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  1. Well things have moved a pace!! Pre op tests moved forward for tomorrow!! If all goes well my operation will be on the 29th ,next Wednesday!!!! Eeeek! Just wonder what the tests are? As it seems I'm at the hospital from 9-5? I'm still trying to get my head round it all. Actually happening after a long wait.
  2. Thank you. @Mary Beth Exciting yes , was wondering when I would hear from them. After waiting for a long time.
  3. Eeek! Just accepted a job and the Hospital has rung to say I have an appointment on the 28th January, pre op stuff and vaccination. At the moment have no idea when the actual operation will be.😲
  4. Merry Christmas everyone!! Here's to a great Christmas and a happy new new year!!
  5. Out of interest, can any one tell me or point me in the right direction for information regarding implanting a small cochlear? I'm pleased to be getting a CI for the left ear. Can't wait. Are there size restrictions, problems? I'm just curious. πŸ˜•
  6. Yesterday kind of weird, signed the consent form for the consultant and for the op. We found out while at the desk for the waiting list for operations, that it's not likely to be in the summer now, so we're thinking late spring. So for now just a matter of wait and see. Definitely going in the right direction!! Can't wait.πŸ’ƒ
  7. 😜 @Mary Beth love it!πŸ‘». Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ to all.
  8. @Mary Beth @Mary FeatherstonThank you! Yes I know a lot has been going on, and yes a progress of some sort. Fingers crossed no more hiccups.....
  9. Sometime ago I had introduced myself. There has been a long gap!! I know, I know.😯. Not said much due to a v long wait. So , a lot has been going on. I'll try and keep it short.πŸ˜€πŸ˜„ Firstly, my consultant died..😱 So no appointments 😱 Inbetween all of this my dad had two strokes.😱😱 still no appointments 😱 πŸ₯³ August 2019. After a v long wait with a help of family spanish friends, we managed to get an appointment with the head of the audiology dept.πŸŽ‰ (If you think it's a long time it is; by next summer 4 yrs. It is normal but bad as well. Our Spanish family friend Mum had to wait 5 yrs to get a result and hers was not a hearing problem!!😱). No reason for the long wait but the new consultant insisted on having a new cat scan and hearing test. Although admits that I have waited too long. From his point of view all previous assessments were out of date therefore not valid for him to work from...... And all have to be re done by end of October.😀 October. Scan, hearing test done, another appointment for yes or no. πŸ‘ I'm officially now a CI candidate. Yay!! πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ I'll be receiving my implant by next summer..😬 would love it before then...... I'm on a list, due to the hospital being the only one in Andalusia that will do the op, it's expensive and only once a month. Hence the long wait.😬😱 One more appointment next week on Monday. Hmm. I had an appointment which was question and answer type meeting. At that appointment the consultant said that the implant will go in my left ear not my right which the last consultant insisted as I have had a hearing aid in the left. Difference in opinion...hmm.πŸ˜• I am puzzled by a comment he made. His reasoning for the implant to be in the left ear was that the right ear was too small and that it was dead?!! 😣 confused??!! So now trying to get into my head the fact that I will be hearing only in one ear minus the help of a hearing aid in the other.😱😲 More appointments in the New Year more than likely, unless there's a change of plan!!!πŸ˜€ So there you go. Think I've caught up....😜
  10. Oh dear!! Adam, Thinking of you. Get well soon!! Hopefully we will see you back on here in no time.
  11. Just as an update. Another appointment, . As IΒ΄m not in a position to buy a hearing aid especially at a price of 1,400 euros. Today, I had two consultants, both looked at the recent hearing assessment and review on the hearing aids by the audiologist. It was interesting to note that the two consultants in front of me , did not agree with the audiologist comments, at all !!!... To cut a very long story short, one of the hearing aids was much younger in date and technology, soo, under the insistence of the two consultants, we are salvaging it, revamping it some how.... New ear mould made. It was originally for my right ear, it is now going to be switched over to be used for my left ear..... Now having to wait for a WhatsApp message from the audiologist to pick the hearing aid up.....but it is not going to ready in time for my next appointment next Friday.......just have to hope for the two consultants that they will be available in time. I also had a lip reading test ...in Spanish. I recognised only two out of I think, 15 questions. Ironically, my Spanish isn't that bad even when lip reading, but today I did have problems, as it was a different person that I was not familiar with. So be interesting what next Friday will be and what will I be doing next!
