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  1. I just received my Audiolink I ordered for my sonnet 1.got it all paired up but when I try to use Audiokey it says connected to audiolink but failed to pair with processor. is this something new they maybe to Audiologist needs to turn on.
  2. sell my old Baha 5 ? I mean this all cost a lot of money and I would like to recoup some of it. so is there somewhere I can sell my baha 5 ?
  3. kblgy

    Rehab for ssd with CI

    okay, I am trying out audio books right now. using the Quattro 4 so it is only in that ear.
  4. hi, wondering if anyone could help with some rehab for my condition. thx
  5. I have a baha now but my surgery is on may 5th for an implant. I have good headphones but my experiences with them so far have been nothing but feedback, but I am figuring that's because these are HA,S (Baha,Cros,Transear) and the implant is different and there is no feedback I am being told.learning that now. So just waiting as patiently as I can for the surgery and activation day, and hoping for the best.i know what I want out of this but I am keeping my expectations low so I do not get disappointed .
  6. what about headphones? just them over the processor?
  7. is it possible to use other devises? like I have the accessories from my Baha. mini mic, tv streamer, phone clip,etc...? so also the rondo, although is off the ear seems like it is old technology? is this true?
  8. I am having surgery on may 5th and activation in the 17th
  9. Is the 2.4ghz antenna working? Also what is it used for?
  10. So my activation day is on May 17th, does that mean I have a chance of getting ti with asm2.0 turned on?
  11. Here is another question, lets say I get one of each since it is available to me. do I have a time frame that's available to swap out one of them for the other if I decide I like one over the other?
  12. Okay thx, I am having surgery in may and am still deciding what I want .
  13. I know I did read just a few minutes ago it was approved in the us, they just haven't done the update yet?
  14. so are people getting the the second mic turned on now in the us? also what about for the wind?
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