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  1. Ok thanks I didn’t realize that or I may forgot about that.
  2. Did I understand correctly tonight that Audio Stream is not compatible with Rondo 3
  3. Did ever find out about the plan and helicopter incident.
  4. Listen to the local new tonight might have something about it
  5. WOW that is an awesome moment. But that really must have been something to see
  6. exactly and I am bringing the battery pack issue up. Hey it doesn’t hurt to ask or a heavy suggestion🙄
  7. yes I signed up for 2 event 1/14 & 2/18 The one for 2/18 is a one on one and ask if there is a specific subject I put Rondo 3 battery life and if you are bilateral do do have 2 micro battery pack. Thanks for reminder
  8. Welcome to the group,I am bilateral I had my first implant in2016 and second implant 2018. Which processor did you choose
  9. @Mary Beth After I sent it I come to realize what you were saying I still lean towards the Rondo3 but I still like Sonnets I have plenty of time and who knows what will be available by then this an ever change in technology.
  10. @Mary Bethjust a curious question why would you recommend one Rondo 3 and one Sonnet 2why not the same pair I have thought of doing that when my time comes but I thought it be an unusual request.As you know I have the Rondo2 and Sonnet and I often do wear each one as I said curious question no second question don’t take it wrong
  11. @Gloria B. I am bilateral I had my first implant in2016 and second in 2018 I have no residual hearing after getting the cochlear implants .However this was the best decision I’ve ever made and my hearing is awesome. The Cochlear Implant are awesome please take advantage of it Happy Hearing
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