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  1. Hi @iHM24, thanks for your question and for your interest in AudioKey. So far we have released AudioKey in more than 80 countries worldwide, however, due to regulatory reasons the app is not available in every country yet. Please check your local app store to see if you can already download it Kind regards, Verena
  2. Hi @Mary Featherston, Sorry to read that you have had problems with this. Unfortunately i cannot access the Webshop from here in Austria so I can't check this for you, but the customer service team in the US will be able to help if you are still having problems. Their details are: Tel.: 888-633-3524E-Mail: customerservice.us@medel.com . Kind regards, Mary
  3. Hi @Mary Beth, Sorry for the confusion about this. In the “Support” section on our website, you can find the latest update with our experts’ recommendation on how to use the dry kits for the different audio processors. For SONNET and SONNET 2 all batteries should be removed before placing the audio processor in the drying kit: https://www.medel.com/support/audio-processors/sonnet/basic-care/sonnet_basiccareandmaintenace https://www.medel.com/support/audio-processors/sonnet2/basic-care/sonnet2_basiccareandmaintenance The same applies to RONDO: https://www.medel.com/support/audio-processors/rondo/basic-care/rondo_basiccareandmaintenace Hope this helps! Kind regards, Verena
  4. Hi @Mary Beth! According to our experts there is no fixed ratio and individual ratios can be achied by using the +/- buttons. Kind regards, Verena
  5. Hi @Emme1234, Have you spoken to your daughter's health professional about this for further support or assistance? You can also reach out to one of our clinics in the UK. You can find their details here: https://www.medel.com/clinic-finder. Kind regards, Mary
  6. @Mary Beth: I will check with our experts again and will get back to you asap Best regards, Verena
  7. Hi @Mary Beth, according to our experts OPUS 2 cannot be used with ASM 2.0. You can compare the features and details of all our audio processors on our website: https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/cochlear-implants/audio-processor-comparison. Kind regards, Verena
  8. Hi @Mary Beth, the "mixed input" provides a 1:1 ratio of the two mixed signals, but you can higher or lower the input of the source with the respective volume buttons. Kind regards, Verena
  9. Hi @Mary Beth, we've heard back from our experts: It's stereo sound Kind regards, Verena
  10. Hi @Mary Beth, Another great question - I'll get back to you once I hear back from the experts. Kind regards, Mary
  11. @Mary Beth, I'm just finding this out for you and will let you know when I hear back. Kind regards, Mary
  12. @Mary Beth Interesting question - I'm asking our experts about this one and will let you know once I hear back. Kind regards, Mary
  13. @Mary Beth, Great suggestion! I have created those now :). Kind regards, Mary
  14. Hi @Jewel, thanks for the question. The dimensions are the same as SONNET. The main improvments with SONNET 2 are internal, for example the new Automatic Sound Management 3.0 with Adaptive Intelligence for more comfortable hearing. Kind regards, Mary
  15. Hi Everyone, Today we launched our new SONNET 2 audio processor. Designed to help you hear your best, wherever your day takes you. It seamlessly adjusts to your environment and minimizes distracting noise, so you can chat with confidence. And if you want to change settings yourself, you can do it in seconds with the new AudioKey app. With SONNET 2 you can stream music and phone calls directly to your processor using AudioLink, our new universal connectivity device. AudioLink even works a remote microphone, ideal for clear listening in meetings or classrooms. Enjoying sound has never been so simple! Rain, sweat, and dust are all taken care of thanks to SONNET 2’s water-resistant design. If you want to go swimming, just pop on WaterWear to make it fully waterproof. And with hundreds of color combinations, flexible battery options, and a modular design, it’s easy to fit SONNET 2 to your everyday life. You can find out more about SONNET 2 and how it fits to your lifestyle with this fun quiz: https://sonnet2.medel.com/. Or take a closer look at all its features with our product experts over on the MED-EL blog: https://blog.medel.com/sonnet2-cochlear-implant-audio-processor/
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