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  1. The SmartShaker is so slim I put it on the underside of the pillow (in the pillowcase). Don’t notice it at all and it sure is powerful. I have the SmartShaker 2 though, more expensive than the original. Charges via USB and you set alarms via a Bluetooth app you install on your device. Once the alarm is set, the device thats sets the alarm doesn’t even need to be on or anywhere near the SmartShaker. Battery lasts quite a long time
  2. I use an iLuv SmartShaker 2. Very powerful, very slim and hasn’t failed me yet and I’m a very deep sleeper. Need a phone or tablet to program it though... fits nicely in the pillow case.
  3. Use an eraser and clean the battery contacts on both the Sonnet and battery pack assembly... I’m sure there is a vidieo for cleaning the contacts
  4. Thanks Mary! Finally came up with a custom design adding my email address to the back of the Finetuner for when I finally leave it in a restaurant or some other place like the doofus I am😀
  5. I always use disposables while traveling so not to have to switch so often. I do take the rechargeables as backup?. But I do find the rechargeables don’t keep much of a charge if left for a week or so just sitting without charging. Couple of hours only I find.
  6. Mary Beth, it’s getting better as I try to practise for an hour or so every weekday. Sometimes the noise gets too much and I revert to the T setting but less and less these days. I’m still not to the point where I can eavesdrop on others conversations as word recognition was nil when I started. ?
  7. I go to a coffee shop (or other noisy environment) and use my Artone neckloop to read an audiobook on the MT setting.
  8. Great article Valentin, especially the point of having a paper or digital copy of your settings. Never would have thought of that!
  9. Hicksy

    Fine Tuner

    DarlaHS, were you provided with the info how to sync the Finetuner to the processor?
  10. I find the same. I believe the Sonnet defaults to Omni despite info here saying otherwise.
  11. Hicksy

    The Public Library

    Does no one use audiobooks for training though? I have found them to be my greatest training resource and due to my love of books in general, something I try to do diligently everyday. I go to a noisy environment like a coffee shop and am now practicing with the Artone neck loop on the MT setting. At first I could hardly make them out strictly on “T” Still struggling on MT but making gains and understanding so much more without referring to the text.
  12. Hicksy

    The Public Library

    I mainly use an IPad but I also use a Galaxy Tab or my laptop depending on my whims. I’m a bit of a tech geek according to my friends. My spouse uses her IPhone or her IPad. Never thought I would see the day I would put down a print edition but I haven’t held ( or bought) a real book for a few years now. I’m seriously thinking of clearing my study of wall to wall books just to reclaim the space but there is no market anymore for paperbacks. Libraries won’t even take them. Yardsale or dump I guess and it would be like a dagger to the heart to take them to the dump even though I will never have
  13. Hicksy

    The Public Library

    Thanks. I always said I would prefer the printed version as well but am now a staunch e-book reader. Scribd would be a good option but alas, being from Canada, that 8.99 a month immediately turns into 11.99 a month or $144 a year approx. I prefer the free option and as they have the newest books immediately upon release, albeit a waiting list, I’m not waiting long for the newest and there is an adundance available to keep me occupied in the meantime. I’m to the point that I’m understanding most of the audiobook but still need the e-book to fill in the blanks.?
  14. Hicksy

    The Public Library

    Mary Beth, does your local library offer you the ability to download e-books and audiobooks from the comfort of your own home? That’s the point of my above post but perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. I can do everything online. I can look up what’s available, download immediately or reserve and I’m notified via email when my reserved books comes available. I just download what I want to my tablet or computer or both. At the end of 21 days, if I haven’t already “returned” the book, it just deletes from my device. No need to leave the couch.? i recently returned to the village where I gre
  15. She decided not to go in that direction yet. Thanks for the offer though!
  16. I would like to point out the Public Library as a great resource for many that I feel hasn’t been mentioned enough on this site. As a kid, I grew up in a small town far removed from the city and quickly found the local library as a great way to learn and pass the time. I became a bookworm. When I grew older, I moved to the city and due to job demands, family commitments and the fast paced life of city living, I abandoned the library mainly due to time constraints. I never lost my love of reading however and spent a fortune on books. I no longer live in the big city but in a fairly la
  17. I mentioned the “dinging” to my audiologist just in passing while we were working through my other problem you are aware about (resolved?) but it is so inconsequential to even mention really. I just wanted to echo ZaVi’s experience. If you really concentrate the instant the coil is connected, I wouldn’t be surprised if others pick this up as well. Like ZaVi says, it only lasts a second or so and can easily be lost in the rush of noise.
  18. ZaVi, I’m a Sonnet user and experience a dinging sound, almost like the bells at a railway crossing (here in Canada anyway) when first connecting the coil. Usually 3 dings but occasionally up to as many as 7. I take it to be part of the synchronization process and don’t even notice it anymore. Thought it had gone away but just tried it and the “dings” are still there.
  19. Pretty much the same. Progressive loss equally in each ear. Hearing aids were always useless to me. Reached the point where I was actively shunning society due to not being able to understand mostly anything. My main fear was losing what little hearing I did have left as well as losing my ability to love music. finally reached the point where I realized I was missing most of the music I knew so well anyway and took the plunge. Lost my hearing completely in my implanted ear and it hasn’t bothered me a bit. What I gained is so amazing and what I lost so insignificant. I will say I won’
  20. I’m surprised at the number of people who approach me out of curiosity or to tell me their own experiences with implants among friends and family.
  21. My audiologist believed Med El was the best choice for me due to my love of music. That was the swaying vote plus the MRI safety and backwards compatibility. But if it was suggested the other brands would be better for music then I would have gone in that direction.
  22. Lip reading and very understanding friends and family. I used to have to call my wife at her work to listen to my messages to tell me what they were... I steered everyone I could towards using email ... still consider the original Blackberry one of the greatest inventions ever when my company adopted them ? I just coped best I could but I wasn’t fooling anybody. But it did make me a very very observant person which was about the only positive.
  23. I’ll know more when I see the doctor in 2 weeks. My understanding is that the implant wasn’t moved, the problem was caused by debris around the site. I had periodic disconnects.
  24. Luckily the revision surgery has seemed to work. But what shocked me was how much my hearing regressed only being turned off for two weeks. I guess the old adage “use it or lose it” applies here as well. And despite my comments about the internet and Facebook, I wouldn’t want people to think me a Luddite. I actually spent 20 years in the computer business so my mistrust isn’t entirely unfounded. ?
  25. Forgot to address the tinnitus. I have had what I would say moderate tinnitus all my life. Mainly two distinct buzzings at different frequencies constantly which amplify or recede but always constant. Sometimes other sounds would intrude and it would get really bad, a constant roaring, but luckily never to the point where I would need to seek medical attention, just learned to live with it. Once I put on my processor, the tinnitus just seems to fade away. If I really really concentrate, I may be able to pick up a touch of tinnitus but it is not noticeable at all when using the implant. Wh
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