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  1. I was activated on 14th June and I have been enjoying music from day one but it would seem I am exceptionally lucky . At first I could hear all the instruments fine but it sounded like a duck singing. Now it's much better. At the 1 month speech tests I scored 90% without lip reading and 99% with. I scored 0% without lip reading before implant.
  2. I also chose medel mainly because of the rondo also because I think they have the best implant array I've only been activated 12 days and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs it Listening to music again is Fantastic
  3. I got the same thing real bad like I burnt the tip of my tongue. operation was 6 weeks ago not much has changed
  4. I got the same problem , the clips that came with it no good for short hair . There's another clip in the kit for the collar . But I haven't tried it Piercing your ear the only answer
  5. I'll bet those clever people at med el who came up with the sonnet rechargeable are working on a rondo rechargeable right now.
  6. I was thinking of just using the little clip on the tether to clip it on an ear ring , if it gets pulled to hard it will come off .... I hope .
  7. Thanks Donna im so worried about it hitting the floor or loosing it, I just called my mate the tattooist and tomorrow he's going pierce my ear put in something I can clamp the tether too, A little extreme yes but those who know me won't be surprised I'm sure. In the past with hearing aids I've always hated the sound of a radio on in the room as it just sounded like tearing paper off in the distance. Very annoying. Been listening to music all morning. Tried listening to some sex pistols but my implant wasn't having any of that .sounded terrible . Lol. Audi said try simple music to start with.
  8. It is nice not having it behind the ear . Much simpler . When I chose which device and company it was the rondo that really stood out by far as my first choice. But.. Now I've got it all the advantages seem against it too . It fell off and I caught it as I was leaving the ci centre , with the 4 magnet as well. Went to bed late last night , I was just going around the house making noises like moving stuff around, listening to my own voice even . There's noises I haven't really heard in 21 years . Flushing toilet , kettle boiling even my feet on carpet.
  9. I'm with the university of Southampton audiological implant services U.K. They've been very good all along.
  10. Well the sound is everything I was warned it could be at first , for a few minutes just sensations and beeps really ,then the audiologist kept talking for 1 1/2 hours and by the end he just sounded like he was breathing helium and kinda artificial . Then I had another hour with another Audi for communication support and I could understand nearly every word she said !! I got 4 maps on my rondo each slightly louder than the last, right now 5 hours after activation I'm on map 4 listening to some dire straights and led Zeppelin but it's not really loud enough . Beat that. The music sounds a little tinny and artificial but I can hear it. Kinda like an old radio. Unbelievable
  11. Now the rechargeable batteries are available for the sonnet are there any plans to do this for the rondo?
  12. What hair clip do you use sandy . I got 2 with the rondo kit but neither of them do hair
  13. Thanks Mary Beth a quick search and I found hearclips and not only do they have lots of cheap ones they got some serious bling 14 carat diamond and gold. All for the rondo. I think I'll go around my mate the tattooist and see what he's got that's cheap but I can see from the pics on hearclips where to best put it
  14. Has anyone out there lost their rondo and what do y'all do to make sure you don't they've given me the rondo kit last week so I can read the manual and play with it but there's no program yet until activation next week . What occurs to me is its going to be a lot easier to loose than other processors ,I've got the 3 magnet in and without the weight of the batteries it still falls off when I sit down . It comes with a little clip on the tether but what do y'all tether it to? Seriously considering an ear ring in the top of my ear to clip it to , it would be practical and look cool I'm in England and can't imagine how difficult getting a replacement from the nhs would be.
  15. I waited a week to wash my hair then totally failed to keep it dry , the sticky plaster over the scar fell off but the problem was I got the packing in my ear canal wet and it really started to hurt. so I went to the local hospital and had the doctor pull it out , I still can't believe how long the piece of wadding he pulled out was. "What the hell is that" the doctor said "did you put that in there " . I tried to explain about the ci surgeon stuffing it in there but I don't think he believed me.
  16. Hey thanks Lenny Was just reading this thread and figured out my iPhone 5 has its own t coil too , It's much clearer than trying to position the phone over my hearing aid mic and much faster/easier than plugging in a portable loop .
  17. Well the surgery went well and the staff at the hospital were fantastic only in for 1 day . I honestly thought it would hurt but I can hardly feel it .I was thinking of borrowing my mates bucket dog collar to stop me from accidentally scratching it this week .
  18. Hi Ivana I am aware that it won't be a great idea to have any head trauma with an implant . They've told me no parachuting for 3 months which is ok because I really really want a chance at hearing again and after I'm back in the air I will try to be very careful ,but with base jumpers it's kind of like dealing with drug addicts and I'm not your average junkie as I make the equipment for a living I'm more like a dealer. I will be jumping again at some point. I'd love to hear what you found out about helmets. If you want to see some really useless helmets take a look at the average skydiving helmet . I go for paragliding helmets because even the cheapest one is certified for airborne sports and the padding is more like a motorbike helmet . With skydiving helmets the padding is often nonexistent
  19. Thanks for the replies , I figured I'll be taking the processor off when I put a helmet on but that's ok as I can get the helmet on with my hearing aid in the other ear anyway . I will definitely ask about all the options for tethering it when I get the rondo in a couple of weeks Operation is this Tuesday , can't wait.
  20. Hi I'm being implanted in 2 weeks and I'm getting the rondo . I went for the rondo because it's a one piece with nothing behind the ear. I want to ask after the implant is all healed can you feel it ? If you run your fingers over the implant site can you feel it's there or is it buried deep? I'm a base jumper And I'm wondering about crash helmets , anyone else on here wear them , or do dangerous sports . How soon after the operation is it comfortable to put helmet on. They've told me not to skydive for 3 months but I do other more sedate stuff like speed flying and paragliding too.
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