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  1. @Mary Beth Thanks for tagging us! @I.D welcome to the HearPeers forum! I've sent you a private message to learn more about your child's situation. Best regards, Verena
  2. Hi @asad_xtc, thanks for your post. We've sent you a private message to learn more and help resolve this issue so your child gets back to hearing asap. @Mary Beth , thanks for tagging us! Best regards, Barbara
  3. Hi @phobos512, thanks for your question. We have never heard of this issue before, so unfortunately I don't know what the reason could be. I'd recommend to check the app settings on your phone again or have someone look into them. Moreover, if you have any further questions about MED-EL cochlear implants or the candidacy process, we'd be happy to get you in touch with your local MED-EL representative. Best regards from MED-EL HQ in Austria, Verena
  4. Hi again @Forrest & @Mary Beth, I checked with our RONDO 2 experts and they told me the following: We recommend to refrain from applying design skins or other stickers to RONDO 2. Adding stickers may increase the weight of the single unit processor, moreover there is the risk that the microphone might be covered by accident. Since this does not happen with design covers, we recommend the use design covers instead of skins or stickers. Hope that answers your question. Best regards, Verena
  5. Hi @Season McClelland, sorry to hear about your situation! Have you also been in touch with your local MED-EL team about this? If you want, we can get you in touch with your local representative so they can have a closer look at your situation. Best regards, Verena
  6. Hi @Forrest & @Mary Beth, thanks for your question. I will double-check with our product experts about applying skins or stickers to RONDO 2 and will get back to you. In general, we recommend - as Mary Beth said - design covers for RONDO 2. You can read more about them on our website: https://www.medel.com/en-us/hearing-solutions/accessories/design-covers As an US user, you can also order them in the US webshop: https://www.medel.com/en-us/mymed-el-shop Best, Verena
  7. Hi @Mary Beth, I now do have an answer from our experts from the US team for you: We’re working individually with our clinicians to provide as much support as possible during these unprecedented times. We recommend contacting your clinician to set up a virtual appointment – our Clinical support team will work with your audiologist separately to make sure they have all the support and resources they need. Hope that helps! Verena
  8. Hi @Mary Beth, thanks for your question. I will check with our experts and get back to you soon. Best regards, Verena
  9. Hi again @tna9001, I've now heard back from our experts and I do have good news for you: SCUBA diving with your MED-EL CI is fine, as long as you remove the external audio processor. This statement is taken from the Instructions for Use for our SYNCHRONY cochlear implant: "Most water sports should not cause any problem as long as the external parts of the implant system are removed. If headgear or face mask are worn, care must be taken to ensure that the strap is not too tight over the site of the implant. In case the MED‑EL implant user wants to dive, the user should consult an experienced physician about the possibilities and personal restrictions when performing water sports, especially in the case of SCUBA diving. The implant is robust against pressure changes which occur during SCUBA diving to depths up to 50 m (165 ft)." Hope this information helps! If have any other questions about sports with your new CI, please just let us know! Best regards, Verena
  10. Hi @Mary Beth thanks for tagging us! @tna9001 Congrats on your CI and fingers crossed that your activation can happen soon! I will check with our product experts about the SCUBA diving and will get back to you asap. Best regards, Verena
  11. Hi @Mary Beth, thanks for tagging us. The Audio2Ear is a MED-EL app (a converter app) to stream music wirelessly from the phone via AudioLink to your SONNET 2/SONNET audio processor. It has been relased a few weeks ago and can be used on Android and iPhone. Kind regards, Barbara
  12. Hi @Mary Beth, thanks for your question. There are no news on tethering options for RONDO 2. May you share the screenshot or link to that Facebook post? Then we could maybe clarify what the poster is exactly referring to. Kind regards, Barbara
  13. Dear HearPeers, As the situation around the world develops due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), we just wanted to let you know that MED-EL is here for you. Our local teams continue to offer customer support in whatever way country restrictions allow them to. You can find the contact for your nearest MED-EL office here: https://www.medel.com/about-medel/med-el-offices-worldwide We are still moderating this forum during the week (Monday to Friday) so if you have any other questions you are always welcome to tag or message us. All the best, The HearPeers Support Team
  14. Hi @Tanya, induction stoves are okay to use with a cochlear implant. There shouldn't be any sound sensations or issues for the implant if your son keeps his head a minimum distance of about 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) from the induction cooktop. In some rare cases, it may temporarily reduce the processor’s sound volume. The volume should return to normal once the person moves away from the cooktop. Hope this helps! Kind regards, Verena
  15. Hi @Mary Beth, thanks for tagging us. Our product experts just confirmed: No, it is not possible to stream to SONNET 2 without using AudioLink. For phone calls as well as other audio streaming SONNET 2 users still need AudioLink. Hope that answer helps and sorry about the confusion! Best regards, Verena
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