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  1. Thanks @Mary Beth I use my Sonnets for every day and when I go kayaking/ paddle boarding on calm water. Then I also carry a ziplock bag in my life jacket on board in case I come across unexpected rough conditions/wake. I have rondo which I do like better in the waterwear, however, the thin line combined with the relatively heavy weight for its size make me nervous to wear for surf/action water sports/ anything more active than swimming in flats or low surf. I have no problem peddle boarding in minimal waves conditions or swimming in minimal waves but anything over 1ft waves I go deaf in the water. I think a processor that can be clipped securely on area different than the side of the head or a larger/stronger tether will be more practical so I really hope med el develop accessory that can accommodate activity in high surf/rolling ocean wave.. that's my wish.
  2. Hi @Neil Actually i'd go with ear muffs or plugs just because I remember pain/ discomfort from extremely loud noise after the surgery and without processor on. As it's not about further damaging your natural hearing, wearing protective device might help in case of physical discomfort and it definitely won't hurt. Let us know what your doctor say. Happy practice!
  3. Hi I remember once someone mentioned new tech is only introduced once in every 5 years. Does it mean there are no new accessories introduced in the interim? Is every company only allowed one improvement every 5 years? And i'm most interested to know if Med El is working on any waterwear solution that's compatible with Neptune for example or any alternative to current waterwear.
  4. Hi Lori, @Lori m Looking at the MedEl comparison page on the website, Rondo2 does not have automatic sound management for wind noise reduction. Not sure how programming may override that, but I hope there is an answer from other users. I'm not using Rondo 2 daily, I use Sonnet but I can see how listening to radio with windows down can be challenging. I guess if i'm not the driver the only option is direct audio input through cable you mentioned you've tried.
  5. Thanks for the invite, MB! I'm interested and marked the date.
  6. Thank you @Mary Bethand @Morgan
  7. 😂 Very talented audi for sure!
  8. More Battery time please for rechargeables. I've got big dreams but this one is every day factor and have direct impact on day to day operation
  9. How is the music listening via audio link?
  10. Hi guys Just wondering Morgan if you can tell me about the roger, i've been using mine today plugged into my phone to listen to music and there's a lot of environmental noise coming in at the same time. Is it something you noticed when you tried the pen?
  11. Black . Peeling. Got in January as stronger replacement to the one that came in kit.
  12. Any chance Med El work on solution for users who play water sport? Waterwear doesn't stop the processor from falling off. Something hermetically sealed that can be attached to the bathing suit or on your arm.
  13. @Karen fudge I let the CI clinic take care of all the insurance paperwork / communication. Then right before surgery the insurance sent a letter to my house that they need more info. I was worried so I called just to find out it was already approved. It might seem slow and tedious process but keep positive and i hope all works out for the best!
  14. At the lab, where I work. . If I ever get too comfortable around equipment.. and if I happen to lean on hood stash, door, by instrument bench or an occasional fridge. Someone might tell a joke or say something funny, and I'd lean my head back laughing. Then I must laugh it off while trying to gracefully reclaim my stolen coil. All the metal items listed above fight hard for the coil. It's ok if it happens amongst friends!!!
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