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  1. I’m in southern Ontario and deal with Sunnybrook Hospital. I have never found waiting times to be months long, rather I find them rather receptive to extra appointments of which I have requested a few. Nothing but kudos for Sunnybrook in my opinion.
  2. I would just like to add that I am a very active person and went with the Sonnet for the peace of mind of having the BTE anchored so to speak behind my ear. I’m worried that a Rondo would just go flying off my head in certain situations. I have in fact dislodged the Sonnet twice in 2.5 years😀
  3. Overall, I probably use the rechargeables 70% of the time. Much more in the winter unless I’m travelling but once the nice weather comes and I do a lot more travelling/ outdoor activities then I switch to the disposables. Once I have started a pack, I tend to use the pack up. Also I buy the disposables in bulk and don’t fully trust the shelf life so don’t want to keep them too long😀. Btw I have settled on Power Ones Implant Plus and the ones I have now are supposed to be good till June 2021 When using the rechargeables, I have gotten into the habit of putting in a fresh one when heading out of the house, even if the one I’m using has only been in a few hours. Probably shortens the overall lifespan but then I’m not caught with a dead battery while driving or socializing. If I’m home just sitting around then I’m usually caught cursing the beeps!
  4. Where is the option for both? That’s what I use...
  5. I find it a real pain to get the Artone into pairing mode to connect the first time. Easy to reconnect after pairing is accomplished. The Artone has to be blinking alternating red/blue which I find hard to get going before the Bluetooth search has timed out on the phone😀. But keep plugging away. After I manage to pair with a device, I find a quick push for the button to wake up the Artone quickly followed by about a 3 second push reconnects the device no problem. But to get that alternating red/blue... what a pain...
  6. I even tried another laptop, still getting the old list on that and my tablet. So after your email I fired up my old galaxy tablet and that works fine. Thanks for the verification it’s me (as usual)😀
  7. Thanks but nothing after April 20 on the link
  8. Title pretty much says it all. Trying to use Cochlear’s Telephone with Confidence program and can’t find the pdf’s for any after April 20th. Is this a common occurrence or am I doing something wrong? (latter likely😀).
  9. Yes I have the S10. I also find holding the phone up to the processor is great in a quiet situation but also putting it on speaker. Tried the Roger pen but prefer the Artone neckloop as I can cut out all ambient sound via telecoil setting. Having fun with this but only talked to close family so far but it does open up a world of possibilities.
  10. Hard to believe the day came but I went out and bought a cell phone. Find the quality a lot better than the older landline. I have been using the Artone neck loop but actually don’t find it that bad just using the speaker in a quiet setting. Telecoil seems a pain compared to the Artone. Haven’t tried the Roger pen yet but will give it a try. Been using Telephone with Confidence a lot. I actually never thought the day would come that I could hear on the phone. It’s probably 35 years or so since I lost that ability😀
  11. I see you are in the States us.shop.medel.com this site may help
  12. Which country are you located in? I’m surprised your doctors office couldn’t direct you to a replacement center. Good luck!
  13. I use Sony MX1000 noise canceling over the ear headphones plugged directly into my Ipad by cable. Therefore I don’t have to worry about the headphones being charged up for bluetooth or any other devices. Simple and works great.
  14. Roger pen pretty much hooked up to T.V. all the time for television and xbox. Seldom take it anywhere else cause I usually forget it😀 Artone neckloop for listening to audiobooks frequently and watching tv and online content on my tablet. I have Sony MX1000 headphones I use on airplanes and rarely at night on the bedroom tv.
  15. Interesting. Wasn’t aware of this or Live Transcribe. I guess it’s only a matter of time until what I want is achieved. Isn’t technology great!
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