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    ept5777 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Hearing aid that will sync W/Medel my Synchrony 1200 Please?   
    Thanks Mary Beth for the info.
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    ept5777 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Hi I’m newly implanted 10/15/19.   
    Thanks Mary Beth for your wonderful words, you and many others help everyone so much!. I am very excited to have the Rondo 2 less 3 batteries on my head and of course patience has never been one of my habits. 9,500.00 for the Rondo 2 teaches patience automatically for people over 65.
    Thanks again, i feel blessed having this wonderful site to come to when I am down.
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    ept5777 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Lots of new HP members   
    I am from Battle Creek, MI and have been implanted since January 2016, I ware a Rondo unit. Good Luck all.
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    ept5777 got a reaction from Mary Beth in First CI surgery in 3 weeks. New to forum.   
    Hi Lizjong, you should be getting both units from Med-el including the behind the ear unit unless Med-El stopped that offer, I have the Rondo 1 seeing my implant was done 3 1/2 years ago. pay attention to these Gal's they know what works and what is rumors, I just changed from WMU to UM here in Michigan to improve my experience with my product and am so happy I did. your support team is so very important like Mary Beth mentioned and no question you ask of your team they will have a answer or try to make corrections to help you. You will be amazed how much you have been missing.
    Good Luck
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    ept5777 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Lack of auto logging Rondo 2   
    Thank you Mary Beth for the information that that the RONDO 2 is now being sold in the USA, I have been checking weekly plus contacting my Audiologist & MedEl rep weekly with no news.  So this is wonderful info for me seeing I am using RONDO 1 with number 4 magnet for the last 3 years which works well but at about 12 hours I start with Head aches. Anyway wonderful news and I will be in contact with my support team yesterday.
    Please have a wonderful Christmas to all that support this wonderful tool and use MedEl products!
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    ept5777 got a reaction from Mary Beth in Soon to be implanted   
    Piece of Cake Marion, my implant is now 3 years old and I use the Rondo since day one, I am also am waiting for the Rondo 2 to be here is the USA I Still have a hearing aid in my left ear still seeing its 25% and understands words but I will be having another Med-El implant done in 2019. My right ear was down to .05 percent of any hearing, after the implant I went Wow I can hear things I have not heard in years (Crickets etc. along with other noises like banging dish's and voices that are sure you are still deft. We can not blame them seeing we trained them we can't hear) so smile Marion and you will exsperance many wonderful things and some things that only time will Heal. Be happy with your new ablitys and have patience on all around your life deals with you now and after.
    W/ Love and best of luck to you in this wonderful adventure.
    Pat T.
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    ept5777 got a reaction from Mary Beth in RONDO #2 NEWS IF ANY PLEASE   
    Yes I am all signed up for the news of the Rondo 2, Thanks again Mary Beth and Leighf for you reply.
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    ept5777 reacted to Ivana Marinac in Dr J   
    Yes, yes, yes.... I have interacted in an conversation with a Polish student who returned a positive feedback on using The One stethoscope on my suggestion. I am not sure for a BT connection but wired version is recommended by the manufacturer and its reliability has been tested.
    I use it with Samba however, but all in all - it's same content, although different package.
    I recommend this company - they were willing to do with me as a client regarding all my questions and askings. 
    P.S.: However, an hearing implant - its outer unit has to be adapted in a way that specially programmed map is made for listening heart sounds or murmurs because, as we know, it's out of reach of usual frequency range for an average user.
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    ept5777 got a reaction from refoster723 in New here   
    Good Luck Bud, I was installed on my right ear Feb of 2015 and use the RONDO unit and a HA in my left ear, So show patience with your progress please. it may take some time for you to for you to enjoy all you are receiving as a new user. One very important fact to you is make sure your Audiologist is experienced and trained with Med-El units. That fact along will help you beyond all other factors of your success.
    Thanks again
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    ept5777 got a reaction from Cara Mia in Hello from a Very Sunny Spain   
    So wonderful to here from another person that does daily business by phone! I also have a Rondo on my head installed on February of 2016 and activated March 27th of this year. I have not been able to hear TV or cell calls for many years but at this time if I am not on my Caption phone or in my GMC truck with Bluetooth hearing not much has changed. Of course I was 95% deaft before this implant surgery in my right ear and still wearing a Starkey aid in my left. I shyed away from all business and my 5 million dollar company back in 2011 for the simple reason of can't hear and can't abuse 60 plus employees for my own problem. At this date I am doing much better and working about 26 hours a week just earning everyone's respect back and saying I can again become the leader I was 25 year's ago. Love you all and it can only get Better.
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    ept5777 reacted to Mary Beth in Activated on left CI with Rondo   
    There is a way to plug into the Rondo but it requires use of the Rondo's remote battery pack. Check that out in your Rondo manual. It is a wired battery pack though so it requires you to have a wire going from the Rondo to the pack.
    Phone use with the Rondo options include :
    1). Set the smartphone in HA compatible mode and set the Rondo on MT or T with the Fine Tuner. With the Rondo mic at the 12:00 position, the strong telecoil signal is at the 6:00 position.
    2). Keep the Rondo on M. Hold the phone so that the sound is over the Rondo mic.
    3). Use the Quattro Bluetooth neckloop. With the Fine Tuner, set the Rondo on MT or T. Sync the phone to the Quattro following regular BkueTooth procedure. Keep the phone nearby but you will not need to listen from it or speak into it. Follow the Quattro manual for making/accepting calls. Check out LifeWithMyMedEl YouTube channel and also Hands On Hearing website for great assistance from Jeff Campagna, MedEl user and employee.
    Listening to music or training with the Rondo options are the same as above. Your DAI cable will plug into the remote battery pack. My preferred method is the Quattro BlueTooth neckloop for music and aural rehab training like CLIX or AngelSounds. My preferred method for phone use is to stay on M or switch to MT or T and use the phone without other devices.
    Good luck.
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