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  1. @Karen fudgeas my wife say Patience she tells me this all the time.You are dealing with corporate America don’t rake it personally.This is why it’s called a journey.Your CI center will stay on top of this try to relax
  2. @Mary BethGO FOR IT.Its only money better Hearing better life😄😁
  3. @Mary Beth Don’t get me wrong I am very happy with Rondo2 this is very minor issue . I see the audiologist in Oct and I have this on my list. I am so happy with it I ask Alexanna how I can get another free one.🤭for my other ear. I just put is out on HP to see ,and thanks a lot for your help and suggestions.
  4. @Mary Featherston Glad you had a great trip it had to be very interesting Audiologists did separate mapping.I will her in October and I will discuss it
  5. New mic cover,natural program I think it’s the nature of the beast
  6. @Mary BethJust using Sonnet with out doc or plug in T.V
  7. As I wear my Rondo 2 in the house it seems that I get a longer range of reception with the Sonnets then Rondo 2. Example T.V. Is in the living room when I go upstairs or down stairs I loose reception with Rondo but still have Reception with Sonnet. Just wounding?
  8. @Karen fudgeYep I will remember going to the doc for the overhaul to see if you are still a living human. I know it’s easy too say but don’t worry about being denied . CI center will handle it. I am the world worse person for waiting I won’t even wait in line at the grocery store so what does that tell you. Yes this is a very helpful and understanding site as we are all in the same problem and really no one understands.
  9. @Karen fudgeeveryone knew before I did .On my first implant my CI center secluded my appointment all set and told me to show up I will hear from the insurance company if there is a problem. I had a second implant same as first but I did get a letter of approval two day after I had my surgery So go figure Good Luck
  10. @Max@ChicagoI agree with Mary Featherston it really depends on the surgeon and the Audiologists especially the audiologists as that is the person you will be dealing with on the long term Ask for references on the from the various centers
  11. @Brownielove20glad to hear that you are in line waiting and to to hear YOUR NEXT you will be happy with the end result. HP is hear to help don’t be afraid to ask questions . Audio rehab will play a very important part your audiologists will instruct you.
  12. @Brownielove20go for it I had it done twice as I am bilateral I had my first CI in 2016 and the second in 2018 both surgeries were a piece of cake for me with very little pain or discomfort how ever all surgeries are different, but you must look at it on the positive side of the many years you will have of hearing things that you haven’t heard before.It is worth a week or so of discomfort. Good Luck Keep us posted
  13. @GraniPeggy congrats on getting the Rondo 2 I am bilateral and I received one Rondo 2 and I absolutely love itI wear one Sonnet and one Rondo 90% of the time.I don’t wear Rondo in restaurants and other very noisy environment. I use it pretty much throughout the day and evening I see that you are unilateral so it may take a little time to get use to it I do find the sound quality different and I think it’s a more precise a better quality of sound.Since you are unilateral there is non messing with batteries,cables,charging.Rember don’t put Rondo in the dryer You have to to keep wearing it to get use to it and it’s benefits. i found the hair clip works best for me and Rondo has never fallen off of my head the magnet works great in fact I’ve taken the hair clip off but in due time you may decide to do so
  14. I tried both spray and brush nothing work for me
  15. @Karen fudgeno problem keep us posted any questions HP is here to help
  16. Hello @Karen fudgegood luck on your journey.I am bilateral I have 2 Sonnets and one Rondo 2 if I am going to a noisy place I wear both Sonnets if I am home I wear one Sonnet and the the Rondo I find Rondo pick up the tv and radio better if you are in meetings I find the Rondo performance superb.Not familiar with Kansa The Rondo has a Omni mic pick sounds up from all directions this is what I don’t wear it in noisy environment.
  17. Hearing the various birds at the ocean while on vacation Hearing the roar of the waves of the ocean
  18. @Mary BethThanks for the update on the FCC approval for the new Sonnets
  19. Yes I agree. Well I guess you are winding your school chores down for a couple of months and getting ready to enjoy summer
  20. @Mary Beth I do remember you and I talking about batteries and I am slowly changing my mind about the battery issue and I am slowly changing over to the disposable batteries it is more convenient and I can judge time with them just as well as the rechargeable. i am on vacation in ☀️ Florida and 2 battery charger and power strips is a bit much .That is one nice thing about Rondo2 and the air charger be great if the new Sonnets are like that I do have 2 extra rechargeable battery pack attach to my 2 extra Sonnets with me when I travel Its hard to teach an old dog new tricks
  21. Sometime I like to just take a chance and leave the rechargeable batteries at home along with the battery charger as I have two charger and 8 rechargeable batteries I am bilateral and just use the disposable batteries but I just can’t bring myself to do it.Guess I need encouragement on this one
  22. @Jdashiell As I do the same thing as you
  23. @Mary Beththanks for the info on the new Fine Tuner it be great if we could get a free replacement by trading the the old out dated model in it available in the U.S.
  24. @Vinod sorry to hear about your problem when you put you Rondo on try parting your hair and slide the Rondo on instead on just placing it on your head I use the hair clip the fish line with the collar clip maybe interfering with your hair and pulling it off. If all of this fail I would see the Audi you may need a stronger magnet
  25. @Kyliegood luck be sure to do word rehab this is very important to your success
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