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  1. @phobos512 No I do not remove anything, I just take the cover off when it goes in the dryer
  2. I am wondering if Medel has an issue with the Battery Holder. I have gone thru 4 in the last 2 years. This does not sound promising after the 5 years are up, the are about $300 a pop. It's not the battery, I use PowerOne, which Medel sells.. so don't go there with stating it's the battery. Also the battery cover does not last very long either. Rechargeable or disposable not working... It appears the sliding on and off causes wear and tear. Seems they better go back to the drawing board in this area. These 2 units are high use and need to be able to take the daily activ
  3. https://www.clearworks4ears.com/ Has anyone tried this website?
  4. Hi, After 2 years having this CI and with a hearing rating at 90%, my expectation is that I would not hear "robot" voices anymore. But I have noticed when watching tv and a show I have not seen or know the actor, their voices start off robotic until I tune into them. Is that normal? I would have thought my brain and CI have heard every kind of noise in that 2 years.
  5. My hearing lost was compensated with 2 HA, but with one it was only a directional finder. Over the years it deteriorated to NR." When I went to get my CI, they said .. can't do government rules.. well I can't take no for an answer, so I was told look elsewhere, which I did and they said.. NO PROBLEM... hmmmm same government 2 answers. Took my trusty letter to my first CI center and said.. OH YES YOU CAN.... Now my directional ear finder is now a working hearing ear and it is amazing to have someone on my "bad" side and be able to listen to what they are saying to me. This has t
  6. @mary beth thanks... you validated my findings.
  7. Did more testing.... I find the clarity with the Roger Pen is way better than without the Roger Pen. Am I assuming with out the Roger Pen the distance from the TV speakers could be the factor? OR is the Roger Pen picking up more frequencies to give me better clarity.?
  8. @mary beth I got all the programs but I did not think they work when you are using the Roger Pen
  9. @mary beth I can go all day with just the CI and have not issues. What I do find with only the CI, when it gets to be a noisy environment, the voices tense to jumble up. I do not what my HA to be connected to the roger pen and I really don't want to have my CI connected to the roger pen (as per my TV issues thread) So right not it like faking a surround sound environment until I find out what going on with my CI.
  10. I have been experimenting with my surround sound system. What I do I put the volume down to the level so that the CI is my primary listener. The CI is connect with the roger pen that is directly connected to the source (stereo system). The HA listens to the surround sound. In the beginning of this process, the CI is in control of the sound and all is good. About 30 minutes or so, I start getting crosstalk. the talking on my CI becomes lost and I get part of the conversation. The HA becomes the Primary hearing device. Is my CI side still trying to learn to hea
  11. I have hdmi output which is for the TV and I have a toslink output (optical cable) out. The SCART will not work on my TV. .
  12. is there a way to connect the Roger Pen to a Receiver, not using the headphone cable or the AV cable. I hoping there is another 3rd party device to use to get the Roger Pen connect to the Receiver. I can not connect it to the TV, because the Receiver is the master of the sound. I have an Onkyo HT-R690 receiver. I have a Cable Box that is my source for watching TV. It connects to the Receiver. I am using the AV cable in the Cable Box to connect the Roger Pen but I would like to get it to work with the Receiver.
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