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  1. Like Kara said, there's really no way of knowing if it will develop. For me, I had it very bad before I had the surgery, due to sensorineural hearing loss. Once I got the surgery it got a little bit better but at that point I was so used to it. It may develop after surgery because you're messing with those nerves and if you make them "mad" then tinnitus can result. After my activation though, my tinnitus got SO much better. Today was the first day I was able to put my hearing aid back in my other ear and combined with the CI, I barely notice tinnitus. I hope you don't develop it if you don't h
  2. I got that too, it felt like Christmas almost lol I walked out with three giant boxes of stuff!
  3. Probably late on this response but as a tip for others, I used dry shampoo the first time! Instead of spraying the dry shampoo in my hair what i just did was sprayed the foam in my hands and then ran my hands through my hair without touching the scar area.
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