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  1. Hopefulme, I also suffer profound ski slope hearing loss and struggled to wear hearing aids since my early teens. (My next birthday I’ll be 60!). I can’t remember how many HA’s I went through until I became a CI candidate and hit the Cochlear program at Sunnybrook. They tested me and told me what I had known my entire life. Hearing aids simply didn’t work for me. They just made the din louder. I would get a new set, struggle to wear them for a few months and then abandon them to a drawer. Once implanted, wow is all I can say. The implant simply works. I’m hearing sounds I haven’t heard s
  2. Thanks. I haven’t posted anything here about it as it’s a unique case and I don’t want to unduly alarm anyone contemplating their initial surgery. And also the thread would probably quickly devolve to a four page discussion about Mellies. come on people, I’m trying to be funny!?
  3. Yep, I’m an old fuddy duddy whose main wish is that the internet had stuck to the original vision of ARPANET ( on which the internet is founded) which sole function was the desemination of information only? So no, I’m not on FaceBook! and thanks Mary Beth but you must have me confused with someone else. Not going bilateral although I recently had a second CI surgery which I haven’t gone into here. Had revision surgery on the original implant. Still recovering...
  4. Yes it’s easy to use the search function if you are computer savvy and familiar with the site. But how many new users do we lose because it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff? I admittedly don’t check in as often as before, but upon reading a particular topic I think I may be able to contribute to, I find more and more I don’t bother because the thread has been hijacked completely. I’m sure this turns some people away... perhaps the people who need help the most. We’ve been through the journey but try to put yourself in the position of a not so savvy user just overwhelmed a
  5. First of all, I would like to thank all the contributors to this site. There is a wealth of info to be found here. But.... I find a thread is started on a particular topic and in some cases, after a few replies to the topic, the thread has spiralled off to something different all together. This makes it extremely difficult to find specific info and undoubtedly bewildering for new members. For example the thread on care and cleaning of processors has spiralled into multilpe posts and pictures regarding skinnits. Another thread on mild to profound ski slope hearing loss has spun off into fi
  6. Early days Renachelw. I’m sure you are going to encounter enough “wow”moments to ease your concerns. I’m a few months shy of two years activated and still don’t think I’m anywhere near optimum results. Especially for music. Voices took a long time to come into “focus” still not completely there but music is taking a long long time. Doesn’t lessen my enthusiasm for music in the least. I play a lot of familiar songs in the background and try to set up ideal conditions when listening to something unfamiliar. And true, some days music seems to sound a lot “clearer” than others. Weird, but I think
  7. Emily C, I quickly got bored with Angel Sounds and such and would only use it occasionally. I joined the local library and downloaded audiobooks and the corresponding e-book and read along while listening to the audiobook via the Artone neck loop. I would go to a noisy coffee shop, and at first would put the Sonnet on Telecoil and barely be able to follow along reading the book. The narrator was robotic, I didn’t even realize for the longest time they would switch male/female if the dialogue demanded? If I lost my place reading along I was completely lost. I’m talking a month activated
  8. Two tricks I’ve found with the Roger Pen and cradle. The audio connection to the cradle is tight! Make sure it is secure. I’ve also found problems connecting to the pen if my batteries are nearly expired. I’d suggest trying the headphone jack on the tv just to make sure everything works. Then go back to the setup you had previously. (Often plugging into the headphone jack cuts the tv speakers).
  9. I like both. If I’m around the house, I tend to use the rechargeables. I start a fresh one off in the morning , replace it in the afternoon and so avoid the annoying beeps. If I’m going to be running around or traveling I switch to the disposables. Back home I then tend to use up the pack before reverting to the rechargeables. I use the Power Ones and have no complaints. I can’t really notice any quality differences between them and rechargeables.
  10. I would like to add that I really like the Roger Pen and Roger 21 to listen to TV. Often put the Surround sound on mute and just use the Roger Pen and base connected to the tv for audio. Also great for gaming so not to annoy the spouse ?
  11. Thanks for the offer! Let’s see if she goes ahead. She tested for high frequency loss in each ear so she has been given a demo set to try for a week by the audiologist although the Bluetooth is not functional on the demo set. The help with tinnitus comes with pairing with a smartphone and their apps which can provide background white noise and other calming effects which she can’t try on the demo set. She says the tinnitus is getting really bad but is skeptical of tinnitus relief. I hope she notices enough improvement in hearing this week to go ahead which I’ve been advocating for at leas
  12. My much better half has been complaining of tinnitus so off she went for a test. It has been suggested she invest in a set of ReSound Linx 3D. 9 series, Bluetooth and smartphone compatible. This would help deal with the tinnitus as well as some high frequency loss. Does anyone have any experience with these or offer any other suggestions? Thanks...
  13. My much better half has been complaining of tinnitus so off she went for a test. It has been suggested she invest in a set of ReSound Linx 3D. 9 series, Bluetooth and smartphone compatible. This would help deal with the tinnitus as well as some high frequency loss. Does anyone have any experience with these or offer any other suggestions? Thanks...
  14. Almost a year and a half implanted and still noticing improvements! Anyway out with the better half golfing this weekend and like a doofus, not paying attention. Whack, She tees off and I turn around and say Wow, I heard that, That sounded good, where did it go? (Straight down the centre, way past mine of course) and I immediately got a jolt thinking Wow! Never ever thought I would say anything like that ever again!
  15. Bug repellent and sun screen are what scares me! (But I haven’t had a problem yet)?
  16. My library lets me use Overdrive or a new app called Libby. So I tend to run the audiobook via Overdrive and the ebook via Libby. (When I’m lucky enough to get both at the same time).
  17. Thanks for the info also. I’ve been reading audiobooks since a few weeks after the implant was activated. I am lucky however, as my local library has a pretty extensive list of audiobooks and I haven’t come close to exhausting the list. As well, new books are being added all the time. Everything is done online so the only time I have been to the library itself was the day I joined. Sometimes I’m even lucky enough to secure the audiobook as well as the ebook which gives me the ability to simply use my tablet (along with the Artone neck loop). For the titles I can only get the audiobo
  18. Stream2525, if you look at the chart, the Flex 20 through to the Flexsoft are all presented as viable for an EAS attempt. Which one is the “best” is a meaningless question in my opinion because it comes down to to your particular cochlea and what the surgeon feels comfortable attempting.
  19. Stream2525, I chose the Sonnet for a few reasons, one being I tend to be a very active person and figured the bte would be more secure than a Rondo. For instance, I’ve since discovered I dare not play ping pong without a headband. I am now activated 11 months and while I would like to tell you it’s perfect, it’s a long way from perfect. I still need closed captioning for most tv, music can sound great or strange, can’t talk on the telephone yet, actually my spouse is the hardest to understand amongst my friends (selective hearing perhaps?)? Those are the negatives, far outweighed by
  20. First of all, I’m Canadian so I did consider that it may not be approved elsewhere but since it’s in the literature.... I think we could use a new thread devoted to EAS experience - expectations vs results so to say. It’s easy for me to say, having been through the journey, but I feel I made way too big a deal regarding the residual hearing. I’m happy the attempt led me to Med El, I’m happy the attempt was made, I’m happy I was able to be inserted with the Flexsoft and I was disappointed that the residual hearing was lost for maybe 20 seconds maximum. There really is no describing
  21. Sorry Cara Mia, I have no info on the Flexsoft other than that is what I was implanted with in an EAS attempt and what can be found on the chart. ?
  22. And once again, if you want to go for the longest electrode and try for EAS then you would request the Flexsoft. But I think the decision of which length to use pretty much rests with the surgeon...
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