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  1. @Mary Beth @Mary Featherston By giving everyone my cell number and using Roger Pen Bluetooth has greatly reduced my difficulty with hearing on the phone I do know it’s difficult in the business world to get people to cooperate in getting to call on different phone numbers.
  2. There is no one answer on your inquiry everyone is different. I am bilateral so I had two operations one in 2016 and 2018.Getting approval from insurance no problems my biggest hold up setting the appointment with the hospital as my surgeon had 3 days a month at the hospital.Just a physical exam from my primary doc and I was on my way. I was very fortunate didn’t require pain meds I had no problems. Good Luck Keep us posted
  3. John I don’t know where you live I am in Pittsburgh we are having an MEDEL meet on April 22 if you live close I encourage you to atten,MEDEL Rep will be there who is very knowledgeable as well as other C.I individual. You can go to MEDEL Facebook event and find when one is near you I go all the time very informative and interesting. The MEDEL Reps are very knowledgeable and help you as you journey thru this.I always encourage this event You also an call MEDEL and they can tell you when event if going to take place
  4. @JohnLHang in there ,Don’t Get upset this is a journey and it takes time,and patience.I went thru it twice in year and a half time. Both were different.You May hear all kinds of sounds as the processor get program and it may happen in the middle of night. Good Luck,Keep us posted we are here to help
  5. @Mary Featherston so glad interview went well for you and it’s sure is nice to be able to hear and not have to struggle.
  6. Last week I replaced my mic covers on my Sonnets and it didn’t go well I removed the ear hook and then started the lift the mic cover and I notice the mic was lodge inside of the cover I push down on the cover and the mic went back in place so it seemed but when I went to put the new mic cover on it would not snap in place luckily I have a backup and I was to see my audiologists in a few days she say this happens occasionally the mic lifts out its cover under warranty MED EL will send you a replacement . So if this happens to anyone on don’t get all upset 😠 and scared 😱😡.Your audiologists or customer service rep from MED EL will come to your rescue.One more reason to travel with a backup processor if you are away from home
  7. When I. Fly I request aisle seat I let the flight crew know I am hearing impaired depending on the flight crew I’ve have received some extra service like trying to get me up front sitting in the aisle so getting me off the plan before everyone else. Flight crew wants to know just in case and in my case I am not a airline passenger favorite person I am a very nervous passenger
  8. @Kylie Yes it is ,now you can plan you life .Good luck with your appointments and keep us posted.
  9. @Mary Beth Ok Thanks.So if am understanding you if Izwerecto wear Rondo on one side and Sonnets on the other I have to use the Artone. Correct
  10. @Mary Beth Wish you did. No interest yet. Can you use the Neckloop loop with both Rondo and Sonnet. So by doing this you would not be using Roger Pen
  11. @Mary Beth Forgot to add once again great service from MEDEL and Phonak
  12. @Mary Beth Sorry to hear that.Tech is great when it works.Please let us know what happened.My Roger Pen died a few weeks ago it would not stay in pare mode with cell phone and had problems with Bluetooth took it back to my CI center set it back to Phonak about week later got a new new one.I guess they couldn’t figure it out.I was really lost without Roger so I can only imagine how you are feeling.
  13. @Mary Featherston. You and I are on the same page I be in the Holiday Inn first week. Smart move .
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