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  1. @Leila Riley I was a little girl (2-8 years old) when I lost a good chunk of hearing first from chicken pox and then from 2 fistula operations. In a way I think it was easier to accept because I didn’t know better. I didn’t really spend time questioning it or being angry probably because I was so young. I made my peace with it by telling myself that another kid who couldn’t hear anything needed to borrow some of mine so that together - we’d both hear something. Telling myself that at such a young age allowed me to accept myself and my hearing loss. Because of that I never wished for all my hearing because this was MY normal 😁 The CI has given me the best hearing I’ve ever known and I’m thankful for that. It’s been a wild, exciting, fun journey and I’ve met some awesome people!!
  2. @Mary Featherston I had my coffee during the chat 😊 sorry you’re audio wasn’t working. Hopefully next time it will work!
  3. I’m registered for the 8th! 😁 are you attending @Mary Beth?
  4. Megan L.


    @Ernie are you able to get your audiologist’s email? I email my Audi for appointments and if I’m experiencing any issues. It’s very been very helpful during this pandemic time
  5. Hi @Ernie! This is a Med El forum so we have all products made by Med El. Everybody is welcome! 😁
  6. Megan L.


    @Ernie no I don’t shave the spot where the magnet from the processor goes. It’s not necessary. I wiggle my magnet/processor so it has close contact to my skin. Since you’re so recent from surgery, it could be internal swelling. My surgeon told me it could take 6 months for the internal swelling to completely go down. Not sure if the same applies 4 years later. I would check with your audiologist about the processor not staying on your head. They would be able to advise if you need a stronger magnet if needed
  7. Megan L.


    Hi @Ernie! Welcome to the group 😁 Congrats on your CI. @Mary Beth has touched on some good points/solutions. I have really long, thick hair (now thanks to the pandemic) and when I put my sonnet or rondo on - I tilt my head and I slide the processor up as opposed to sliding down or straight on. If I don’t do it right, the processor doesn’t stick at all no matter what magnet strength 🤣 maybe a stronger magnet would help. My Audi was conservative and didn’t do the strongest magnet when I was first activated.
  8. So awesome @Mary Beth!! It’s amazing how the CI keeps surprising us 😁
  9. @Mary Beth I have the feeling we’re all going to have a roller coaster ride with these face masks!! I went to Walmart the other day and understood everyone fine but when I went to the doctor’s office, the person taking my info had a slight accent and I needed her to repeat herself a few times and she kept turning her back to me to type. I’m not back to work yet but everyone knows I have a CI and we’re a tight team so we’ll figure it out if I can’t understand them 😆 @Tracey_66 Hope you made out well with your results!
  10. @Glenda At activation - I heard my Audi’s voice (who is a man) but not my own voice or my mom’s. My Audi’s voice sounded like a smurf the entire visit. Over the course of an hour mine and my mom’s absence of voice turned into ringing which would last the entire day and be gone the next. The best thing about my activation - I heard music and listened to it the entire ride home 😁 however there were no voices!!! I will never forget what Maroon 5’s “Sugar” sounded like without their voices 😂 My aural rehab 2-3 hours a day helped tremendously with word discrimination. The rehab was time consuming and frustrating at times but worth every second. It’s a journey, a very interesting one, and very rewarding! @Renachelw welcome back! I too just returned to HPs 🥳
  11. Hi @Glenda Sorry to hear that your HA died. I know that scary feeling all too well! I had 2 HAs before I got my left CI. CIs are life changing 😊 I have no regrets and it changed my life for the better. The thing that scared me was when my Audi told me that if I lose any more hearing, I’ve maxed out the most powerful HA on the market. That really made me consider getting a CI. Plus I had 0% discrimination in my left ear so I literally had nothing to lose. I also had tinnitus really bad in my left ear and the CI has tremendously helped that. But it does come back from time to time when the CI is off. As for side effects of surgery - I had terrible vertigo and nausea following my surgery and the day after. I had a slight metallic taste for a few hours and no facial paralysis. Everyone’s experience is different from surgery to hearing but it helps to know what is possible. And my surgeon at Johns Hopkins is conducting research and studies on hearing regeneration- one of the main reasons I chose him. I have nerve damage and stem cell would help me. Sadly, when I asked him when that might be available- he said at least 20 years ☹️ I’d like to think CIs are a good option until hearing regeneration is available! I wish you all the best! And please ask as many questions as you need 😊 There are a ton of great resources here on HPs
  12. @Mary Beth I did fiddle with the treble and bass too! 😁
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