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  1. Sir Erick, Thank you for contacting with me. I will soon met to that person that you told me and discuss with him. He is also my baby's audiologist. As i met him I will contact with you. Also thanks for Mary berth for considering my concern
  2. Miss Mary Beth I have checked the sonnet coil already following your instructions. My baby sonnet coil magnet with round mark is attached and confirmed it. I have the warranty of SYNCHRONY for 10 years from medel representative. Its serial no is 707122. Kindly guide me how can I checked it from medel directly. I will be grateful. Thanks for providing pdf detail file. It is very informative.
  3. Yes the implant working good. i have called to the audiologist and discuss about that but he cannot satisfied me so I will visit the audiologist with hearing device on Friday and discuss that matter. Can you guide me that how can I find that the Implant is SYNCHRONY pls?? I have paid about 30000 USD for it to the audiologist
  4. My Baby has been implanted SYNCHRONY Implant last year. Every thing is going well. Last week I have read the leaflet that I found inside the sonnet box. There mentioned that If the implant is SYNCHRONY then the magnet should be attach of triangle shape and if the implant is other then SNCHRONY then magnet should be attache round shape. When I checked my baby SONNET magnet I surprised it was round shape. I am now confused that my baby implanted SYNCHRONY then why the SONNET magnet is round instead of triangle. Any one can guide me about this situation what should I do??. Secondly how can I check that my baby implant is really SYNCHRONY ?????. Regards Luqman butt.. luqman055@gmail.com
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