Excellent review! i must point out that because the AudioLink is designed and built by MedEl for MedEl Sonnets 1 and 2, it is simple to use. It just works out of the box. A real convenience. Roger pen and Select are both excellent products as is the Artone Max 3. The Roger devices require the Roger receivers (Roger 21 or RogerX with FM battery cover, or the Roger My Link) the Roger Pen/Select must be paired to the Receiver before use. The Artone Max 3 requires pairing to your phone and requires telecoil mode (T of MT). Everything needs recharging of fresh batteries and those that pair to Bluetooth devices such a iPhone or Samsung phone frequently need to pair up again - that’s just a Bluetooth issue- IMHO. I also believe the sound quality is better with Roger devices or audioLink than with Artone again IMHO.
  3. The Audiolink has several pluses but a few minuses for me. I like the size and shape as it fits well in my pocket. It has a clip for lapels but could be a stronger clip. I like how it pairs with my sonnets using my Finetuner. Very easily. The microphone works well and I use it mostly at the restaurant table. The microphone Is small and omnidirectional, however, but I adjust my Sonnets with the Finetuner accordingly. phone call are easy and wirelessly connected to my iPhone via Bluetooth. I use InnoCaption for all calls and the Audiolink works flawlessly with that app. When I listen to audiobooks or music I must use the supplied cable and adapter for the iPhone or iPad. Although it’ works extremely well. I would prefer it to be wireless. But that’s me. Overall, I’m quite impressed Joe
  4. I have no doubt the MedEl will be around long after the founders pass away. Its a bigger organization than that. I wore HAs for over 20 years as my hearing loss progressively got worse, year by year. It got to the point that my speech recognition scores were below 50%, So I became a CI candidate. I received my first (right) implant in March 2016, activation in April 2016, and wore a HA in left. I had to make adjustments to volume and Telecoil switching on two devices, but I am a tech-guy so no problem. That year was eye opening for me in my ability to hear. So much so I told my ENT I wanted the left side implanted ASAP, and we began the process again. Due to internal problems, I had to be implanted 3 times to get the left side implanted correctly on March 2018, activation in April. I cannot express well enough my decision to get bilateral CIs. My hearing loss will be with me for a lifetime, but thankfully with CIs, that journey is so much better. I cannot imagine life without CIs Although I know that all 3 companies make good products and people are happy with their decisions to to go with each one, I chose MedEl over the other companies for several reasons. 1. I found the technology of the implants AND the processors to be far superior to CA and AB. You will find little information available on CA and AB websites on their implants. The implant is extremely important considerations it is with you for a minimum of ten years (possibly a lifetime), Also the implant is MRI friendly due the magnet that the processor attaches to. No surgery is required prior to an MRI. I believe the longer, straighter implant is good because the technology fits well with my belief system. Take a look at MedEl technology page in the website where they discuss Triformance (https://www.medel.com/en-us/hearing-solutions/cochlear-implants/hear-the-difference/triformance) No other CI company offers that. The other CI companies are much more vague in that area. 2. The telecoil was important to me, and still is. I use several assisted listening devices, a couple of which require the telecoil. The Finetuner that comes with each Processor kit has the telecoil buttons build in as a main buttons. CA requires a menu to get to telecoil feature. 3. MedEl growth over the years is incredible and the advancement in technologies and products that answer many types of hearing loss is impressive. Overall MedEl is a terrific choice. Joe
  5. I recently received my Audiolink and am working on learning all about it. I used the coupon from MedEl when I bought it on WebShop. merry Christmas to me! i see that audiokey App is available but not in US yet, is it available in Canada?
  6. @Jewel email me and I will connect you with our MedEl Miami rep
  7. I have Rondo 1 and a Rondo 2 as well as Sonnets - which I tend to use more often - due to the 2 microphones and all that offers. I use the Rondos as back up processors. I really like the Rondo 2 simply from the recharge once over night - while I sleep. Then its useable ALL day long. The Rondo1 takes disposable batteries that only last a few days AND it takes 3 batteries. I use disposable battiest in my Sonnets too because I had an issue with the rechargeable battery frame on 1 Sonnet. Despite trials and tribulations, I LOVE MY MEDEL processors and implants because they allow me to hear quite well. Without them I am deaf. Thank you MedEl !!!!
