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  1. The second implant is progressing. In one of my maps I tolerated too much bass when doing the threshold test and it didn’t sound good. I gave it some time thinking that maybe my brain would get used to it but it didn’t. I have another mapping next week to try and balance things out.
  2. @Mary Beth Any info on when it will actually be available?
  3. @Don Doherty congratulations on your implant! I too was implanted by Dr Stephanie Moody on my left ear about 10 years ago. I just got implanted in my right ear about 3 months ago at Vanderbilt good luck on your activation Next time you see her tell her I said hello.
  4. @Alfred I have the sonnet and I take one program (for me this is program 4) and I turn the volume all the way down, keep turning the volume down until you can no longer hear anything and voila now you have a ‘mute’ program slot. That is what I do and it works well. Perfect for that quick cat nap in the recliner.
  5. I was having problems with sweat on the Sonnet because the battery cover was not sealing as it should once I got a good sealing battery cover I have not had any issues. You can tell if it has a good seal or not by looking to see if any sweat is on the battery when you remove the battery cover.
  6. Percy

    SONNET 2

    Is that LED’s on the side of the processor?
  7. @Mary Beth activation went well. The audiologists said that they were concerned that the last electrode did not get fully inserted but wanted to try it anyway, I could immediately tell that something was different about this electrode and I was ‘feeling’ the sound so she just turned it off. All the other electrodes were fine and I could distinguish the pitch between each one. When they turned it on I could distinguish how many syllables the words were. Everyone sounded (and still does) like the chipmunks. When I have my left side off and only using my right side I can understand speech as long as I am reading lips. I have understood words on a news radio a few times too. When I got my first implant the sound was a big blur and it took about six months for me to be where I am today. I thank God that he has allowed me to hear this much already! I am starting my rehab and have used the iAngelsound app. I also listen to news radio as well as preaching sermons with closed caption.
  8. Surgery went well yesterday. Got my bandage off today. Not much pain today just a little ‘full’ feeling. Activation July 1st.
  9. I wonder if we will have to wear the special battery cover on the sonnet like we do for the roger pen in order for this to work?
  10. @Mr-LJ I am curious about your speaker setup, do you find that the higher freq speaker gives you more detail or is that what sounds ‘right’ for the CI at this time?
  11. Percy

    Sonnet 2

    @Mr-LJ I miss the on/off button as well but I use a a mute program in slot 4. I have that slot turned all the way down. I didn’t use to carry the remote with me all the time but now I have gotten use to it, I am a person who doesn’t like a lot of stuff in my pockets but the fine tuner remote is slim enough that I don’t mind it. Good luck.
  12. Percy

    Sonnet 2

    Thanks for the update @Mary Beth @VictorR I was noticing the exact same thing. I wonder why Med-El chose to increase the iteration with this.
  13. The article mentioned sonnet 2, any specs or info yet?
  14. I agree, the Aquacase and mic would be awesome for MED-EL.
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