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  1. @mary beth yes I am.. and I have contacted my audio on it as well... let's hope that is my issue
  2. @mary beth when I use the Roger Pen the cover I have is the Sonnet FM battery cover. Does that make a diff?
  3. @mary beth Just throwing this out... could the cover on my battery be the problem child?
  4. @mary beth The rechargeable works with my Sonnet.. I get about 8 hrs with them... I don't used them a lot. I just thought when I am at home use the rechargeable with the Roger Pen instead of the standard battery. Roger Pen technology eats battery life fast. Wireless technology in general eats battery life. When I not using the Roger Pen I would get 3 days on the standard battery but as soon as I started playing with the Roger Pen... bam.. maybe 2 days... so use rechargeable to save on using standard. Anyway... I got one of the rechargeable to connect... I had to be on top of the Roger Pen to get it connected. Will keep testing this out more to see what else it can't do.
  5. @mary beth I have the standard rechargeable not the mini... The only thing that you have mention is … are they fully charged.. they are but my question... are they as strong as the standard batteries... like most rechargeable batteries they loose their strength over time... is there any test on these rechargeable batteries I can do?
  6. it is not the low power beep that I am talking about... it the beep that says you are connected to the Roger Pen.. I get it with the standard battery not the rechargeable... assuming that the beep tells me everything is ok.. the rechargeable do not work. My assumption.
  7. looks like the mini... from the pictures.. they came with the kit
  8. hmmm... this has gone off topic... the battery life span not my issue. the rechargeable do not work with the Roger Pen... when the normal batteries are used I get the beep that it's connecting... I do not get that with the rechargeable.
  9. I don't get that beep on the rechargeable.. that why I am asking.. 30 minutes too long for me... lol
  10. I have my roger pen connected to the TV using the rca adapter with a Sonnet. When I use the standard batteries, I get the sound from the TV. When I use the rechargeable batteries, I get the sound from the TV speakers. There is a noticeable difference. It appears that the rechargeable is a smaller unit, it does not fill the cover and I am guessing there is some kind of connection not happening. Anywho.. do the rechargeable work?
  11. @mary beth Roger pen in headset connection does not provide surround sound and I do get the same kind of sound as if listening to sound from a PC. NO 2nd voice that is mechanical. Roger pen set in the middle of room(not in headset connection) does still provide 2nd voice as mechanical. I guess I will have to let ear and brain work it out.
  12. @mary beth Well I got the roger pen, I will see if that's any better
  13. @mary beth I did more testing last night and today. The louder the volume on the TV, the mechanical voice slowly disappears. It is way to loud for people with normal ears to listen to the TV. I also only have the CI on.
  14. @mary beth Talked to audio... the good news.. the processor not the issue... cuz when I am listening to normal speech it's not there. It's the mechanical noise that my brain and ear have to adjust to that sound. Medel research in Germany should be on top of this. Mechanical noise has been with us as long as CI. So, I wait and see if I adjust.
  15. @mary beth I really don't know... I was in a learning curve.. plus the original processor was not working right... any sound from the TV was robotic for a while until I started recognizing voices and then the processor went wonkie
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