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  1. @Mary Beth Not a problem. Thank You have been soo helpful. I've not heard from Artone. Have checked the junk box in my email as well. Since Tuesday, been trying to pair with other BT devices, even tried it with another laptop still the same. The awkward thing is, it came as part of the Rondo 2 kit, which I received end of June. I stuck with it, thinking it was maybe Something I was doing. Not sure who I need to get in touch with at the moment. As I don't know who organises the kit. If you see what I mean.😕
  2. @Mary Beth I have emailed Artone support for any information e.g. types of phones that it would accept and trouble shooting the problem with the Artone itself. I've not heard from them. So will try again. I have in mind eventually to change to a different phone. The mobile that I have is weird.
  3. @Mary BethBoth phone and Atone3 won't pair. Weird. When I tried to install a Bluetooth driver it won't accept that either. Even though I can send a photo from the mobile to my kindle via Bluetooth!!! 😕.
  4. @Mary Beth Sorry! Not replying earlier. I wanted to try out a few things before getting back to you. The Artone 3 still won't work with my phone, I've tried MT and T. There is no sound. I've tried it out on other mobile phones still the same. So don't know what the problem is.
  5. @Mary Beth The problem I'm having with the Artone3 , is that after having charged it up fully , the red light immediately comes on, indicating it needs charging which I already have done! I've changed the cover on the Rondo, so not sure if that has made any changes to what I'm hearing. Both my mobile and tablet (kindle). Sounds as if too much distortion with the sounds , bit like a radio when trying to find a station only to get some words then other times garbled. Just too much to listen to. When talking to my parents for example I get what they're saying although in a low
  6. @Mary Beth @Joan @Jewel @Dave in Pittsburgh Fantastic news. Sadly I' ve only the Rondo 2. Hopefully for those looking into upgrading to Rondo 3 etc will have it. I would love to have some sort of streaming. Having a lot of problems with the Artone 3. At the moment ,all sounds its fuzzy, disorted out of tune like. On a different note, and out of interest, how did I Sound to you? I had noticed that the screenshot of every one froze from time to time. I am due for another Test this month and another mapping , possibly another program as well. Given that there has be
  7. @Mary Beth forgot to add that I had a booth test at the hospital in June just before I think first mapping.That was like an normal hearing test. The next one involves open field test . Whatever that is!!!
  8. @Mary Beth Interesting. I had an initial test for speech end of June after 1 month activation, not in the booth but with the specialist in her office. Have been told that sometime next month I have another test in booth at the hospital before another mapping and another speech test with specialist.. So wondering if the next one will be mostly speech as by then it will be 4 months activated. @phobos512 Mobile phones not for me easy either, but then I tell myself ,it takes time , so even if two words that's great. Although it would be lovely if my lovely Mum, stops jumping out in
  9. Now thunder! First thought it was the planes flying over head to Malaga airport, then on the second time realised in connection with the rain , that it was definitely thunder!!!😆
  10. Just heard the rain 😀 although crackerly at the moment.
  11. @Valentin Looks like I have another month maybe with the specialist in September? Hmm will see. We went through the process of eliminating what foods didn't give my niece her migraines over a period of time. My niece has a fructose intolerance anyway; so we looked at dairy products. As some can cause intolerances as well. We went through all the dairy products until we got to the cheeses!! I had no idea that migraines can be related to hearing problems. Interesting to know.
  12. @Valentin Did you go to the rehabilitation specialist like once a day in a week or more. How long did you go for ? A month or more.? I'll be seeing my specialist on Thursday before she is on her holiday for all of August. I've been seeing her 2 times a week then once a week, since June. (All in Spanish by the way!). When did your rehabilitation stop was it after the 3rd mapping/test. Migraines are not nice. I'm fortunate not to have inherited it, as my nana, mum, sister and now my neice struggled with it in their lives . As for my niece she's nearly 15 now and we've found out
  13. @Mary Beth It is indeed !!😁
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