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  1. I won't be able to attend this time. Miss you all! Looking forward to next chat.
  2. Me too And it's nicely equipped with the built in microphone Very good for calls as well. @Mary Beth
  3. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0756CYWWD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_dlC_InQWFbKQ9R37T The headphones for whoever asked If anyone had it on their wishlist. It's $199 for Cyber Monday Hope you have good holiday season everyone.
  4. Rondo w/waterwear and tethering system. Headband or Swim cap (Nammu is both comfy and stylish) This is to be as ready as you can be for any water condition. From my experience- stay away from: Sonnet in water wear I've been having extremely difficult time trying to fix the sonnet in waterwear on my head in a way it doesn't fall off /slide off. This can get both annoying and embarrassing 😅 The configuration of the bag just doesn't work when your magnet site is bit different distance/angle of what the bag's designed for. Altogether this is not practical at all for any sport wh
  5. Hi All With QC35 headphones I hear my voice just fine The headphones have 3 noise cancellations modes Even with noise cancellations on, I can still hear myself just fine. I do like to listen more than talk so I may have not noticed anything gone completely wrong. With the 100% DAI cable, for comparison, I cannot really talk on the phone bc then I really can't hear myself at all. With the BOSE QC35ii I did not encounter the same problem. i'm willing to re-test it if anyone wants to give me a call anytime
  6. Hi Everyone It was so nice chatting with everyone @Tracy_66Tracy_66 asked those who have CI for a while if things keep improving Just wanted to add a comment , one of the tells I have is while listening to music and with time I keep noticing more and more sounds It's 3 years for me on my old ear so i'm very pleased when I have a fun moment where I can identify impertinent.
  7. I tried clothes attachment clip the other day, with longer fishing line that can be tied to a little loop on the sonnet waterwear on one end and clip on the other end. You can find on Etsy or others. MedEl got something similar for kids see pic for general idea.
  8. Hello dear CI recipient awaiting activation, If you're anything like me, you may have been in hearing world for a while and then lost hearing to the point any communication became a hurdle and music faded away and impossible to enjoy any longer. CI is your only choice. You don't know what to expect but you need this to work! Maybe you've been in complete silence since your surgery and every day has been a struggle. Cheer up! Very soon you will transition from world of silence to world of many different sounds. Your world will be full of discoveries, and things will keep dynami
  9. I have a feeling I will need to refresh on the T and MT for the artone...
  10. Me too! The Bose Quietcomfort 35ii headphones are light around the sonnets and ear . Comfy I also like my little portable Sony SRS-XB10 to take anywhere and listen. At work I can't use headphones or speakers so I opt for the Direct Audio Input cable. I am a little behind on the M, T or MT I never really touch the keys to swap to T or MT... what is the most common uses you have for them?? Lets keep it in the topic so just wondering if you can use it for listening to music.
  11. Oh no @Kirk S. Thinking of you and hoping doctors find out sooner than later how to help and get you better Wishing all the best for you Kirk!
  12. Very good news indeed I also agree as my hearing loss during my 20s was more severe in my right ear. I favored my left ear and started using hearing aid only on my left. I never really "listened" though my right ear at all. It was profoundly deaf probably close to 2 decades. It was chosen for CI and quickly became excellent for speech processing, music enjoyment and perfect CI ear all around.
  13. How awesome is that!!! Happy for you and sharing your excitement! @Tracey_66
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