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  1. Hard to believe the day came but I went out and bought a cell phone. Find the quality a lot better than the older landline. I have been using the Artone neck loop but actually don’t find it that bad just using the speaker in a quiet setting. Telecoil seems a pain compared to the Artone. Haven’t tried the Roger pen yet but will give it a try. Been using Telephone with Confidence a lot. I actually never thought the day would come that I could hear on the phone. It’s probably 35 years or so since I lost that ability😀
  2. I see you are in the States us.shop.medel.com this site may help
  3. Which country are you located in? I’m surprised your doctors office couldn’t direct you to a replacement center. Good luck!
  4. I use Sony MX1000 noise canceling over the ear headphones plugged directly into my Ipad by cable. Therefore I don’t have to worry about the headphones being charged up for bluetooth or any other devices. Simple and works great.
  5. Roger pen pretty much hooked up to T.V. all the time for television and xbox. Seldom take it anywhere else cause I usually forget it😀 Artone neckloop for listening to audiobooks frequently and watching tv and online content on my tablet. I have Sony MX1000 headphones I use on airplanes and rarely at night on the bedroom tv.
  6. Interesting. Wasn’t aware of this or Live Transcribe. I guess it’s only a matter of time until what I want is achieved. Isn’t technology great!
  7. Unfortunately RTT is the opposite of what I would like to see. Perfect world, I answer cell phone, be able to hold it in front of me to see the screen, use bluetooth ( or roger or telecoil) to hear and live transcribe on the phone display to fill in the gaps (if any) 😀
  8. I will be happy if Live Transcribe is updated to handle phone conversations. I have been thinking I’m almost ready for a cell phone and if Live Transcribe could handle the incoming voice somewhat, then that would likely make up my mind I’m ready. I’m in Canada so not able to access Captel etc... tried Live Transcribe on an old galaxy 4 tablet, seems to work well!
  9. Hicksy

    Pay or free?

    To some, $30 per year is a lot of money, to others, a drop in a bucket so I’m sure there is some kind of market. I do think it would have to be pretty unique from the free apps though to gain any traction.
  10. I kinda do both. Mostly wait for the beep but if I’m heading out of the house or sitting down to a movie and don’t want to be interrupted, then I go ahead and change to a fresh battery early.
  11. Environment can certainly cause dramatic changes. It was quite a shock the day we had all the carpets removed from the main floor and hardwood put in. It was like “what have we done!” It was awful, like listening in a cavern. But I gradually adjusted. Also when I notice sounds getting quite tinny, I know the battery is about ready to start beeping😀
  12. Mine is simply the fact I can talk to people again. I was always an outgoing guy and didn’t let my hearing loss stop me while with close friends despite messing up big time occasionally but I was really withdrawing otherwise. Now I can go into a coffee shop and chat with anyone. Getting my life back! (And some new friends)😀
  13. I have the Sonnet and the Roger 21 battery cover to go with the Roger Pen. Both types of batteries work for me and I only use the pen to listen to TV. I do find trouble getting a connection to the pen if either type of battery is about ready to beep, perhaps 30 minutes or so to go before beeping
  14. I developed an infection after surgery that required me to go on antibiotics. It wasn’t meningitis but was a fairly resistant infection. I also had a stitch pop out that didn’t dissolve for about 4 months. Hopefully you will be able to see your surgeon again for his/her opinion. I made the mistake of originally going to both the emergency department and a clinic who both didn’t take me seriously. It wasn’t until I returned to my surgeon that the infection was properly identified and I was started on the proper antibiotics.
  15. We have a relay system in Canada that works well but is slow slow slow. Essentially a third party in the middle of the conversation. Sadly no InnoCaption in Canada yet but I hear they are working on it.
  16. I’m way too active for a guy my age and like the security of having a bte device. I’m sure a Rondo would be hitting the floor (or worse) constantly. I can think of twice in the last week I have dislodged my coil only to be saved by the processor.
  17. No so in Ontario at my clinic. We have the choice between 4 brands. I was given info on Med El, Cochlear and AB a few years ago when it was my time to choose. I see they have added Neurelec/Oticon since...
  18. I got turned on in January two years ago and went on a Caribbean vacation 5 weeks later. The birds drove me absolutely nuts. They were like ice picks to the brain. And I was so happy they did cause I hadn’t heard birds since I was a kid! So no, I couldn’t hear anywhere close to perfect, still can’t, but I could and can hear light years better than before!
  19. I have the flexsoft electrode and am happy with it. Still noticing improvements bit by bit at the 2 year mark. My audiologist steered me towards Med El due to my love of music although my centre provides all the brands. It was felt (at the time, maybe different now) that Med El handles music a bit better than the others. so the music, ease of an mri if I ever need one, and backwards compatibility made the choice fairly easy for me at the time. Good luck!
  20. First of all you have the actual tv volume off? Just listening to the Stereo system? If running both, there can be a slight delay from one to the other... I imagine you are running 5.1 or more. Has the system ever been calibrated properly? Dialogue usually comes from the center speaker and it’s usually recommended to boost 2 dB or so.
  21. I had tinnitus that seemed to disappear after single side implant. Sadly about two years post activation, the tinnitus has returned but to a much lesser degree than before, so much so that I don’t usually notice it unless it is really quiet.
  22. My favourite Hallelujah is by the Happy Mondays. No relation to the other one though😀 (and definitely not a Christmas song, party song maybe) The club mix is my favorite...
  23. The actual app uses “normal, strong and strongest” instead of earthquake. I use strongest as I am a very deep sleeper usually. I put the SmartShaker in the pillow case as I tend to drag the pillow around the bed😀. I’m sure it would wake most up even sitting on a nightstand, it rattles that much.
  24. Yes that is it. Looks like my app needs updating. Didn’t realize it could also turn on lamps (not that I need it)😀 i cant speak to the original, but the 2 sure does the job! (checked the App Store for IOS devices and there is a new app for controlling lights, going to try it out. Thanks Mary Beth! )
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