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  1. My vaccination was clearly outline in the paperwork from the doctors office,I guress I was very fortunate to have an efficient CI center. It was also discussed with the surgeon staff once again I had a Efficient CI center
  2. Thanks for the info,not having Rondo 1 wasn’t aware of what you suggested.They had to send my Roger Pen back to Phonak it went dead on me.Tech is great when it works. Yes it’s under warranty.
  3. Very good question? That is what happens when you don’t proof read as I didn’t in this case. What I ment to say if I could get Rondo2 to work will the cell as I do with Sonnet my phone life be a lot easier
  4. Yes got it up and running.I love it.It works very well for me with the cell phone.When I wear the Rondo2 aways carry with me the other Sonnet just in case if I am somewhere and it very noisy I can switch to Sonnet.
  5. When I am wearing the Rondo I always take the other Sonnet with me just in case.You can always find a place to do the replacement if you are not comfortable where you are.
  6. just curious if you have the FM covers and Roger do you still use the FM .
  7. I would have second thoughts in having an app on my phone for fine tuner,how would the phone manufacturer treat the application with new updates and the phone carrier such as AT&T,Verizon,Comcast many different carriers and what about big the government who wants to be involved in every one business
  8. I will be seeing my audiologist next Thursday when I get my Rondo 2 up and running and I will ask her
  9. You have answered all of your own questions,I too. have the same problem,however if you have Roger I’ve found by useing Roger attachment to the cell has help me .If you haven’t, it’s a short cable with head set tape on it.Its blue tooth and stream right to your Sonnet. Another thing you can do is ,it’s a free App it’s InnoCapiton it’s close caption you can see what is being said,also you can go into their settings and when you make a phone call from your cell it’s your number that shows not a close caption number. Hope this helps
  10. Why is it that MED EL open house is only posted on Facebook and not on MED EL website? At least I can’t find it there.I may be looking incorrectly so advise me.Thank goodness the MED EL sends out an general email when one is being held in my area.I am not a big fan of social media unfortunately.
  11. I see that you are in Australia since you are not on Facebook book as I am not I would call MEDEL or if you know your local MED EL customer engagement Rep and know their email they will send a notice when one is being held in you area.The MEDEL customer service person at the 800 number may be a starting point. If you received a red binder there may be an customer service person at MED EL to email directly .Happy hunting if I can be of any help just let me know.We all are in this together. Please let me know your outcome
  12. Check in with MEDEL to see if and there’s any Mingle or Meet up in your area,they are very helpful and informative I go to them all the time.
  13. congratulations 🎉🎊 best of luck you are about to embark on a new journey.This will take time and patience,Audio rehab is very important.Keepus in the loop as to your rehab and let us know how you are doing and if there any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
  14. I use the standard rechargeable batteries and get about 8.5 to 9 hours I do have a pair of micro batteries that came with my first Sonnet but I’ve used them.I am bilateral and it’s so much easier to change the rechargeable then the disposable batteries but that is my personal opinion.
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