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  1. Hi @jamesm, It can be a bit confusing! I am not allowed to talk about future product plans etc online, but I will say that we are always striving to improve our products for our users. Kind regards, Mary
  2. Hi @Mary Featherston, I have heard back from the experts. You can recharge RONDO 2 whenever you want, you do not need to wait until the battery is low :). I hope this helps. Kind regards, Mary
  3. @Mary Featherston Of course, you can always ask us questions :). I am just waiting back for an answer on this and will let you know. Kind regards, Mary
  4. Hi @MallaRuth, I have checked your setting and you should be getting an email notification when someone mentions you. Perhaps the emails are going into your junk folder? Kind regards, Mary
  5. Hi @Randy Walton, Thanks for your interest in ADHEAR. Have you taken a look at our Clinic Finder? https://www.medel.com/en-au/clinic-finder. We have 20 clinics offering ADHEAR listed there. If none of these work for you, please let me know your location and I can ask our team in Australia. Kind regards, Mary
  6. Hi @Mary Beth, We made a small technical upgrade to the forum last week and a new feature called "Clubs" became available. we're currently taking a look into it to see if it could be something worth using or not, but right now the feature is not properly working. I will keep you updated if we get it working and it seems useful :). Thanks, Mary
  7. Hi @jamesm, thanks for your feedback! At the moment there is unfortunately no app that replaces the miniTek for the SAMBA audio processor, neither for Android nor for iOS. Are there any issues with the miniTek that we can assist you with? Kind regards, Verena
  8. Hi @Mary Beth, it's hard to give exact numbers, because it depends on how long you are planning to use the RONDO 2 for. In general our experts here at HQ recommend that if a RONDO 2 is fully charged and not being used for a while it should at least be recharged every 6 months. With this measure it is assured that the performance of the battery is not negatively affected. Hope that helps! Best, Verena
  9. Hi @Mary Beth, I will ask our experts here at HQ and will get back to you asap Best, Verena
  10. Hi @Jewel, thanks for reporting. I have blocked the user. Kind regards, Verena
  11. Hi @Royshaw, we've sent you a private message about this. Kind regards, Verena
  12. Hi @MattK91, we've sent you a private message about this. Kind regards, Verena
  13. Hi @Julie, sorry to hear that your family member is experiencing this. Unfortunately we cannot give any medical advice on here, the only thing I can recommend is to get in touch with his doctors again and maybe also contact your local MED-EL team, as they might know who will be able to help. Do you have their contact details? Kind regards, Verena
  14. Hi @Mary Beth, Thanks for the suggestion! We will pass this feedback on to the right teams here at HQ! Kind regards, Mary
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