  8. @Joan thank you for that informative and helpful reply
  9. I have a question to others in the US. I am approaching Medicare age (I'm 65 next year) and am considering Medicare options - so cost is an issue Currently I have insurance via my wife's office plan which is pretty good. Next year will be different. I am wondering what other Medicare users are experiencing with CI continuing costs I don't want or expect dollar value as that is personal, Just want to know is these continuing CI costs are covered or out-of-pocket expenses. That tip of info.
  10. As I don't have much head hair - I keep it short I use the close clip to clip on to my shirt collar. I have in the past used an ear clip but found it to be uncomfortable. The close clip has a stretchy monofilament which is great. The Rondo 1 has a similar close clip as well but not a stretchy monofilament 😞
  11. RE: Ticking I did nor hear ticking or any other issues with my Rondo 2, However, I did hear a clicking sound with my left Sonnet processor. after numerous troubleshooting I found the culprit to be the Rechargeable battery FRAME and changed it to disposable battery frame. That also made it possible to solve a secondary issue with my Roger Pen and Roger Select microphones. That issue prevented me from being able to pair those microphones to the left Sonnet Processor while using Rechargeable batteries. So for now I am back to using disposables, which in itself has benefits AND discrepancies. The Plus being able to wear for three days before changing batteries. The minus being that I am adding to garbage - which I don't - I recycle (Are they truly recyclable?) By the Way I have Rondo / Rondo2 as backup processors...
  12. Yes. Hopefully we won’t need anymore surgeries 😎
  13. Great information as always from MedEl. However only really pertinent to surgeons and prospective CI candidates. Not so much so for those of us, @Mary Beth, Already implanted. Am I correct?
  14. Neil, Everyone is different and must make do with their own situation and decisions. I had a different situation, My first CI on the right side went in flawlessly and I felt over that first year being bimodal with a CI and a HA was better on the CI side. In fact, I wanted to get the second CI as soon as possible because of the excellent hearing with the CI. I lost my hearing as an adult, my hearing was flat across all frequencies in both ears, so adapting to CIs was relatively easy for me. My right CI was implanted without issue, however, my left side was not. It took three implant surgeries to get it implanted properly, due to a bony buildup in the inner ear. My point is every one is different. Find a good ENT who does research well for each case. Then do your own research on adapting to CIs - follow through with any and all audio rehabilitations exercises you can. Patience, Practice and Perseverence
  15. I am more than a year since both sides were implanted, so I am at a point where I should go every 6 months. However, I am scheduled for 3 separate appointments, 1 week apart. I believe its Right side, Left Side and booth testing, although Im not sure what order. Insurance rules or University rules ???
  16. I work on construction sites and need to wear a hard hat. I also ride a bicycle with a helmet, so I am well aware of the need for answer for those of us who are implanted and wear CI processors. I heard that making the helmet large and inserting new foam on tor of the existing inner structure then cut out the new for where the processor coil sits. I have yet to try this myself as the current hard hat I wear allows me to adjust the size over my Coils
  17. Well we managed to escape the monster Dorian that wreaked havoc of the Bahamas and the North florida coast as is continues to move northward. There was a lot to prepare for and later restore to normalcy. I pray for the people in the current path and and beyond.
  18. The Rondo V1 or V2 require Roger MyLink to connect to Roger Pen, Select or other Roger Mics. You'll also need your Finetuner to switch to MT or T
  19. I live in Miami, FL and we are bracing for another major hurricane Now usually when I put my processors on in the morning, the first sound I hear is my wife's hairdryer - UGH so loud!! This week I hear that and the latest news on Hurricane Dorian and all the madness and panic the news media creates. I do believe that we do need to prepare and evacuate, but the news media seems to create panic unnecessarily. Now if you'll excuse me I have a lot to do...
  20. I just saw a video and email announcing the Sonnet 2 very cool features
  21. Our AUD just returned from vacation she will get back to me soon. I would email her tomorrow
  22. @Jewel you and I have the same AuD. I’m still waiting to hear from her. I think she might be on vacation
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