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  1. Agree it’s been 4 years for my first implant and the advancement of technology has been awesome.
  2. @Mary Beth OK thanks that’s right about Rondo 3 I forgot and I have the info right in front of me
  3. @Mary Beth I should have said audio link and changing filters on Rondo far more easier then Sonnet I did have a Sonnet fall off my ear an hit the pavement broke off ear hook no I didn’t have the pin in the hook as I do now and I encourage all sonnet users to use the pin.
  4. @Mary Bethabout the only minus I have on Rondo is the use in a noisy environment such as restaurants although to be fair I don’t have audio box but I do have a tag on an article you publish on HP about having the Rondo user play something on YOU TUBE and have the audiologists map according to the sound ,I see audiologists in OCTOBER The plus is the time and ease of charging ,don’t have to worry about falling off ear I think it’s a clearer crisper sound even though Rondo 2 has one mike and Sonnets have 2 mike I receive sound just as well with Rondo water wear cove slide on easy as I u
  5. @Mohammad abidI am bilateral having 2 Sonnet however when I had my second implant I was able to receive a Rondo 2 I really like I wear it probably 90% of the time in place of Sonnet not knowing your daughter age the Rondo seems to be lighter and then having something hanging on your ear you also have a choice of clips to keep Rondo from falling to ground one is a hair clip and the other is a collar clip. I do fast pace walking and light running with Rondo no problem. Rondo performance is superior in many different settings.There are different covers that your daughter can order to fit her
  6. Rondo 3 sounds awesome.Could this replace the Sonnets? I see many positive and a few negatives . This is very interesting.
  7. Thank You Mary Beth for arranging the coffee chat very informative and interesting it really give the CI recipients a chance for questions and answers
  8. @Lori Martin yes it does I was just woundering Thanks
  9. Hello Lori my name is Dave an I am bilateral my first implant was 2016 and 2018 the second I have Sonnet 1 and I was eligible for for free Rondo2 just one which I wear in place of Sonnet as I was reading your post you have both the Sonnets and Rondo 2 and you prefer the Rondo 2 may I ask why you prefer the Sonnets I like the Rondo2 in some setting but I to lean towards the Sonnets . Thanks so much
  10. Yes I have live transcribe on my phone but left it at home not thinking
  11. I went to the dentist the other day everyone had face shields and mask it was impossible to understand anyone and unfortunately of all of his patients I am the only one with CI so no one really understands it very frustrating. I actually thought I was in a Star Wars Movie or in a Haze Mat environment .
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