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  1. @Valentin @Mary Beth @Joan saw your comments on portable charger. As I've only the one Rondo2 to charge up, I'm going to try out my mum's mobile charger it's a digivolt 6500 . We've been having power cuts all morning ( due to a fire getting out of hand down the next village over the weekend). I use the the charger from Med-el in my bedroom. With these power cuts It is a worry. My question is , would 6500 be to much? I don't want to blow the Rondo!!!
  2. Forgot to add that I've no idea of the brand of the disposable ones. At present there does not seem to be any solution what to do with them, not sure how eco friendly they are For example. As they the masks ( in theory) cannot be recycled. I have been told that there are people who are reusing them by spraying them with disinfectant spray then leave them out in the sun on the washing line!!! The DIY one is made of breathable fabric.
  3. @Mary Beth Impressive! We have the disposable ones that we get from the chemists, also a DIY type mask made locally.
  4. For me the magnet is not so strong in the morning as like @Tommy C the rest of the day fine. I had noticed this when I was activated also. My specialist didn't want me to have the stronger strength magnets as she felt that it would pull on the internal implant magnet. No idea At the moment if she will recommend later the stronger magnet time will tell. I've not tried the grip wear yet. But will need to sort something out before the flamenca classes start-up!!! Fortunately that will be some time!!!!.
  5. @Dave in Pittsburgh I understand completely. My first day with my specialist was on activation.... She had full face shield and behind that glasses, it was soooooo difficult to gauge reaction etc and off putting. I'm getting better with her but still not easy.
  6. @Mary Beth @Megan L. . I had expected my hearing with my Rondo 2 to be low as only been activated since 29th May. Umm it's a lot better than expected !!! 🎉😀 Unable to upload result as to big at 4 mb......... Made me feel a bit better, as not having a very sympathetic specialist for rehabilitation.... Really downs everything. I'm curious how she will work out what's next when it comes to Mapping!!!!!
  7. Having huge problems with masks. I've started rehabilitation in the last two 1/2 weeks and it has been really hard. Lipreading as a back up a no go. Very very muffled. And this is face to face with disposable masks!!!! Not even a metre away. As for any one behind me , can just do with 2 metres behind me at a push! For me the female voice is a bit easier than a male voice. Today I had a hearing test at hospital, there the two assistants had masks on , I had to tell them that I didn't understand because of the masks. On the upside my results I was surprised by......
  8. In my kit I have the Artone 3. Although I have already set it up. My specialist wants me to bring it with me for this Friday appointment, perhaps to programme something. I don't know. Something she mentioned at today's meeting. It doesn't seem to like my phone. It's a redmi 6. I have been tempted to look out for another type of phone, as although 4g , I have had problems with internet and mobile connections when there should not have been a problem.
  9. Not a problem. @Mary Beth. Next time, fingers crossed for the next meet up!! I'm still puzzled why it didn't go through. I've got the app on all three things ,laptop, phone and kindle. I'm wondering if it was something I've missed? Pleased that it all went well for you all and that there was a lot to say!!!
  10. @Jewel .So true baby steps indeed!!
  11. @Mary Beth @Tommy C. Ah, had no idea that the audiologist would do that. Something to think about for next week. Looking forward to Sunday too!!
  12. Still getting a message type of burble. A bit like when at the train station " mind the gap"! But it's referring to something. Very muffled. No rhyme or reason why . E.g. Static interference. My gut feeling is, it may be something to do with the programme on her laptop...will see next week.
  13. @Jewel @Mary Beth so sorry for not replying earlier. Just started my rehabilitation. It is intense . Two times a week at the moment and in another language!!! @Mary Beth I've tried the mute button and it toned it down a little bit but that's it. The remote only beeps on a few of the buttons the programme ones. The sensitivity and volume buttons for example no sound at all. I know the ones on the bottom of the remote does not apply to me as I don't have two processors to deal with. @Jewel I have 3 settings.I'm not sure which one she has started me on . I went through all three and all sounded the same! It seems to be around when there is an overload In noise a bit like feedback on a Hearing aid. When more than one person talking, also when the television is on. It maybe something that the brain is having to get to grips with at the moment, sound wise. Next week the specialist will be pushing the volume up and I think the electrolode levels up as well. So will see if any changes. She does know about it as I had mentioned it to her last week. As it is early days, I think she wants to leave it for another week, just to make sure.
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