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  1. MED-EL Moderator

    Comfortable listening on LONG flights

    Hi All, I will look at a solution for this. Kind regards, Mary
  2. MED-EL Moderator

    Wie o wie

    Hi @Gerda Nap , welkom bij HearPeers! As far as I know, no one on HearPeers is from the Netherlands. However, if you would like I could put you in touch with our team there who should be able to put you in touch with some fellow users? Kind regards, Mary
  3. MED-EL Moderator

    Comfortable listening on LONG flights

    Hi @Mary Beth, I can see and download your video. And was also able to do it myself (it just needs to be less than 511 MB, so nothing too big ) I wonder if it was a temporary problem - @Daniel the Stranger are you able to download Mary Beth's link now? I will also upload it below to see if you can view it. Kind regards, Mary 372DE603-6E11-4BEF-AD5B-554760C3226B (3).MOV
  4. MED-EL Moderator

    Sonnet turning on, but not working

    Hi @Patricio, welcome to HearPeers and sorry to hear you've been having problems. As the others have said our support pages should help you with everyday problems and I see that you've been in touch with your local MED-EL rep as well. However, if you need any more specific advice, feel free to send us (@MED-EL Moderator) a message with more details. Kind regards, Verena
  5. MED-EL Moderator

    Live chat about Rondo 2

    Hi @Mary Beth, Thanks for checking in on this. Right now we do not have any solid plans to do this but we still think it would be great idea and will see what we can do... I will let you know if this is possible. Thanks, Mary
  6. MED-EL Moderator

    Anyone here used a CROS hearing device?

    Hi @Stephen, Welcome to HearPeers! Great to have you here. Unfortunately we do not currently have a solution for CROS with SONNET right now. I am sorry that we are not able to help you on that front but please do ask if you have any more questions at all. Kind regards, Mary
  7. MED-EL Moderator


    Hi @Mary Featherston, I have expanded your attachment allowance so that you have unlimited attachments as well. So you should be able to upload images now. I have not worked out why you cant delete the images yet, but will ask our support team - I will keep you posted. Thanks! Mary
  8. MED-EL Moderator

    Dry Box

    Hi @Mary Beth, thanks for your question. The DRY-SPACE will be available on the US WebShop soon (in the next two to three weeks): https://us.shop.medel.com Kind regards, Barbara
  9. MED-EL Moderator


    Hi @Mary Featherston, good news: we have changed the settings for our most active users (HearPeers Gurus): 1) You are able to delete attachments now. But please be aware, if you do so, they will be deleted anywhere else in the forum as well (in any post or comment you've used them) and: 2) We've increased the digital storage to avoid this problem in the future. Kind regards, Barbara
  10. MED-EL Moderator


    Hi @Mary Featherston, thanks for your question. By default each user has 1 MB available for attachments. Our web developer is looking into this so you can change / delete pictures or simply get more digital storage. We'll keep you updated. @Mary Beth thanks for tagging! Kind regards, Barbara
  11. MED-EL Moderator

    Images changing to question marks

    Hi Mary Beth, thanks for the hint. Can you please tell me which topics exactly so I can check with our developer? Kind regards, Barbara
  12. MED-EL Moderator

    Playing musical instruments with our CIs ?

    Will do
  13. MED-EL Moderator

    Playing musical instruments with our CIs ?

    Sure, great idea :). Have added it here: https://forum.hearpeers.com/forum/35-music/. Enjoy! Kind regards, Mary
  14. MED-EL Moderator

    Forum acting up

    Hi @Mary Beth, Sorry to read about the problems. I will report this to our support and see what they say. Have things improved yet, or are the problems still ongoing? Thanks, Mary
  15. MED-EL Moderator

    Newly Activated Users

    Hi @Jewel, I've checked with our experts on this one. They do not recommend separating the adapter from the control unit every day as doing this too often could be more harmful to the processor in the long run. And anyway, the drying process should work efficiently enough without doing this. I hope this helps Kind regards, Mary