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  1. Hi MB Was not able to watch the vid on my android but I like your photo As for the topic, I put the plane provided ear buds by the microphone area on my sonnet and listen this way Otherwise I just snooze off or chat with another chatty person, if they started it
  2. Thanks @Mary Beth i guess I should Also want to add, @Jdashiell , if i'm not mistaken, the promo was *PLUS* Rondo2 so I'd shoot an email to MedEl account rep for clarification, unless you really don't mind they took the Sonnet
  3. Yas! came back from Canada to a red box Appointment January 14th i'll let my favorite Audi walk me through and put the maps on. Looking forward to use it.
  4. Nikki

    Bilateral Bliss

    @Percy i just had my HA ear implanted October 2nd and activated october 31st. imo it's already way better than it was with HA. This was originally my "better ear" I had very limited speech understanding right before the decision to go bilateral I'm glad I did.
  5. Nikki

    Playing musical instruments with our CIs ?

    Ha! I thought i showed you, Joe! Anyway was going to email you my bilateral activation went great. Guitar already sounds more fabulous I've got a Gretsch parlor guitar very pretty and sounding amazing. Rich lows and bright highs. I absolutely love that I can play and enjoy music again. Here is my beauty Btw, Joe, you've mentioned to me that you use headphones and play along music. Do you have headphones that do both at the same time?? @Jdashiell
  6. Nikki

    favorite WOW moments

    You definitely had a great example there @sassychele02! Congratulations! Very neat! Dynamics definitely changed. Now your family need to watch for you ? I can share with you, sitting at the far end of waiting room at the audi this week, where the receptionist sitting facing the other way and helping a patient on the phone, I overheard her clearly day "your last name? First name? Date of birth? We have November 18th, 2:30, ok, January 8th 10:30" and so on To think, less than a year ago I could be standing right in front of her and NOT get that, and now i can hear that fromthe next room just blows my mind....
  7. Nikki

    favorite WOW moments

    @Mary Beth so far the journey way exceeded my expectations
  8. Nikki

    favorite WOW moments

    It wasn't my single ear training but when I did listening on new ear by itself today i was amazed just how much better it sounds already (almost no "dings") and extremely pleased to discover how natural it already sounds
  9. Nikki

    favorite WOW moments

    Nope Sadly the condition seem hereditary
  10. Nikki

    favorite WOW moments

    Watching the Simpsons without closed captions (Anyone who ever tried to read cartoons lips can probably relate)
  11. Nikki

    November and December 2018 dates

    Kit Cat and greetings for all those activated this past week Wishing best journey to all new CI users Attached: Med El Kit cat
  12. Nikki

    Training speech in noise

    Happy to hear
  13. Nikki

    Bilateral Bliss

    For now my right sonnet is map 4 and my new is program 1 I like the sticker idea Thank you so much @Mary Beth
  14. Nikki

    Bilateral Bliss

    Mic cover crossed my mind Skinit isn't me. Yet!