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    Kimmay reacted to Mary Beth in Samba processor not working   
    Which brand batteries are you using?  I am a CI user and I had lots of trouble with my Sonnets and ZeniPower batteries.  When I switched to PowerOne batteries the problems all went away.  Just a thought.
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    Kimmay reacted to Mary Beth in Samba processor not working   
    How is a Samba mic cleaned of dust @Ivana Marinac?
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    Kimmay reacted to Ivana Marinac in Samba processor not working   
    Hello Kimmay,
    Can you describe me little bit thoroughly what is happening to you? Cutting in and out means - stop working?
    You put your Samba while your hair is wet? 
    Pardon me, I am not native English speaker so it is possible that I didn't understand you well. 
    I wear my Samba, now three years consecutively and this has never happened to me - but I beware very carefully and never EVER put it even close to moist or anything like. My biggest problem is a frequent dusting of microphone cover so my sound deteriorates after 6 months or similar....
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    Kimmay got a reaction from Mary Beth in Samba processor not working   
    Thank you kindly ❤️
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    Kimmay reacted to Sherri in favorite WOW moments   
    I have 3 WOW moments. The first was about a month after activation. Because I was never completely deaf I had no idea what I was missing! I remember my husband and I going for a walk on the beach which we had done frequently, but this day the sounds of birds overwhelmed me! I had no idea what I had been missing and that they were so loud. Amazing!!
    My next 2 moments were being in the delivery room when my Grands were born! Babies cry loud when they enter this world! What a sound!! And today they both call their Gammy’s name over and over! My heart continues to be overwhelmed in a very good way!
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    Kimmay reacted to Mary Beth in favorite WOW moments   
    So happy you are hearing your grandkids and they are keeping you plenty busy!  I was surprised at how many birds were in our neighborhood too!  I love listening to the sounds of nature.
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    Kimmay reacted to Mary Beth in Samba processor not working   
    Welcome @Kimmay.  I am not a Samba user but just wanted to welcome you.
    @Ivana Marinac.....any ideas?
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    Kimmay reacted to Alexmeek in bonebridge for left sided deafness   
    This may seem a silly question but how do u use a normal phone with the bonebridge? Do u hold it up to the processor??
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    Kimmay reacted to sophiea2410 in bonebridge for left sided deafness   
    Hi Duncan
    Have you been switched on yet? Do you have the Amade or the Samba?
    I was the first in the UK to have bi lateral bonebridges! I adore them ))
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    Kimmay reacted to dunklefunk in bonebridge for left sided deafness   
    hi I have just become the 3rd person in Sheffield area UK to receive Bonebridge implant, left side, to benefit one sided deafness. Surgeon Prof.Ray did a fantastic job, neat scar just behind ear lobe. No pain, 9 stitches out after one week.Very lucky to have this done through NHS. Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Royal Hallamshire Hospital. Can't wait for processor!
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    Kimmay reacted to Mitchell in BoneBridge online!   
    So I finally got my samba this past Friday. I have no words to describe the difference it is making already. The improvement in both my hearing and quality if life Is unfathomable, I'll never be able to function without it again, and it isnt even working at full capacity yet.
    My audi was able to eliminate pretty well all of the distortion during the initial setup and most sound is crisp and clear. This device is a miracle, there is no other way to put it.
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