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  1. Hi @Mary Beth, great to hear that you like it! Best, Verena
  2. Hi Lee, thanks for your comment and your feedback about ADHEAR. If you need assistance with the adhesive adapters, the tips and tricks in the support section our website might be helpful for you: https://www.medel.com/support/audio-processors/adhear/handling-and-basics/adhear_handling_positioning If you have further questions, your local MED-EL team will also be happy to assist you. You can find their contact details on our website: https://www.medel.com/clinic-finder/ Best regards, Verena
  3. Hi @Mary Beth, Unfortunately we can't work out why some people can see this and others can't. I will investigate more, but in the meantime I have taken a screenshot of the pdf so everyone can view it. Thanks, Mary
  4. @Mary Beth: Yes, our product experts confirmed that you can use AudioKey and FineTuner Echo at the same time Best, Verena
  5. Hi @Mary Beth, I just tested it and I was able to open the file. Maybe try another one to check? Thanks! Verena
  6. Hi @Mary Beth, thanks for your question. You should be able to upload pdf files in the "choose files" section at the bottom of the text box. Could you please try again and let me know if it works? Best, Verena
  7. @Mary Beth sure, we'll let you know Best, Verena
  8. Hi @Mary Beth, thanks for tagging us. I will ask our product experts about that and will let you know asap Best regards, Verena
  9. Hi @Mary Beth thanks for your feedback, we will check if it's possible to integrate this info in the current video or in an update of it. Best regards, Barbara
  10. @Lillian Meeds @Mary Beth, thanks for your questions! Our products experts are aware of this issue that sometimes happens with RONDO 2. If you experience the ticking noise, they recommend you get in touch with your audiologist. They should be able to fix it by adjusting some of the settings of the audio processor. Best regards, Verena
  11. Hi @Mary Beth, our Product Management team is aware of this issue with the RONDO 2 leash. Unfortunately we are not able to talk about current developments on the forum or on social media. However, you can be assured that we are always trying to improve our products for an even better user experience.” Best regards and happy holidays! Verena
  12. Hi Everyone, The HearPeers Support team would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a brilliant start to 2020! Due to the upcoming holidays, we will not be monitoring this forum between 21st December and 7th January. If you need any urgent support, please contact your local MED-EL representative. You can find their details here: https://www.medel.com/clinic-finder Kind regards, The HearPeers Support Team
  13. Hi Mary Beth, yes, we do: There is also more information in the support section our website: https://www.medel.com/support/audio-processors/rondo2/du_rondo2_mini_battery_pack Best regards, Verena
  14. Hi @Mary Beth, thanks for checking in on that . I'll ask our product experts and will get back to you once I know more. Best, Verena
  15. Hi @Valentin, thanks for tagging us As already mentioned, even though MED-EL devices have several integrated safety features, there is a small risk that ESD might harm the audio processor / implant. But in most cases wearing a wool hat or cotton cap does not cause any ESD. Kind regards, Barbara
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