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  1. I use sonnet 1, but I just got my sonnet 2 in the mail today so I have to get it mapped from my audiologists.
  2. Thank you @Mary Beth how strong are the clips?
  3. Has anyone had any tried and true methods for tethering water wear to a water shirt while tubing or white water rafting? I was thinking of fish line and a safety pin.
  4. @Mary Beth that sounds like a good idea, is there data logging on the D coil as well or just the D Lite coil? were u experiencing shorter battery life before those changes?
  5. Has anyone experienced shorter battery life using a D Lite coil vs the D coil using the standard rechargeable batteries? I have noticed a 30-60 minute difference. Just curious.
  6. That doesn’t make any sense. The upgraded processor is still brand a new processor just like if an individual was receiving it as their original processor. To change the warranty just because we already have a different processor doesn’t seem right in my opinion.
  7. The second implant is progressing. In one of my maps I tolerated too much bass when doing the threshold test and it didn’t sound good. I gave it some time thinking that maybe my brain would get used to it but it didn’t. I have another mapping next week to try and balance things out.
  8. @Mary Beth Any info on when it will actually be available?
  9. @Don Doherty congratulations on your implant! I too was implanted by Dr Stephanie Moody on my left ear about 10 years ago. I just got implanted in my right ear about 3 months ago at Vanderbilt good luck on your activation Next time you see her tell her I said hello.
  10. @Alfred I have the sonnet and I take one program (for me this is program 4) and I turn the volume all the way down, keep turning the volume down until you can no longer hear anything and voila now you have a ‘mute’ program slot. That is what I do and it works well. Perfect for that quick cat nap in the recliner.
  11. I was having problems with sweat on the Sonnet because the battery cover was not sealing as it should once I got a good sealing battery cover I have not had any issues. You can tell if it has a good seal or not by looking to see if any sweat is on the battery when you remove the battery cover.
  12. Percy

    SONNET 2

    Is that LED’s on the side of the processor?
  13. @Mary Beth activation went well. The audiologists said that they were concerned that the last electrode did not get fully inserted but wanted to try it anyway, I could immediately tell that something was different about this electrode and I was ‘feeling’ the sound so she just turned it off. All the other electrodes were fine and I could distinguish the pitch between each one. When they turned it on I could distinguish how many syllables the words were. Everyone sounded (and still does) like the chipmunks. When I have my left side off and only using my right side I can understand speech as long as I am reading lips. I have understood words on a news radio a few times too. When I got my first implant the sound was a big blur and it took about six months for me to be where I am today. I thank God that he has allowed me to hear this much already! I am starting my rehab and have used the iAngelsound app. I also listen to news radio as well as preaching sermons with closed caption.
  14. Surgery went well yesterday. Got my bandage off today. Not much pain today just a little ‘full’ feeling. Activation July 1st.
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