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  1. You have right Mary Beth.I thought aloud, probably I imagine to myself awake at surgery room 😐. Good sedation avoid complication of full anesthesia.
  2. It is create doubts about what do you feel looking to doctors around you with their tools over your head. Without doubt it is interesting but... 😗
  3. Valentin


    Some ideas, are really good to investigate on and developer them.
  4. Probably the old manufactured packets have old guides, and new one with new indications. I suppose that all the centers have't the same number of surgeons, but have quantify of previous processors in stock.
  5. Mary Beth, I think they want to avoid people forget rechargeable battery (that are a serious problem) mantain inside of dryer. New people when receive the kits are no familiar with batteries, procedures, drying. For avoid issues, MED EL, indicate neither batteries on drying, and they avoid some or a lot of problems.
  6. I'm using this one for my Rondo. it's more than enough in weight and size. I'm sure I'll have line for a few years 🙂 I don't wait to the line broke itself, I change it every 6 months.
  7. I'm agree with Mary Beth. Great sound quality for this low cost gadget. I use it when I use the computer. I have no BT neckloop yet.
  8. Apparently is made in silicone or similar material. I think my nylon is more discrete, secure and flexible. Maybe I'm wrong. It's true that I attach the loop to the glasses.
  9. Incredible history, so inspiring
  10. I have Rondo (not Rondo 2), and I have no clear what is the purpose of this leash. Can you explain me what is his function? With my Rondo, I secure it with clip, fixation loop and fishing line?
  11. @Mary Featherston Yes, it's great, I recognized them, but for the moment with low tone sound
  12. The birds on the trees, They listen with a low-tone sings, but yes, I discovered them. 🙂
  13. I never remove the clip, I retrieve the loop from the pin, It's more easy, I never unclip the alligator from loop. First times I forgot it, but now it is a mechanical movement 🙂
  14. Yes Mary Beth, here a photo. I use an invisible fish line from the aligator to Rondo
  15. If you use glasses all day, you can try the loop.
  16. Support MRI. When I was surgered, the implant support TESLA 1 .5, but now and new syncrony implant they allow up to TESLA 3.0 without remove internal magnet.
  17. I was looking in other post where we commented last week about it, but unfortunately the link on there was broken. However, I share the link of other thread. MED EL hava a blog post where talk about travle with the device https://blog.medel.com/traveling-with-a-cochlear-implant/ In my last trip, the staff at airport avoid pass to me between x-ray detector, and checked me personally. MED EL said our implants and processors are ready for these devices, but probably other brands are no yet.
  18. App for mobile to manage processor options. (finetuner on app mobile) 🙂
  19. @Mary Beth You must add an option ins second question about no use neck loop/ Roger tech. I have no one. 🙂
  20. Trust me, it is. If someone don't know translate correctly or don't to know to express the sense of the original, they must change the person that translate and don''t do in this way. I think that nobody ear the two voice at same time to know if the translation of original voice is correct or not. The track must to be independent to be able to select that you want. The person who does not have hearing problems, are able to interpret well the tracks and the brain is left with which you are interested, but for a person with CI the program that is translated in this way is very difficult to understand or impossible.
  21. I have a similar problem when I se tV programs, documentary or similar. Here in Spain (I don't know if this happen in other countries), the programs that are in other languages (english for example), have two language voices at same time. Here the spanish speakers have more volume that english voice), but really suppose a nightmare, because I lost myself trying to follow the thread of conversation. Unfortunately, as apparently "by law" you can not disable one voice (that you are not interested in), because they are in the same track. As you see, the situation is not the same as mgfiest comment here, but the effect on CI for me is very similar.
  22. I never remove them since the first. I use "DryStar" dryer.. I knew that rechargeable batteries never may put inside, but no commented about disposable batteries.
  23. It is not necessary to hide, I just apart for the line to change batteries and let customers who were in the queue.
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