  12. Thank you all !! What is scary is that as the hearing aids are old and are out of date, technology wise, they are not worth anything as part exchange even.. So basically they either end up in the drawer gathering dust, or in the bin. What I donΒ΄t understand, why is there not some sort of recycling programme, at least they would be of use still. Just read the report from the audiologist to the consultant , that they recommend a month (not 90 days) with a ultra power hearing aid....just to see if it would be of any benefit at all, even though that the hearing aid proposed would struggle to come anywhere near my hearing levels seen on the audiogram!!!. The audiologist does not have high hopes.... but then you just never know. Come next appointment will have to see what the consultant thinks!!
  13. Hi everyone!! Really am sorry not been in touch recently. Just been so busy. Not just with work but also with hospital appointments. To Megan L. I found out that the HVV General, was an abbreviation to the hospital in name and that it was just a recap appointment of things so far. Sooo, after more appointments some missed either to the consultant or the post!! I have had an appointment slip which came two days after when I should have gone!!!. Since then have received an WhatsApp appointment for today.....Great. Get there, and it is the first time that a really good friend,neighbour of mine and I, actually got to see the implant and processor. Guess what It is Med-el!!! I just had no idea how small they both were. My new consultant, was very keen that I should have the processor colour near to my natural hair colour ( at this moment going grey!!). As I have had an MRI scan in 2015, she now thinks that I should have another one, just in case there has been changes since the last one and also if it showed any changes to the bone structure, then it would mean no cochlear implant. Later this afternoon, I then had to go for another hearing appointment this time with my hearing aids which IΒ΄ve not worn in the last two years, they are of no help whatΒ΄s so ever. The idea was to try and get them cleaned up and reprogrammed for my left ear which has v. little hearing left. So in her mind ( the consultant) thought that it would be good alongside the cochlear implant which would be for my right ear......Except when at the hearing aid appointment, the specialist there, really couldn't do much to the hearing aids which are of 8yrs for one and 6yrs for another..... He could only recommend that I needed the most powerful one to have some sort of hearing function and at a price of 1,400 euros, that is a lot of money. He did add that it would be best to trial before buying for 90 days, and from the audiogram he did think that with the hearing aid that he had in mind, it just might not work, However, he has to be seen to be trying to get a result . Which is not good news for the consultant, as she was reluctant for me to have the cochlear implant surgery, without some added (temporary) help hearing wise. Interestingly, she mentions that (if) with a hearing aid in left ear , after two years with the implant, the hearing aid would become obsolete and that just with the one implant, have really good hearing...... So that is how far I am at the moment. I have an appointment for the 10th of March, which would be a review of the comments from the hearing aid specialist, and then what to do next!! .
  14. Sorry, Ivana, Just realised that I had missed a bit in the last post. What I meant was what would be the best option to go for CI or BB. The Hospital that I go to, seem to do Medel CI and Vibrant Sound Bridge. Also Cochlear Americas CI only. I managed to find this out through searching the "nearest clinic" to where I live, on both Medel & Cochlear Americas website. The BB is an option in another province. They seem to think it is a middle ear problem, although IΒ΄m not sure. My Mum had German Measles/ Rubella, when she was pregnant with me, which makes me think it is also an Sensorineural problems as well. So mixed? As for Otosclerosis, there is no known history myself or family. All very confusing. As for my audiogram and tests, they look like a bad school report!!! If a stapedectomy is recommended I would be so disappointed ; by this April, it would be two years of doctors/specialist appointments from the time I first saw a consultant who mentioned CI. At the moment I still have a few more appointments to come, maybe IΒ΄ll get to find out sooon!!
  15. Happy New Year Ivana!! You are right, I have recently become bilaterally impaired, ( in the last two years), but so far the audiologists are looking only at my left ear as that has some hearing to use ( amazingly), they said that the right ear was not of interest..... I would love to know, how on earth do an audiologist work out from an audiogram what would be the best option to go for !!!
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