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  1. Sending you good vibes for a successful surgery @Samantha & @phobos512!!! Let us know how you do when you feel good enough 😊
  2. Happy Hearing Anniversary @Mary Beth!!! I hope I’m more excited than nervous when the time comes 🤞🥳🤩 Happy Belated Hearing Anniversary @Mary Featherston 🥳
  3. HAHA Please don’t @Mary Featherston 🤣 But if you could do Christmas I’d like that 🎅🎄
  4. @Mary Beth Yes it is moving quickly! I guess it was meant to be 😁 I also asked about the audio stream and my audiologist said he had no idea. He said that they are keeping it a secret but if I don’t use the audio link I could swap it out if it becomes available shortly after 👍 I’m curious to know if @phobos512 has heard anything from his audiologist...
  5. @Dave in Pittsburgh that’s a good point your audiologist makes! I’m 100% sure I failed the test 🤣 I picked out the processor (sonnet 2) and the audio link comes with it. Now I have to see what my surgeon says next Thursday. If all goes well the surgery will probably be beginning of December. And yes, I have no doubt the WOW moments will still keep coming! @Mary Beth My audiologist said that he’s guessing the Rondo 3 will be available the end of November because he’s getting new software around that time 😁 I picked up the Rondo 2 out of curiosity and it’s MUCH lighter than the first one. The Ro
  6. Thanks @Mary Beth!! It’s time and our chat also really helped me decide 😁 Appreciate all your feedback on your 2nd CI!!
  7. Well I guess I should bring my thread back around to the front 😁 First, Happy early Hearing Anniversary to @Dave in Pittsburgh & @Valentin & myself 🥳 Time flies when you’re hearing fun!! Second, this Friday I have my audiologist appointment for an extensive hearing test for insurance purposes. I qualified 4 years ago but it needs to be recent. Then next Thursday (10/29) I meet with my surgeon at his Bethesda location for the 2nd CI consult. Who would have thought I’d finally be getting my other ear done...I didn’t!! Stay tuned 🤩
  8. @tmscarlett10 We’re here for you anytime you need to vent 😁 Johns Hopkins only implants the worse ear first Incase it does not work. Then you’d still have some hearing in your “good” ear. I was fine with that and cautiously optimistic since my left ear hadn’t understood words in over 20 years. Now my right ear is just hanging out 4 years later 🤙 JH doesn’t do bilateral implants at the same time for adults not sure about kids. I agree with @Mary Beth - so important to be able to sleep on at least one side!! It took me at least 8 months to be able to sleep comfortably on my implan
  9. @Kylie Love your choir’s music!! Thanks for the channel, already subscribed 🤩 Looking forward to hearing more songs!!
  10. @Mary Beth Sounds good MB 😁 See everyone in November 🥳
  11. Welcome to the group @Carol D!! Activation is an exciting time 😁 I did not wear my HA for the first 2 months per my audiologist’s recommendation. I’m currently considering getting my other ear done after 4 years of CI + HA. I have the Rondo 1 and love that it’s off the ear but I cannot hold the phone to it since it is far back in my head. It’s secured with clip but if I jump around, it will fall off, so not ideal for exercising. Best wishes on your journey!!
  12. Sending you good vibes @Kirk S. Hope the doctors are able to figure out what’s going on!
  13. @phobos512 Awesome! Glad it worked out for you 👍 Now you can relax a little and not worry about work and being dizzy
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