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  1. Very good news indeed I also agree as my hearing loss during my 20s was more severe in my right ear. I favored my left ear and started using hearing aid only on my left. I never really "listened" though my right ear at all. It was profoundly deaf probably close to 2 decades. It was chosen for CI and quickly became excellent for speech processing, music enjoyment and perfect CI ear all around.
  2. How awesome is that!!! Happy for you and sharing your excitement! @Tracey_66
  3. Thanks @Jewelwas always putting everything in, except the battery but last night I was wondering if the heat from the UV could possibly damage the cover.
  4. @Mary Beth So basically, the battery door becoming loose is the most common problem for which it needs to be replaced? @Jewel yes i've got 3 extras just trying to plan out how many I could possibly need since someday soon my disposable are going to stop giving me 9 or 10 hours and i'll be using them with disposables... Hopefully with implant plus they will still work properly, even if I get sweaty and as long as I can dry them off and continue using them.
  5. Another question please.. Do you place battery cover in the dry box?
  6. Yes same here Except one time at sweaty yoga lesson, but I swapped covers back between my left and right sonnets and it worked. After that I started using rechargeables. Are you using rechargeables only? @Jewel
  7. Found this after searching on google
  8. Wondering what is the common or average life of a battery cover. I understand some users experience battery cover going bad due to sweat or maybe other factors? What is the longest you used one without it going bad? Does ear gear help prolong the life of our battery covers?
  9. Put me on standby i'd really love to join again if i'm not camping/ driving I love coffee and chatting with y'all
  10. Last moment trip to the eastern shore just lined up for tomorrow early morning I regret I'll have to miss August chat Hope maybe @Mary Featherston or someone can risk to scan for any type of finger raising? Hope to see and hear everyone next time!
  11. the captioner will have to be tested real time. I will try it at the lab and come back with conclusions.
  12. i have samsung phone but one of the things i like most about live transcribe is the flex and large font size. just downloaded otter, it got small font over white background. i'll look into captioner now.
  13. good to know that whatever can work on iOS could work on windows Apple Microsoft frenemies??! Thanks MB!
  14. If anyone is aware of good live transcription app that can work with Surface Pro ( free or not ) please let me know. Thank you in advance.
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