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  1. @Joan I’m not sure that the audiologist could help except provide guidance. My high pitched ringing was due to my brain never hearing at that frequency. I had to wait for my brain to sort it out which luckily was 2 days after activation. @Laura C I hope your high pitch whistling subsides soon. Force yourself to listen whenever you hear it, your brain is trying to figure out what it’s hearing. I heard the ringing terribly while watching tv but I sat through it and it helped. You got this 💪
  2. @Laura C I remember the first time I was doing rehab, it was the kid’s rehab so it was simple words and I couldn’t understand anything. And I started to cry because it was so frustrating and my mom was sitting across the table and told me it was ok and that it wouldn’t be like that forever. It gets better and we all have to start somewhere 😊 Keep at it no matter how uncomfortable it feels right now. Sending you good vibes!!
  3. My first activation I did not hear voices only ringing when people were talking. I heard music but no voices singing 🤣 The second activation on Monday, was like a cartoon! I was laughing so hard. It sounded so funny I had to double check with my audiologist that I was switched on 🤪 Obviously yes. Music sounded like a cartoon as well and still kind of does. I’m basically living inside Looney Tuned for the time being 😆👍 Congrats on your activation @Laura C Hope you are having fun!
  4. @tmscarlett10 So interesting your eye twitches when there's a lot of clatter! I remember when I had my hypersensitivity in both my ears especially the left, loud noises or ear piercing noises would vibrate in my head and throw me off balance a little bit. Congrats on your surgery date! I'm excited for you! For the comparison of 1st & 2nd activation - my first activation I heard no voices, only a ringing in place of voices. I heard music but there was no voice only music. Everything high frequency bothered....so much that I asked my audiologist to tone it down a bit and he
  5. @polyesternapkinstowaway Thanks Matt 👍 My right ear was my good ear when I had HAs and the ear I depended on, so I’m thinking that factored in. My left ear was nothing like this activation! Hmmm interesting! I guess we better not get too used any of your user names 😂 Time flies 🥳 Glad things are going well with your little man even if it is odd hours. That’s great you have family leave and are able to spend time with him and your wife. Enjoy! The rehab will always be there, family first!
  6. @Mary Beth So strange! But thanks for letting me know. I also relooked at the event posting and that said 12:30pm EST 🤨 very weird...
  7. @Mary Beth I double checked my invite and it said 12:30pm eastern time. I’m guessing you got one for 6:30pm? If it really is at 6:30pm I won’t be able to attend - it’s my brothers birthday and we’ll probably be doing dinner
  8. @Mary Beth Ooo I’ll have to check it out. I need to look at that email they sent again because it seems they’ve added all these events from the last time I looked! Thanks MB 😁
  9. @Mary Beth I’d rather get something in my activation kit I’d use a lot instead of something that might work from time to time. So that’s my thinking. I have some time as long as I don’t open my audiolink 👍
  10. @Mary Beth I figured the Artone is a step up from my old Quattro. I tried it yesterday and it wasn’t terrible so I imagine the sound quality is even better with the Artone. After so much feedback on the audiolink, I’m not even sure I want to test it out. It might be aggravating 🤷‍♀️ I’ll have to ask my audiologist next visit if he has one to test- I kinda doubt it because I feel like he would have said something. Me too! But you know I’m going to try and get it either way 🤩 It would be nice though if it was an option to trade out of our activation kit 👍
  11. @Mary Beth Oh my goodness!!! Yes 😁 I would be in photo heaven 🤩 There’s probably tons of amazing places and things to take pictures of!
  12. @Mary Beth I'm looking forward to it 😁 Should be interesting to compare this time vs. last time's hearing journey and then of course hearing in stereo!' Ask away MB!!! The disposable battery packs look exactly the same as the Sonnet 1 except that its more obvious on the side where to push in order to remove the pack from the processor. There is a stripe going down the side so you know where to push with your thumb. I think so - it has a square on it and it looks like you don't need to remove the hook. I haven't tried it yet though on the Sonnet 2. The covers I ordered bac
  13. @Mary Beth Awesome! I also asked my audiologist yesterday if he got any info on the Audiostream and he didn't have anything. I would much rather have that instead of the AudioLink and I think the Artone 3 instead of the Audiolink if I can't get the Audiostream. The audio link just seems to be very problematic....
  14. @Dani Listening in stereo is interesting! Everything is cartoonish at the moment 🤣 I added some more details over in "Going Bilateral or Considering bilateral" And how cool you are only 100 miles to Innsbruck!!!! I am dying to see Med El HQ and Innsbruck....so jealous you got to see it MB @Mary Beth!!
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