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  1. I have a smart home set up and I have sensors beside the fire/co detectors (Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Firefighter) that turns on all the house lights and blasts music through my Sonos system. Although completely deaf in one ear, I have enough hearing in my other ear there is no way to sleep through that.

  2. I’m 3 and a half years in and I still find music a struggle. A lot depends on the source. If I listen on a good system it’s a lot better than a cheap speaker or phone.

    But I’m reminded of one of the main reasons I finally agreed to get the implant... I realized one day I could no longer even hear Robert Plant’s voice while listening to old Led Zep albums. He was still in my head but I couldn’t actually hear him anymore. That tipped the balance.

    Since the implant, I still listen to a ton of music and in fact enjoy it as much, if not more, because I’m hearing stuff in music that I never knew was there.

    Good luck and remember the song doesn’t necessarily have to remain the same😀

  3. My latest “Wow” moment is the other day I had a phone interview for a job! It went pretty well. I lost the ability to talk on the phone years ago and still shy away from using one but to actually be able to accomplish this was great! To actually consider my hearing has recovered enough to return to work was also unthinkable before the implant. So I guess a couple of “Wow” moments.

  4. I have a Sonnet with the Roger 21 receiver and love it especially for Tv. It does drain the batteries a little faster if used for long periods of time. I usually just use it for Tv and it’s great. I can watch tv or play video games without any sound on the tv by plugging the pen plus base into the headphone jack or as an addition the the speakers if watching with others. One caveat may be older tv’s that won’t put sound to the speakers if something is plugged into the headphone jack so test that out first. The pen should work fine for the coach. The only small quibble I have with the Roger Pen is that it switches to omnidirectional mode automatically so if I forget to change the receiver before I go out, I’m stuck in that mode which I don't usually use. Small annoyance. The Artone neckloop is an absolute must have for streaming from a phone. I use it for phone calls and reading audiobooks. I haven’t tried the TVB as the Roger Pen works so well.

  5. I had moderately bad tinnitus before surgery and moderately bad tinnitus after surgery but it’s only the very rarest occasion that tinnitus bothers me while wearing my single side processor. It does happen, usually when I’m in a very quiet setting, but not anywhere as bothersome as when I take the processor off at night.

  6. It can be tough but you will adjust in time. I remember early after my implant I was gassing up my vehicle when I was assaulted by wind noise. I was a bit baffled as it wasn’t that windy out but that’s what I heard. I remember wondering at the time how I would ever handle wind if it was that bad. Crazy bad! I went in to the store to pay for the gas, the noise abated as soon as the door closed and I looked out the window to see a fire truck going past, lights flashing and obviously sirens going. So it wasn’t wind after all. Hadn’t heard a siren since I was a kid. Now I can hear and identify sirens from quite a distance. Still have the odd moment when I have to ask someone what I am hearing but I have come an amazingly long way just under two years.

    I would imagine the training apps such as Angel Sounds and audiobooks and such would be a real benefit to you as well. Good luck!

  7. I have minimal hearing in my “good” ear but still think it is best to block that ear as much as possible right from the start. This forces your brain to adapt quicker in my opinion. I wear an earplug a lot while listening to music as well. You will be surprised at how quickly you adapt while also being impatient it’s not quicker. I’m still not comfortable on the phone but I lost that ability over 30 years ago so the fact I can talk to some people blows me away. Considering the depths of hearing loss I had got to, the implant is simply amazing albeit not perfect (yet)😀

  8. Sounds a lot like my journey, constantly having to ask my spouse what each new noise I was hearing but I eventually sorted it out. Doing well on the audiobooks I must say. I didn’t start audiobooks for about 3 months kind of being overwhelmed by the whole process and at the start I could understand the words as long as I was reading along but was completely lost if I glanced away from the text. Now 1and 3/4 years in I can read whole paragraphs without looking at the text. I kept steadily getting worse in both ears from childhood and hearing aids never helped a bit so I’m likely climbing from a bigger hole so to speak. 

    Has your audiologist suggested wearing an earplug in your “good” ear to help get used to the cochlear implant. I still do sometimes but wish I had done it more right from the start.

  9. I was interested in the comment about car use so I bought a 28cm dl-coil cable to give it a try. I must say it certainly helped me. I have a truck so there is a lot of wind noise compared to a car. Since I’m the driver, the wind noise can be pretty loud with the Sonnet towards the door. With the Sonnet on the right ear, I certainly noticed less wind noise, music seemed a bit better and it was easier to talk to my spouse. She’s telling me I should use it in the golf cart also😀 Actually I should probably use it all the time as she sits to my right almost always.

    The cable isn’t cheap but I drive long distances enough I’m glad I took a chance and bought one. Thanks for the suggestion!

  10. I’m all over the board with music, anything but country. Albums I have bought in the past month or so... and listening to extensively 

    Rammstein’s new album- industrial metal

    Chemical Brothers New Geography- electronic

    Johnny Winter Live - good old rock and roll

    Goddo 1st album finally reissued. Great rock and roll but you probably have to be Canadian to have heard of them, sadly... great band

    still buy my music via CD but transfer it to USB stick for my vehicle as well as a music server to play around the house via a Sonos system.

    Despite being hearing impaired my entire life, music is still my greatest love. Still go to concerts all the time...

  11. I would just like to add that I am a very active person and went with the Sonnet for the peace of mind of having the BTE anchored so to speak behind my ear. I’m worried that a Rondo would just go flying off my head in certain situations. I have in fact dislodged the Sonnet twice in 2.5 years😀

  12. Overall, I probably use the rechargeables 70% of the time. Much more in the winter unless I’m travelling but once the nice weather comes and I do a lot more travelling/ outdoor activities then I switch to the disposables. Once I have started a pack, I tend to use the pack up. Also I buy the disposables in bulk and don’t fully trust the shelf life so don’t want to keep them too long😀. Btw I have settled on Power Ones Implant Plus and the ones I have now are supposed to be good till June 2021 

    When using the rechargeables, I have gotten into the habit of putting in a fresh one when heading out of the house, even if the one I’m using has only been in a few hours. Probably shortens the overall lifespan but then I’m not caught with a dead battery while driving or socializing. If I’m home just sitting around then I’m usually caught cursing the beeps!

  13. I find it a real pain to get the Artone into pairing mode to connect the first time. Easy to reconnect after pairing is accomplished. The Artone has to be blinking alternating red/blue which I find hard to get going before the Bluetooth search has timed out on the phone😀.   But keep plugging away. After I manage to pair with a device, I find a quick push for the button to wake up the Artone quickly followed by about a 3 second push reconnects the device no problem. But to get that alternating red/blue... what a pain...

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