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  1. Thank you kindly Mary Beth. It seems to be working fine now with the implant specified batteries. Yay! I love my Samba !!! Lol
  2. Lol I’ve been caught talking to myself already without that wireless connectivity lol
  3. I was thinking the same thing about the internal unit being checked because it seems odd I’ve been thru two (currently on third) sambas so far. I asked my audiologist and she thinks it’s the batteries. So I guess we will investigate that first. So far so good with the new batteries, it has been two days and it hasn’t shut off. Thank you for your input and ideas Ivana! I appreciate it.
  4. These are the ones I have to order off of the Med-El internet site according to my audiologist advice, which she told me from day one (I’m kinda immature at times and don’t always take advice until I realize I should of taken advice they offered lol ?)
  5. I live in Sudbury Ontario which is six hours away from London Ontario Cananda, which is where my audiologist is located and also where I got the operation done. I can’t pop in and see her whenever I like but I go to London every six months for a check up (I have cholesteatoma and have to have the skin removed from my ears often) and usually see her at the same time for a hearing test or for something with my Samba. Power One Implant batteries 675 are the ones I am supposed to be using but have to buy them off the internet and I find it convient to just buy Durecell 675 batteries at a pharmacy
  6. You know, I never thought of that!!! I’m using batteries that I buy at a drug store but they aren’t made for medical equipment. I should be using the batteries the audiologist prescribed!!! THANK YOU MARY BETH! I’m going to order new batteries tomorrow ! I will keep you posted and again thank you! Hoping this works.
  7. My samba will make a short circuit sound and then completely shut off. Sometimes it won’t come back on until I open the battery door and then close it again. It’s happened with three of them so far. The last one I got I stopped wearing it when my hair was damp and air drying. But it still made short circuit sound and turned off and on. Three different processors now.
  8. ?Hello everybody. Does anyone else have a problem with their Samba processor? I’m on my third one now. I scrunch my hair in the morning after I wash it and I would put my samba processor on shortly after that. After my second one I stopped wearing it so soon and I would let my hair dry. I’m now on my third one and it is still cutting in and out. It seems like such great technology and the hearing is awesome but then I run into problems with my samba processor cutting in and out often. It’s discouraging! Does anyone else have this problem ? ?
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