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  1. You're right about recovery. My head is still pretty sore where I'm supposing the processor will set. I'm just anxious and of course want everything yesterday! ? What was it Ivana says about patience? ?I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks
  2. November 30th. I was hoping for before thanksgiving but it's too soon. I'm curious about what that will be like. Everything this time is different.
  3. Mary Beth I am much improved. I am still getting some earaches but the nurse said it is nerve pain. I also have some random balance problems but not as much as I did. Thanks. I thought I sent a post a few days ago but just realized I wrote it but it didn't get sent ?. Two week post op checkup Tuesday. Peace
  4. I got my 2nd implant on Monday. My right implant went so good, I thought why not. well this one is no picnic. I am wondering if someone can give me some guidelines? I have quite a bit of pain in my jaw, and I get headaches and brief stabs of ear ache type pain. I am also very dizzy, using a cane. I think the dizziness is causing a bit of nausea. My dressing was on very tight and the headaches are less since it came off yesterday, now it's just by my temple . Can anyone give me a point to shoot for as to when this will get better? I'm pretty sure I got spoiled by the first one. That was a pie
  5. Good luck with your implant! Such an exciting time! Wishing you a happy journey.
  6. Thanks Ivana. Since I have arranged for a sub to fill in I can do whatever I need to do, go, don't go, help or just sit. The meeting is at my sisters house so it's almost like home.
  7. Thanks Mary Beth and Kara, I just didn't realize it was that soon after surgery. I'll have to see what I can do. I had lunch with my sisters today and my sister Pat said she will sub for me so I only have to help prepare for the meeting before hand. Sisters are wonderful, at least mine are. I appreciate all your advice. I don't remember enough of the after surgery from last year. it.
  8. Thanks Mary Beth. I just didn't realize it was that soon after surgery. I'll have to see what I can do.
  9. Hi, I am anticipating my 2nd implant on October 9. I didn't have any problems with the first implant so I'm not expecting any now. My concern is, I am committed to co-host my book club on the 11th. It would be better if I checked my calendar when I schedule this stuff but being me, I didn't! ? So I'm wondering if I'll be fit to do this. I can't remember what I was like the 2nd day after first time around though I do know I had no pain really. I'm sure I won't be a fashion plate . I plan to buy the refreshments so that won't be a problem. I don't know why I get myself into these predicaments!
  10. Thanks Mary Beth, I had never heard of the Artone but I just went to your blog and followed to their site. I may try it. How far does the mic pick up, church pulpit to the pews? My Quatro neck loop is fraying so I'm wondering if that may be the problem.
  11. Hi, my Quatro is not cracked, but there is so much static that I can't use it much. I still try but almost all of the time I just turn it off. I've been using it for about a year so maybe it's just used up? I don't know what to do about it. I used it a lot at church and when I was out with a group.
  12. Thanks Mary Beth, I hopingredients getting the other ear done will give me better results with groups and buildings. When I got the mics activated I really noticed a difference! I can understand my husband much better. He only has to repeat a third of what he says instead of 80% ? How is the rehab on a second ear? I did well with the first but I haven't heard in this one for a long time.....years. Did you have to take the old one off to nudge the new one? I do hope I'm not asking for trouble.
  13. Hi Salman, I got my CI a year ago when hearing aids no longer worked for me . There was some pain at first but very little which tylenol took care of very nicely. Actually this was the easiest of all the surgeries I have had. Music was a big thing for me too and at first all I got was the base sounds but it gradually got better. I now enjoy listening and playing with my Friday morning dulcimer group. The CI works much better than my HA. I don't expect it to be as good as what I was born with but I can hear! Its a miracle. Since this one worked so well I am seeing my surgeon on Friday to hopef
  14. Hi Adam just wondering.... what Is an fm system?
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