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  1. @Mary Featherston It’s a great feeling being able to understand everybody you talk to (for the most part)!!
  2. @Jewel You made an awesome list!!! Now I’ll add a few specific ones of my own 😁 *I recently went with a friend to see Anastasia on Broadway (for the first time since getting my CI) and could follow the entire story and dialogue. I loved that. *I work in apparel (Technical Design to be specific) and during fittings it’s my responsibility to take fit notes/comments to send to the vendor on pattern and garment fit corrections and I would never be able to do it without my CI. There is a lot of talk during these fittings between different departments (PD, Design, Merch) that if I didn’t have my CI, I’d never be able to follow!! *At work, I’d never hear people calling my name from across the room, now I do! *I love that I can understand accents from around the world with very little effort *Music sounds the best it ever has - like a complete song not half or part of a song *Its been very freeing being able to talk and listen on the phone with ease *I can eavesdrop on conversations at work...hehe so fun! Never could do that before Thats all I have for now off the top of my tired head 😴😁
  3. Worked for me! 😎 so cool we have a poll feature now
  4. Thanks for sending @Dave in Pittsburgh I’ll check it out as Rayovac is my favorite battery brand. No my bro is not laid off - he’s essential personnel being a Federal Cop. @Mary Beth I have checked with my CSR at Med El and my insurance doesn’t really seem to cover batteries or not that well. It’s cheaper for me to buy on my own. Rayovac is awesome for HA batteries - the only brand I have used that didn’t have any dead batteries in the pack and last a lot longer than other batteries- definitely recommend even for household batteries that go in remotes and such. I’ll Definitely be looking into buying these 😁
  5. @Dave in Pittsburgh Where did you get the Rayovac CI batteries? They are my preferred choice of HA batteries and had no idea they made CI batteries. They always last a long time for me and never any dead batteries in the pack unlike other brands 👍
  6. So pretty @Mary Featherston!!! Wonderful to hear the leaves rustling about isn’t it?
  7. @Valentin Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas
  8. Wonderful @Jewel!!! I love wind chimes even more now that I can hear the full range. I even hang them on my ceiling fans so they chime/tinkle when the fan is on 😁
  9. @Mary Beth I know....terrible! He’s ruining his hearing!
  10. I think I was super surprised to find out how many things beeped and how many variations of a beep exist! Also, I continue to be surprised by new sounds and how much faster I am at identifying them. On Friday, I heard music playing softly around me somewhere but I quickly realized it was coming from my coworkers ear buds! He must have been blasting that music 😲
  11. @Hearing Again Glad you are enjoying your journey so far 😁 The world is a noisy place and I never really knew! Two years later and I’m still amazed at new sounds I hear and how wonderful the Med El CI is!! Enjoy every hearing moment 👍
  12. Welcome to the group @Kylie and @Hearing Again!!! @Kylie I LOVE legos!!! Your Christmas village is AWESOME 😎
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