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  1. @SWS0107what a great way to start the New Year.I am bilateral first implant 2016 second 2018 Best move I ever made Good Luck keep us posted.
  2. YES the handsome guy in the white sweatshirt 😇🤷‍♂️
  3. @@Jessdunn1 Noise is a common things it seem as I said I am bilateral first2016 and second 2018 back in Sept I started to get noise drumming sounds about 3 AM this kept up for almost 5 weeks contact my audiologists and she said this is common it eventually went away (it’s 3 am no processor on head just the implant inside of head) so go figure had a tough time sleeping. Is there an MEDEL meet up in your are if so I suggest you and you daughter attend ,meet other CI age no barrier I go to everyone when one when in Pittsburgh keep a journal and take with you
  4. @@Jessdunn1iI am bilateral I have experience the same problem I use disposable batteries often about 80% I use either PowerOne Implant Batteries or RayO Vac I notice when I use other brands I get false beeps. I tried switching the battery frames no success also be sure the batteries are for implants I understand there is 675 hearing aid batteries these are not powerful enough for implants and Roger. I also use Roger a lot. Good Luck
  5. @Marcy welcome to HP I am bilateral had my first implant 2016 and second 2018 I have the (2) Sonnet and(1)-Rondo at first I did have the same problem with Rondo 2 falling off a lot had to do with internal swelling try just sliding the Rondo on your head instead of just placing it and try to part as much hair as possible. Dont get discourage it will all come together Keep in touch
  6. @Mary BethThanks I’ve never heard of them.I check their web page found it interesting yes their convention is in Aug in downtown Pittsburgh I just may attend and even join are you attending?
  7. @SWS0107 I am bilateral first implant 2016 second2018 best decision I’ve ever made. Good Luck
  8. @Nischal Koirala since you are not getting both and will be having the Sonnets 2 I vote for the Sonnets as your audiologists can set the mics as directional and or Omni like Rondo 2. This is just my personal opinion. Just for my info let me know your decision just interested.
  9. @Nischal KoiralaIF you are getting both such as I did you can try both.To me personally the fine turner didn’t help me much with the Rondo in a noisy environment. Its very easy to switch just reach up to the processor remove from head and place the other one a half minute it takes. Will you be getting both?
  10. @Nischal Koirala Congrats,I am bilateral I have the Sonnets and One Rondo 2 I will wear the Rondo2 in quite places or If I am in a meeting. I personally find the Rondo doesn’t work well for me in noisy environments due to the Omni directional mics I wear one Sonnet and one Rondo about 75% of the time. Hope this helps
  11. Congratulations I am bilateral I had my first implant in 2016 and my second 2018.It will only get better for you I have the Sonnets and I was able to receive one Rondo 2 and I love the Rondo it certainly has its place in the hearing world
  12. Sound of the ocean when we go to the beach 🏖 in Florida
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