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  1. Thank You Mary Beth for arranging the coffee chat very informative and interesting it really give the CI recipients a chance for questions and answers
  2. @Lori Martin yes it does I was just woundering Thanks
  3. Hello Lori my name is Dave an I am bilateral my first implant was 2016 and 2018 the second I have Sonnet 1 and I was eligible for for free Rondo2 just one which I wear in place of Sonnet as I was reading your post you have both the Sonnets and Rondo 2 and you prefer the Rondo 2 may I ask why you prefer the Sonnets I like the Rondo2 in some setting but I to lean towards the Sonnets . Thanks so much
  4. Yes I have live transcribe on my phone but left it at home not thinking
  5. I went to the dentist the other day everyone had face shields and mask it was impossible to understand anyone and unfortunately of all of his patients I am the only one with CI so no one really understands it very frustrating. I actually thought I was in a Star Wars Movie or in a Haze Mat environment .
  6. Actually I was at near or a tab below I no longer have my audio grams. I have a saying I am___years old and I want to live till I am 95(in good health) I want to hear what is going on.
  7. @JosephGI am bilateral my first implant was 2016 and second implant 2018 best decision I’ve ever made you will hear sounds that you haven’t hear before how exciteding Best of Luck
  8. Well I don’t know how it works with your CI center you got the approval or rejection well before surgery also they said if it was rejected would appeal
  9. @Sherriwhat would you like to know I am bilateral I have 2 Sonnets and I was eligible for a free Rondo2 so many times I wear on rondo and one sonnet I really like the Rondo lighter on the head no hanging on the ear and no interference with wearing the Mask😷 one battery charge last the day, recharge in a few hours no bulky recharger if you use rechargeable batteries. I do know a lady who attends our monthly meet up group until the virus hit and she is bilateral and has the the Rondo2 and she absolutely loves them. Good Luck
  10. I am on Medicare I am also bilateral Medicare paid for my first implant in 2016 and also paid for the second implant in 2018 no questions ask no problem
  11. I have never replace cables on either processor one was in 2016 and the other 2018. Yes there is back up replacement cable for each processor.
  12. @Mary Beth yes - and as time draws near I will take you up on your offer
  13. @daisydee yes I do wear both Rondo2 and Sonnet about 80% of the time I have Roger Pen Roger is paired to Sonnet can’t with Rondo I suggest you get in touch with you CI center or do you know your Med El customer engagement representative if not call MEDEL and they will put you in touch my CI center was very helpful along with the MEDEL Rep
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