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  1. @Karen fudge I let the CI clinic take care of all the insurance paperwork / communication. Then right before surgery the insurance sent a letter to my house that they need more info. I was worried so I called just to find out it was already approved. It might seem slow and tedious process but keep positive and i hope all works out for the best!
  2. At the lab, where I work. . If I ever get too comfortable around equipment.. and if I happen to lean on hood stash, door, by instrument bench or an occasional fridge. Someone might tell a joke or say something funny, and I'd lean my head back laughing. Then I must laugh it off while trying to gracefully reclaim my stolen coil. All the metal items listed above fight hard for the coil. It's ok if it happens amongst friends!!!
  3. Good luck to your son Erica @ERICA Very exciting! I love the Rondo 2 design but it needs to be re mapped this upcoming Monday. Hope I can try it out again after that
  4. Glad you found your precious @Jdashiell I sometimes go over this scenario in my head where i'm stuck on wrong program for eternity. What a mess. Good idea adding contact info on our precious parts - I shall do the same.
  5. Just holding the phone up to my sonnet and going somewhere quiet. Forgetting I have a choice on opposite side of my head Also saw my friend with rondo holding iphone up to the rondo and using some hoh setting on the iphone.
  6. Juicy peach at lunch today. Sounded like rain really. Sound effect complimented flavor and texture really well
  7. Music sounds better than I expected with time I thought it'll never sound quite right but my new normal is extremely enjoyable. I'm listening to music for hours every day, and feel grateful it comes in as good as I remember. Best of luck to you @MrVe9as
  8. @georgewes. Hi I've been through something very similar I know what you're talking about when I read roaring engine. This almost brings me to tears and there is a lot of anger associated with all this. My failed surgery was March 26 2016 but no one told me it failed. I had to go through almost a year of crappy hearing, magnetic fields noise in my head, headaches and trust me I know how depressing it can be. A friend here encouraged me to seek second opinion. My advice to you I don't know if it's ok to put a name of a surgeon but I ended up in the hands of the first surgeon who did medEl in the east coast of the United states. He has done many CI revision surgeries. Although the team didn't promise it can be better, he told me he can make it work the way it should and he certainly did. On January 14 2018 I was activated with my new CI. They turned it on and I could hear. Period. I could hear and recognize speech, music, everything is as good as can be. This surgeon said all the electrodes went in and he didn't have any problem inserting all of them and gave me imaging to take home with me frome surgery so I DO THINK the positioning of the electrodes is crucial for success and yes some surgeons do what other can't. Sorry but this is a backed up fact in my case. Despite my horror experience, mt second was a success and then it got to the point it was time ri decided about my other ear and I knew I'd only go with that surgeon I can trust and my left ear was activated short 4 or 5 months ago and I could understand speech right away on that one too. So now in have 2 CIs and my life is way better than it was before CIs and I actually am proud of my CIs and even like them which i couldn't say for my first one. Definitely don't give up. There's hope. It CAN get better.
  9. Aww thank you MB. Still looking for NYC trip report Btw, I've attended Broadway show in norfolk. Wizard of oz. It's was much easier to understand lyrics in songs than dialogues on stage. Overall it was fantastic. If it was 2 years ago, there would have been absolutely no point in going.
  10. Love that I forget the sad part that in fact, once upon a time, I completely lost my hearing, and with it a big chunk of things I cared about in life. It was not really long ago but now feels like a different lifetime. From the moment I have my CIs on till the time they go to the dry box at night, I have my life, my music, regular communication, lots of sounds as well as birds song - back. At the end of the day I feel I can accomplish anything. Improved mental health definitely a huge plus. I love my CIs for giving me a reason to love life again. I also love that my CIs made it possible for me play music . Something I haven't done for over 2 decades.
  11. Hope this one makes the cut!
  12. Yepp I agree with @Jewel. Experiment results determined it's silent
  13. Hi @Beth Which is a better processor? - question is, in which field the two are competing. Technologically, one reason the sonnet may be superior- it has microphone bidirectionality - but this feature may or may not become a main player in success of your particular hearing journey. Rondo 2 is a one piece processor, which is very easy to use and is convenient and virtually worry free when it comes to powering your processor up. Technologically speaking, to my limited knowledge, it does not feature major advancement from the rondo or opus when it comes to managing hearing in noise and challenging situations. Please correct me if i'm wrong. I'm not sure there is one answer that would fit everyone to the question which is better. They both are fabulous in their own way. It really is personal choice. Ask yourself which will fit your life style and personality better? Are you on the go or want a processor which will be virtually maintenance free and easy to use? I'd explore Rondo2 further. Are you oftentimes in challenging hearing situations (multi speaker gathering, background noise etc.?) You might want to learn more about the bidirectional mics Sonnet offers. Add more questions from your own life/ journey Perhaps your audiologist can offer insight from booth scores although I'd take that info only as part of the whole picture which is also how people do in their daily lives outside the office. And I hope other users who tried both can give their take on it. As for me, since day one, the rondo design really appealed to me but I went with sonnet due to mic feature and Audi recommendation. I love the way it sounds. Becoming bilaterally implanted during plusRondo2 promotion period, Rondo2 came and again i'm very attracted to the ease of use but Sonnet is still my own personal choice for daily use processor. To me it makes listening easier and it could be just habitual but for right now I choose my sonnets and i'm keeping the Rondo2 for days that i need the convenience of one piece processor. Best of luck to you @Beth!
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