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  1. To celebrate the International CI Day on February 25th, we'll do a post on Social Media with quotes, pictures, videos and stories from MED-EL recipients, showing how CIs can change people's lives. We'd love to share hearing journeys of members of the HearPeers Forum in this special post then as well! If you like to be part of it, pleas send us your video messages, photos or written stories about your hearing journey via direct message or post them in a comment below! Thanks and best regards, Your MED-EL Social Media Team
  2. Hi @Laura verdaguer, this forum is hosted and monitored by MED-EL. As the Carina middle ear implant is a implant from another manufacturer, we are not able to give any further information. We'd recommend to get in touch with their customer service for further support. If you want to learn more about MED-EL's middle ear implant VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE please head over to our website: https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/vibrant-soundbridge Kind regards, Barbara
  3. Hi @Mary Beth sorry for our late reply! Here is what our product experts say: With the RONDO 3 and MAESTRO 9 it is possible to have a map with a “DAI only” setting. By having the Telecoil Adapter connected and the “DAI only” setting activated, only the signal received by the telecoil is being processed. By having the “DAI only” setting activated on one map only, the Telecoil Adapter may remain connected. Hope that helps! Verena
  4. @Mary Beth thanks for tagging us! @Lynda I just replied to your message and sent you the link via private message Best, Verena
  5. @Gheorghe Ilas If you are looking for user experiences with RONDO 3, I'd recommend you have a look at different threads in the RONDO 3 section: https://forum.hearpeers.com/forum/43-rondo-3/ Best regards, Verena
  6. @Mary Beth thanks for your questions! I'll check with our product experts and will get back to you asap Best, Verena
  7. @Mary Beth thanks for tagging us! @Gheorghe Ilas thanks for your post! You can find more information about RONDO 3 here: https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/cochlear-implants/rondo3 https://blog.medel.com/meet-rondo3/ For more information about RONDO 3 in Romania, please get in touch with your local MED-EL representative. You can find the contact details of all representatives in your country on https://www.medel.com/clinic-finder/ Best regards, Verena
  8. Dear HearPeers members, Thank you very much for being so active on the forum and sharing so much information and tips! Especially in such difficult times, the mutual support is of inexpressible value for every forum member (and those who want to become one :-)). We really appreciate your engagement and the time you invest to support other users, parents and candidates. A big THANK YOU for making the HearPeers Forum such a great place! The whole MED-EL team wishes you a wonderful holiday season – enjoy it with your loved ones as much as possible (online or offline), stay safe and
  9. Hi @Mr-LJ, we are happy to forward your request to our MED-EL team in the UK so they can contact you directly regards AudioStream. That's why we've just sent you a private message for contact details etc. Best regards, Barbara
  10. Hi @Mr-LJ thanks for letting us know. You can reach the MED-EL UK team directly at phone: +44 330 1235601 or via email: customerservice@medel.co.uk If you send us a private message with your contact details (please do not post them here in the public thread), we are happy to forward your request also to our colleagues in the UK to get in touch with you as soon as possible. Kind regards, Barbara
  11. Hi @Pawel Kowalczyk We've replied to your private message with details about our UK office and webshop in case you need them in the future. In the meantime, great to see that @Mr-LJ was able to help you out. Very kind! Kind regards, Mary
  12. HI @Colin Hatcher, Thanks for reaching out and for your question. There are a number of factors that can determine whether a cochlear implant will be a good match for someone, including their current age, severity of their hearing loss, and their age when their hearing loss began. Since we cannot give out specific advice on social media, I would suggest you get in touch with our team in Australia. They will be able to take a closer look at your friend's particular hearing loss and advise whether there is a hearing solution for her. You can contact them on: Phone: +61 (0) 2 9690 245
  13. Hi @Mary Beth thanks for tagging us. When you put on the AudioStream cover and don't stream, it does not drain any battery or change the mic settings. But as soon as AudioStream gets "active" (when you start streaming / a stream is going on) the settings switch to omni-directional mode and it drains more battery (as with any other streaming device). Kind regards, Barbara
  14. It’s time to get creative! We are calling all creative little geniuses out there! Until the 17th of January 2021 the ideas4ears children’s invention contest is open for entries. Children ages 6-12 can send us a video, drawing, photo or description of their invention to help people with hearing loss. The finalists and grand prize winners of ideas4ears will be in the running to win educational resources to support their learning while home-schooling. Participants have a chance to win notebook computers, tablets, and special prize packs. Here you can watch last year’s participants
  15. @Natasha thanks for the update! If you need further assistance from our side, please let us know Best, Verena
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