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  1. Although I don't talk much, I'm happy to have shared some time with you.
  2. Guys, if you need that I show what I have my system, let me know and I show again this Sunday on our conference meeting.
  3. @Megan L.I had the amazfit bip watch, As I commented on previous post, I didn't think about it and the CI issues. I suppose, the way to detect the parameters work in similar way on scales and as MODERATOR commented, the scale work far from CI is located, For curiosity, I share with the community that I use this watch because it has a vibration alarm clock. It was a discovery to wake up in the morning 🙂 I think the Fitbit has one too.
  4. I've had a smartwatch for a year and a half, and I didn't really think about it when it was given to me. Fortunately, nothing has happened, I suppose that as @phobos512 indicates the electrical impulses or the impedance is low, however, maybe if one decides to use the scale, it would be a good option not to do it with the processor in place to avoid the loss of the mapping.
  5. You have right Mary. I will try to investigate about it for curiosity. Thank you and good weekend
  6. Thank you Mary. The manufacturer say that don't use in same way that don't recommend to use, persons with pacemakers and other medical implants. But I understand that this is generic With others ears implants brands is not possible to do MRI, and with some MED EL implant it is possible. It would desirable that MED EL talk directly wit MI (Xiaomi specialist staff) and talk about the way that scales work to, and have precise information (this is a suggestion). They are not very precise and don't talk about device technology use to take the measurement, but I suppose that use bioelectrical impeda
  7. Thank you Mary.. In Spanish it is possible to read too, but it is necessary to download the file because for any reason the doc don't open online.
  8. Hi @MED-EL Moderator, thank you for your answer. The link redirect to manual for MRI, but don't talk nothing about other devices we've been talking about here biometrical weight scales, dental procedures with ultrasonic devices... What about these ones? Not only although mandatory is that the rules and manual to do not only is it mandatory and necessary to have the manual for certain medical procedures such as MRI, it is also necessary and interesting to know if these new medical procedures such as the case of the dentist and ultrasound equipment or the use of gadgets such as the weight
  9. By the moment I have no problem. As always I will enter something later because here is the lunch time.
  10. @tracey_66, I've been going to the audiologist for 3 months, but it's nothing coordinated with the implant center. I went twice a week during that time. How did you find out what the cheese was the origin of migrains? Did you did any tests? In my case they're very bad, they're similar to a cerebral stroke. Luckily they have nothing to do with that but they're very scary. What is certain is that migraines and hearing are related. When I have an attack, my hearing is much worse during the following days.
  11. Altough this is a some years post, it would be interesting that MED EL talk about it, here, and in the blog. These days I had a mouth x-rayed with no issue (I asked my audiologist if these are allowed before), but (at same way of weight scale) in other thread, talk about it. There is ultrasonic cleaning of the mouth. the dentist was doubted whether it could be applied or had to be done manually.. He said me that the peopled with pacemaker can not use ultrasonic device to do the work.
  12. @Tracey_66 I always though in hear similar thant I remembered before. It was hard and today sometimes the situation is something hard because I suffer from migraines and these affect to hearing. I went for a few months to a rehabilitation specialist for people with implants, but after that the work I have done has been on my own, listening a lot and with some applications shared by other people in the forum.
  13. Gus, really Artone 3 Max have a good choice. Al tough I didn't understand all, the voice of yours is more clear. No doubt it is a recommended gadget to your CI
  14. As you said. It is very friendly. My actual computer have no Bluetooth, and I bought a dongle, compatible with protocol mentioned above and work without problem . On Sunday meeting I will test it, and if you need to explain in other way, please let me know and I will try to do it.
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