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  1. Sound of the ocean when we go to the beach 🏖 in Florida
  2. @Mary Beth the sound of the door bell wearing the Rondo 2-up on the 2nd floor the Sonnets never picked it up. It never dawn on me is Rondo2 combatant to Roger.?I use Roger for TV with the Sonnets and the Rondo . If I turn Roger off and listen to TV the sound is no different with Roger if Roger was on
  3. @Mary Beth sorry to hear about your weather misfortune luck on your side for the zip wallet I have a man bag that I use and take every where even with all the technology the weather is unpredictable especially for us eastern folks.When I go to Florida weather forecaster says bright sun ,blue skies and light chop waves from the the Gulf of Mexico
  4. @Mary Bethbig jazz fan played 🎷 saxophone for years
  5. No. I am using MEDEL approved nylon TETHERS my system wasn’t cooperating.I really didn’t think of the web shop order thru there no problem what so ever
  6. I saw on Web shop you can buy a box of the Rondo2 fish line
  7. I found black or brown hair clips in WalMart and couple of drug stores my wife is a sewer she had clear nylon thread so I cut it to the length off MEDEL fish line success
  8. Exactly and I really forgot about that
  9. I had to attend a very important meeting. I am bilateral so I wore my Rondo 2 and my Sonnet the meeting table was 72 inches in diameter 5 people involved in the meeting 2 people very soft spoken I put Roger in the center of the table and also had the 2 soft spoken people sit together and had the pen aimed at them results were amazing I was able to hear everything no problem. I didn’t want to give Roger Pen to people to hold as I was afraid it may have gotten misplaced. Rondo 2 is in a class of all it own and Roger is equal an a great combo.
  10. Exactly charge the batteries,you don’t need unexpected surprise when using batteries.I use the rechargeable 90% of the time the only time I use disposable is when I am on vacation or traveling and don’t what to stop and change batteries. I charge batteries every day same batteries since my implant in 2016. Hope this info helps.
  11. @Mary FeatherstonI am with you on the disposable batteries I also use them I know how long they will last and if I have to I can change them ahead of time if I will be doing something or going somewhere and helping the environment. I’ve had the disposable batteries die on me at inappropriate time.
  12. I will be seeing the MEDEL customer engagement person Alexanna next Monday at a meet up here in Pittsburgh and I’ll ask here about the paint peeling on Mr. Rondo 2
  13. That is a good question.I don’t know I if they come in brown but after looking at the picture it sure looks like it .Mine is black
  14. Yes that is exactly how mine is looking.
  15. @Mary Beththis is great new for all the new CI people.I will be seeing Alexanna next week at a meet up and I am going to ask her if there is any hope for us older, wiser CI people Thanks for the info
  16. @Mary Beththe bottom of my magnet on Rondo 2 is black.Yes the paint is peeling off.When I see Alexanna I am going so show her.l
  17. @Mary Bethyes I agree with you on the travel case it is a challenge .Ive shop at various stores for something similar but no luck but I must be honest that is not a fun favorite item to shop for
  18. @Mary BethRondo 2 and I are best buddies a great invention.I use it when I am watching TV can hear better. When I use the Sonnets with Roger I couldn’t hear my wife. ,Also hear car radio better with Rondo 2. For me the only place Rondo 2 is nonfunctional is noisy environment such as restaurants social halls or place with poor acoustics. Went to musical and the theater has great acoustics and Rondo 2 was great in fact I brought the other Sonnet to compare and Rondo 2 was better for me
  19. @Mary Beth Wind Block doesn’t work foe me
  20. @Mary Bethyes indeed sign up for it .It sounds interesting and informative Thanks Dave in Pittsburgh
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