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    Hi Vaghubha
    Thanks again for your comment! It seems like you have done all the necessary steps and are still experiencing problems, so we would really recommend speaking to your local MED-EL representative. I've sent you a private message with their details, so that they can assist in the best way.
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    Hi Vaghubha,
    Thanks for reaching out to the HearPeers community again. As mentioned before, if you are ever having any issues with your device I recommend getting in contact as soon as possible with your local MED-EL Representative. They will be able to help organize hands-on assistance for you. Let me know if you need their contact details again and I'll send them through. You can also check out our processor trouble-shooting guide which may help in finding out the reason for the red light: http://www.medel.com/troubleshooting/ Select the pop-up box for the first box option "Processor malfunction".
    Hope that helps! 
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    Do you or your child play a musical instrument or sing? We’re offering three MED-EL hearing implant recipients a unique chance to win a trip to Poland and perform at an international music festival! All you have to do is upload a video showing your or your child's musical talents in the comments of this Facebook post.
    There's less than two weeks left to enter. Head here to find out more and enter!
    Good luck!

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    Hi @vaghubha I've sent you a private message with the contact details of your local MED-EL Representative who will be able to assist. Kind regards, Leigh
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    I tagged Leigh.  I am sure she can help you.
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    It is a great group of folks, please stick around
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    Hi vaghubha, thanks for reaching out to the community. Adam is correct - your MED-EL Representative in India will be able to offer you specific information about products and warranty coverage for your country. You have come to the right place on the HearPeers Forum for advice, experiences, and tips from other hearing implant users. However for any specific requests regarding replacements, repairs, or ordering MED-EL products, it is best to contact your MED-EL Representative directly. I have sent you their contact details in a private message.
    Kind regards,
    HearPeers Support Team
    (Thanks for the tag, @Adam and @Mary Beth!)
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    I'm not an expert on rechargeable batteries, but I read comments about the duration of them are less than zinc-air batteries. If you take a look to DaCapo battery of Medel, they talk about battery life in this interesting post.
    The duration of batteries depend of a lot of factor: person, use or not telecoil or ALDS, background noise... To me, the durations is between 3 or 4 days. Others members in forum comment more or less.
    You can see here the Powerone has charger.: http://www.powerone-batteries.com/es/productos/cargadores/675-charger/  Howeber I see this charger allow only two batteries at same time, instead 3.
    If you take search on google "675 battery charger". You Could obtain some sites.
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    Those batteries are disposable and work great.  My favorite brand.
    Contact Med-El for info on DaCapo rechargeable batteries.
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    vaghuba, you have 675 rechargeable batteries,  but you nedd a charger for these type of batteries. Here you can buy it, but the prices is arround 180€.
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