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  1. Hello I need to replace my left ear hearing aid and I was told there are some aids that will sync with my Rondo that's 5 years old. My doctor said I should check on the MED-EL forums to get a recommend unit that will sync with my implant. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me please. Pat in lower Michigan.
  2. Thanks Mary Beth for your wonderful words, you and many others help everyone so much!. I am very excited to have the Rondo 2 less 3 batteries on my head and of course patience has never been one of my habits. 9,500.00 for the Rondo 2 teaches patience automatically for people over 65. Thanks again, i feel blessed having this wonderful site to come to when I am down.
  3. Sorry to hear you are having a tough time recovering Anita L. I had my implant done in my right ear 4 years ago, I walked out of surgery care free and had no after affects you are having. I picked the RONDO 1 of course from Med-El (still wearing a hearing aid in my left ear. All I can tell you is to show patience and what the Pro's are telling you is correct. I am 67 and live in Michigan so I am now on my third audiologist since my implant. UM has changed my processors twice and can't wait till I hit 5 years (Medicare Rules) and receive the new RONDO 2 seeing i am still using the number 4 magn
  4. You know what amasing me is all of you HearPeers specialist with less than 24 months of surgery??? how is does your things fit in to any FORUM ???????????????
  5. I wish I was in the Promo for 2 units when I was implanted but that ended in December of 2015, Now I have to pay 7,000.00 dollars for a Rondo 2 to receive that unit which I think would relieve my problem having to ware the Number 4 magnet which after 9 hours I have extreme headaches and numbness around my implant. No matter what I would not trade my ability to hearing again. Best of luck to all people.
  6. Can anyone tell what a Roger Pen is please? I have no idea what is in please. I was implanted in January of 2016 and just changed from WMU to UofM hoping for better service. Thanks in advance for the answer, I do read all Hear Forums weekly but the piece has me stumped.
  7. I am from Battle Creek, MI and have been implanted since January 2016, I ware a Rondo unit. Good Luck all.
  8. Hi Lizjong, you should be getting both units from Med-el including the behind the ear unit unless Med-El stopped that offer, I have the Rondo 1 seeing my implant was done 3 1/2 years ago. pay attention to these Gal's they know what works and what is rumors, I just changed from WMU to UM here in Michigan to improve my experience with my product and am so happy I did. your support team is so very important like Mary Beth mentioned and no question you ask of your team they will have a answer or try to make corrections to help you. You will be amazed how much you have been missing. Good Luck
  9. Hello Girls, I have been implanted since December 2015 with Mi1200 SYNCHRONY using the Rondo 1 only seeing at the time there were no buy one and second free offers. I have a few questions about the new Rondo 2 and hope you can help me with. 1) I am 66 years old and on full Medicare and wonder if any of you have tried using Medicare to all or some of the cost for upgrading to the Rondo 2 2) Mary Beth & Joan, I see you both mentioned Upgrade times coming up for you? is that offered be Med-El Corp or the Audiologist Clinic Center that take care of you please. Here is a note t
  10. Thank you Mary Beth for the information that that the RONDO 2 is now being sold in the USA, I have been checking weekly plus contacting my Audiologist & MedEl rep weekly with no news. So this is wonderful info for me seeing I am using RONDO 1 with number 4 magnet for the last 3 years which works well but at about 12 hours I start with Head aches. Anyway wonderful news and I will be in contact with my support team yesterday. Please have a wonderful Christmas to all that support this wonderful tool and use MedEl products!
  11. Thank you Mary Beth, I will add the Med-el USA page to my notices of messages. I have the Rondo only going on 3 years now and still using the number 4 magnet (thick headed I guess) and that is the reason I am so excited to purchase the new Rondo 2. Pat in Michigan
  12. Does anyone know a release Date yes for the USA Please? I can't seem to an answer for this question please/ Thank so much in advance for any information please.
  13. Piece of Cake Marion, my implant is now 3 years old and I use the Rondo since day one, I am also am waiting for the Rondo 2 to be here is the USA I Still have a hearing aid in my left ear still seeing its 25% and understands words but I will be having another Med-El implant done in 2019. My right ear was down to .05 percent of any hearing, after the implant I went Wow I can hear things I have not heard in years (Crickets etc. along with other noises like banging dish's and voices that are sure you are still deft. We can not blame them seeing we trained them we can't hear) so smile Marion and y
  14. Best of Luck to you Bud, conversations, Birds, crickets and so many other thing's will surprise you first then frustrate you and then because of all our old habit's of presuming what people are saying by Facial expressions, task at hand, attempt at lip reading and just to proud to admit I can't hear anymore and that is none of your business. I am 65 Milton and have had hearing aids since the age of 45 (Guns, building engines, motorcycle & Car drag racing etc.) and had my Med-EL implant done 2/16/16 plus still ware a hearing aid in my left ear. My point here is your mind is leaning a new ty
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