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    I just told someone on FB about this place and I am definitely planning on going there.
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    I just watched the Through Deaf Eyes and it was a great documentary. Thanks
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    Which part of Ga are you from. I am from Cobb county but I live in Indianapolis for the mean time.
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    Ontario Canada.
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    Again, it all depends on how your brain will take the sounds. Not all people have that robotic sounds. I had it for the first two months. But I could understand some speech despite that weird effect. Environmental sounds were not problem for me. It comes very fast.
    The conversation in group - again for me it depends on the acoustics of the room. Sometimes it is not a problem with people chatting around and music playing in background. But in the room with bare walls - I need to apply the very active listening and lip reading to keep with conversation. But I CAN. Before surgery I even didn't try...
    My implanted ear didn't work for at least 10 years before implantation and I am not so young when skills can be restored faster. So, I am glad with my result even it takes some time and I need to communicate with a lot of people during my work day and at home. Sometimes it was challenging (and still is a challenge when it comes to phone conversation). But also I brings a lot of great inspiring moments when you can enjoy your life more with les and less restrictions.
    Well, I don't want to sound very optimistic. But my experience makes me sounding like that
    You know, we all are so different so we reach the same destination at the very different pace with the different experience.
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