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  1. Hi Tiffany, thanks for your questions about RONDO 3! Here are our answers: 1. What's new with RONDO 3 is that you can now also use AudioLink, our universal connectivity device, to stream music or other high-quality audio from your smartphone or other sources to your audio processor. AudioLink can also be used as a remote microphone or for making hands-free calls. You can read more here: https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/accessories/connectivity/audiolink Moreover, RONDO 3 is compatible with the AudioKey 2 smartphone app: https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/accessories/r
  2. @Andre Belitardo sorry for the late reply! I checked with our product experts and unfortunately easyTek does not work with SAMBA or SAMBA 2. However, miniTek is still available directly through MED-EL, so if you are interested in one, please get in touch with your local MED-EL team directly. Hope that helps! Kind regards, Verena
  3. Hi @Mary Beth, I just checked with our experts: For each fitting map it can be set to a telecoil only or mix. This cannot be changed by you, but has to be set up by your audiologist. Kind regards, Mary
  4. Hi @Mary Beth We're glad you're excited about AudioStream :). According to our product experts, it is a mixed stream. The louder you switch your music source or phone call, the less you hear the environment and vice-versa. Kind regards, Mary
  5. Hi @Irl Thank you for your question. You can charge RONDO 3 on the go using the Charging Cable, which plugs into RONDO 3's cable port. The other side can then be connected via USB to a power bank for charging. Regarding AudioLink, this is typically purchased separately. However, your local MED-EL representative is best placed to give exact details about this, as well as the upgrade kit, as this can vary from country to country. You can find their details at https://www.medel.com/clinic-finder Kind regards, Mary
  6. @Andre Belitardo thanks for your question! I will check with our product experts and let you know as soon as possible Best regards, Verena
  7. Hi @Mary Beth, the icons on the magnets used for a CONCERTO implant will be the round dots (as in the image you have posted). Kind regards, Barbara
  8. Hi @Mary Beth, thanks for your question. The diamond icons show that magnet is a "RONDO 3 version" of the diametric magnet (so for SYNCHRONY implant). To make it easy to differentiate it from the RONDO 2 magnet (which has a different design) we've chosen a new icon. Kind regards, Barbara
  9. Hi @Mary Beth thanks for your comment. Unfortunately no one from the MED-EL Moderator team was part of the team when the last bigger update happened, so we don't know exactly what kind of update information you would like to see - could you please let me know more? Here is an overview of all changes that are part of this update: https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/450-r94/ If you have questions about specific symbols, it would be great if you could screenshot them, so we can explain things to you in more detail Kind regards, Verena
  10. Hi @Robert thanks for your question! I just double-checked with our product experts and they confirmed that SCUBA diving also should not be a problem with CONCERTO implants: "Most water sports should not cause any problem as long as the external parts of the implant system are removed. If headgear or face mask are worn, care must be taken to ensure that the strap is not too tight over the site of the implant. In case the MED‑EL implant user wants to dive, the user should consult an experienced physician about the possibilities and personal restrictions when performing water sports, espe
  11. Hi @Valentin, thank you very much for your input on this topic. We will forward it to the responsible team here at MED-EL. However ultimately every company (in this case Xiaomi) is responsible on their own what kind of information / level of depth of the information they put in their manuals. Kind regards, Barbara
  12. HI @Valentin I heard back from our implant experts here at HQ. In principle, they do not see why using the scale would interfere with our implant systems, since the scale is not used close to your head and should confirm with electric safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards. However, Mi Body Composition Scale has not been specifically tested with our implants. Our experts cannot say whether the implant could interfere with the Mi Body Composition Scale system, and would recommend you follow the user manuals and guidelines provided by Mi Body Composition Scale. Kind regards,
  13. Hi @Valentin, In the English version of the manual it states regarding Ultrasonic therapy: "Ultrasonic therapy must not be used in the area of the implant, as the implant may not inadvertently concentrate the ultrasound field and cause harm" Regarding the biometrical weight scales - I have contacted our product experts for more information Kind regards, Mary
  14. HI @Valentin, You can find the Medical Procedures manual here. Just select your country and implant system to select the correct one for you: https://www.medel.com/important-safety-information Kind regards, Mary
  15. Hi @Mary Beth , Thanks for your feedback. Right now, we cannot include the Use Manuals on medel.com for regulatory reasons, but we hope to offer this in the future. Kind regards, Mary
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