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  1. USB conector is worldwide universal, and all have 5 volts (V) of output energy , so 6500mA would be the amps of energy (the capacity of the battery,. You say that it has 6500mA. Joan said that with 10400mA power bank, he got 4 nights for two Rondos 2. I don't remember if you have one or two Rondo processors, but if you have 2, you will reach around (3 charges 3 days), and if you have only one, you would be about 6 days. Tracey, please take note this is not exactly. I hope this clear the doubt.
  2. @Tracey_66 when you say 6500, what is it? mA (miliamps).
  3. And, Rondo can not pair with your computer BT directly?
  4. I answer myself. The computer/laptop, must to have a Bluetooth dongle to work 🙂
  5. @Mary Beth If Artone 3 Max is paired with Rondo, Can I connect also to computer at same time. When I was in the last meeting, I used the computer with the Cozy phones, but now, It created to me a doubt about the behavior with computer and Rondo at same time with Artone 3 or how it work. My idea is take the audio of computer via bluetooth to Artone and this one to Rondo via T-coil. Sincerely I don't know how it work. I just bought Artone, and I want to be ready when it arrive here. Do you know about it?
  6. Thank you Marty Beth, I know about Amazon, but is $40 and ad shipping cost.
  7. Hi there, I wold like to improve something the audio in our next meeting on July. After reading in the forum, I think that the bes options is Artone 3 Max. Can womeone confirm to me that the link to buy it is the follow? http://www.artonecs.com/store/p1/Artone_3_MAX_world's_strongest_streamer.html
  8. I'm user of Rondo 1 since November, 2016 (3 years 6 months)
  9. Hi there, no changes, I continue with Rondo. I have no external accessories or gadget yet.
  10. Hi all, I hope you are fine these days. @Forrest I have Rondo (no Rondo 2), I think that the keeping system to avoud Rondo's mantain near you if the decided "to fly" is something different, however I share it. I use the loop and clip. Here are the thread where we talk about it (scroll down to 7 reply). It's very simple and effective. I replace the line every 4-6 month for security and use the small alligator that came with Rondo.Pay attention that I use glasses all the day, so it's easy to apply.
  11. uhuh...with Artone included...!!! 👏👏
  12. @Tracey_66 depending the processor you have the options of disposable/rechargeable batteries change, and depending if the surgery is covered by Social Security or is done by a private company. Rondo 2 have a rechargeable battery system similar to iPhone, by wireless. It charge by night placing it in it it "bed". The battery has a performance of 16 hours. Other processors as mine (Rondo), or Sonet , uses rechargeable (not wireless) or disposable batteries. Rondo 2 is a one-piece device, while others are devices that go behind ear with a coil connected. Depend of your preferences, and your activity, you must to select one or other. In the forum you can find experiences of other users as Mary Beth comment, that have had different processors and gadgets. Altough each one live his own voyage, could you give an idea of them. I only had have Rondo, I'm happy with it, and probably my next one will be one piece processor again. Concerning the center, someone give you the possibility of select the external unit, and other give you one with no questions. The cochlear implant center in Spain are diverse, some are managed by insurance or private companies, other are managed by Social Security, the options they offer to will be different, in implant selection, processors, accessories and maintenance as I commented above.
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