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  1. Hi @Valentin, thanks for tagging us As already mentioned, even though MED-EL devices have several integrated safety features, there is a small risk that ESD might harm the audio processor / implant. But in most cases wearing a wool hat or cotton cap does not cause any ESD. Kind regards, Barbara
  2. Hi @EVA MARIA CANTERO MATEOS, thanks for your question. And @Mary Beth thanks for tagging us. In general, all electronic devices are influences by electrostatic discharge (ESD). The MED-EL implants and audio processors have several internal safety features integrated to reduced ESD, but there still is a small risk, that the audio processor or implant can be harmed when static discharge flows through. In case of an ESD event, you might experience a short interruption of stimulation or a shutdown of the audio processor. In the user manual of your RONDO 2 you can find a list of tips to prevent ESD in your daily life. In general regarding clothes, it is that cotton or natural fibers are less likely to cause ESD problems. Also fabric softeners might help to reduce static electricity. We recommend to put your RONDO 2 on last, when getting dressed. And remove it, when getting undressed. Kind regards, Barbara
  3. Hi @EVA MARIA CANTERO MATEOS, welcome to the HearPeers forum 😊 Using a hair straightener or a hair dryer is usually not an issue, but you might want to take your audio processor off. Also treatments at the hairdresser's are fine, you might also want to take off the processor and let the hairdresser know that you are a CI user. Best regards, Verena
  4. Hi @Mary Beth, thanks for tagging us @Marcy: Welcome to HearPeers and congratulations on your CI! Yes, GripWear can be used with RONDO 2, you can find all fixation options for RONDO and RONDO 2 on our website: https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/accessories/fixations Your local MED-EL team can also assist you with finding the right fixation option for you. Best regards, Verena
  5. Hi @Mary Beth, this thread (and the other ones you tagged us in) have been moved to the SSD folder Best regards, Verena
  6. Hi @Mary Beth, Nice idea! We have set this up: https://forum.hearpeers.com/forum/42-single-sided-deafness/ Thanks, Mary
  7. @Joan: Hi Joan, that's great news! Wonderful to hear that your issue was solved Best regards, Verena
  8. Hi @Mary Beth, thanks for tagging us. @kblgy: Yes, you are right, your audiologist needs to make a small adjustment to the programming of your SONNET before you can use AudioKey via AudioLink. Please get in touch with your audiologist for assistance with this. Kind regards, Verena
  9. Hi @Mary Beth, That is strange, thank you for reporting it. I have asked our support team to investigate it and hopefully resolve it. But please do let me know if the problem persists or is resolved :). Kind regards, Mary
  10. Hi Mary Beth, Yes, good idea. We will let you know once we hear something. Kind regards, Mary
  11. Hi @Rashmi If it is a standard root treatment, "just" drilling out/cleaning out/sealing the root channel and as long as no electrical currents are passing the body (e.g. no monopolar electrocautery) there are no contraindications for this treatment. Please check our information on medical procedures as well and share them with your dentist: https://www.medel.com/important-safety-information The audio processor should be taken off for the duration of the treatment. All the best for your child! Kind regards, Verena
  12. Hi @Nischal Koirala, your local MED-EL representative in Nepal will have more information for you. Here are their contact details: Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) Address Department of ENT, Audiology & Speech Therapy; Kirtipur, 44600 Kathmandu Dr. Rakesh P. Shrivastava, ENT Surgeon ; Mr. S.L. Karna, Sr. Audiologist, Mr. Kabiraj Khanal, Speech Therapist Tel. +9779851091678 Kind regards, Verena
  13. Hi @Rashmi, sorry to hear about your child's accident. I will check with our experts here at HQ and will get back to you asap. Kind regards, Verena
  14. Hi all, To edit your email notification preferences please go here: https://forum.hearpeers.com/notifications/options/ (make sure you are signed in). I have not been able to work out why some of you don't always get emails, but I will ask our support team for more info. But please do let me know if this problem stops once you have changed your settings. Kind regards, Mary
  15. Hey @Mary Beth, thanks for tagging us. We're just double-checking with our experts and wil get back to you asap
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