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  1. @Marko Have you tried chewing gum? Hope you’re feeling less pressure!
  2. @Mary Beth Haha! Maybe....😁
  3. @Mary Beth I’m sure it’s quite interesting to watch too 😂 I’ve never touched the mic area either and I’ve never seen myself put it on so it’s hard to explain how I do it...😂
  4. It’s definitely a long hair issue! Its hard to explain how I hold the processor - I snap the magnet in and then I use 2 hands to hold the top by the hook and bottom of the processor to get the hook positioned on my ear. My magnet is positioned the same as yours - behind the ear and slightly up 👍 You’ll figure it out! Takes time to find your way of doing it 😁 I lean over the whole time so everything is under my hair “curtain”
  5. @Dave in Pittsburgh 😂 haha I remember that conversation. I know my Roger system is not compatible with the Rondo because of the FM battery cover. Mary Beth offered some solutions in the previous post so maybe they will work? And you can never go wrong with talking to a Med El Rep, so helpful 👍
  6. That’s good news @Mary Beth!! I didn’t think the Rondo users would be able to 👍
  7. @Dave in Pittsburgh Yes I know but I remember you couldn’t get the Rondo to stay on your head. I don’t think you can use the Roger with the Rondo - one is an FM system and the other is telecoil/Bluetooth
  8. @Dave in Pittsburgh awesome! Are you excited? Hopefully the Rondo 2 will work better for you than the original Rondo 👍
  9. @Jewel That we do! 😂 I have to tilt my head for the whole thing otherwise my hair will be stuck behind my ear and the processor will fly off. Do you wear the Rondo 2? When I wear the Rondo, the phone is placed back by the magnet area but the Sonnet is right by my ear
  10. @Emily C. I have long hair too - try tilting your head to one side and sliding the magnet underneath the “curtain” of hair. This way all your hair is on top of the magnet. I use both hands and put the magnet on first and then the processor on my ear otherwise I’ll drop it for sure 👍 I’ve never brushed the microphone this way of putting it on...took some time to figure out with my hair 😂 And for the Rondo...you’ll find it gets lost in your long hair! Haha. All good though, I like the Rondo. Hope this little trick helps!
  11. Megan L.

    favorite WOW moments

    @Daniel the Stranger or a dog!!! It’s so cute and fun to hear them sniffing you 🐶🐱 never would have heard that 2+ years ago!
  12. The first time I heard the tv and silverware clattering! It was awful, enough to drive you nuts. The tv was static and all noise and the silverware was so high pitched. The sound of water also wasn’t pleasant. But eventually my brain adjusted and it’s all good now 😁
  13. Megan L.

    favorite WOW moments

    @Mary Beth Sweet! We’ Have to add some thing 😁
  14. Megan L.

    Favorite music at the moment

    @Mary Featherston they must have....people can really be that duh....and that song isn’t one of my favorites
  15. Megan L.

    favorite WOW moments

    @Mary Featherston thats so awesome! I’ve yet to run into anyone who’s been touched by CIs....I have all of you though 😁