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  1. Actually today is the 1year anniversary date of my surgery so thanks for asking! Just realized... So 11 months activated...
  2. Thanks Mary Beth for the link that clears up the Flexsoft. I qualified for EAS and was implanted with the Flexsoft. The EAS failed. As Leighf I think pointed out in another thread about this, is that the decision to go with the longer electrode may have lessened the chances of a successful EAS activation but increased the overall effectiveness of the implant in general. So there is that to consider when choosing the best possible outcome. Why sacrifice some of the advantages of a longer electrode to go shorter in hopes of perhaps a better chance of keeping lousy and likely still failing r
  3. TwoNN’s what a positive story. I’m sure anyone who knows you will be as excited for you as you should be. Hope it works out!
  4. The Flex 28 is not the longest as I keep trying to point out. I have the Flex Soft 31.5mm
  5. Stream2525, I qualified for EAS and they implanted the flex soft which is longer than the flex24 and flex28. As Jdashiell, it was an attempt that failed so I also ended up with a regular CI. No big deal to me as stated in other posts...
  6. Simona, I too was withdrawing from socializing, realizing just how much music I was missing, hearing aids didn’t help a bit... Since I had a bit of hearing in each ear I was encouraged to select the Med El Sonnet EAS to try to preserve my hearing. It didn’t take, but I have a few long winded posts on here on how incredible the benefits are to losing the original hearing which wasn’t much anyway. Poke around this site and you will find lots of stories about life changing results. It certainly won’t happen overnight, but the journey is so rewarding.
  7. Just to throw this out there, I was approved for a Sonnet EAS and was implanted with the synchrony flex soft which is longer than the 28. Unfortunately I didn’t retain my residual hearing ( pretty much my greatest fear, if any, going into surgery) and I can truthfully say it upset me for 15 seconds when I found out I had lost the residual hearing. What I gained is almost indescribable to what I lost that I actually feel I wasted those 15 seconds lamenting...? (truthfully my fears going into surgery was it would be another failed hearing aid experiment that would do nothing to regain any w
  8. I’m a techy as well and kind of kicking myself for not getting the pen earlier. I’ve had the Artone neckloop since day one and find it a great help as well. Not quite to the level of talking on the phone yet but hoping the Roger Pen works best for that...
  9. I’ve only had it a short time, but I found it very useful sitting around a low light setting with a group of friends as well as the home theatre. In a restaurant setting I have had mixed results so far. Sometimes I pick up too much. I’m sure it’s just a matter of getting comfortable with the different mic settings. So far a very positive result.
  10. As mentioned in another post, the spouse controls the volume of the home theatre system (avr) while I can balance the volume of the Roger Pen by plugging it into the headphone jack of the tv and using the tv volume to balance the two. It works well. As an added bonus, I can mute the avr and just output the tv via the Roger Pen when playing the Xbox thereby sparing the spouse of the cacophony of that!
  11. I had hearing aids for about 40 years that did nothing to help so I didn’t bother to wear them. Every time I got a new set I hoped they would be the ones. They were never the ones and joined the rest in the drawer. My hearing got worse and worse until until I had to face up to the fact I was withdrawing and missing so much that the decision to get implanted really wasn’t that hard. What a new lease on life!
  12. I recently added the Roger Pen to my home theatre setup. All I can say is “wow” The main audio is handled by the surround sound system. I plugged the Roger Pen base into the headphone jack of the tv so the spouse can set the volume of the avr to her liking and I can balance the volume of the Roger Pen via the TV. Sweet! as an aside, I recently purchased a Yamaha RX-A2060. This has Bluetooth audio out which works well if you just want to listen via the implant, but I notice a delay between the audible audio so I find it distracting. The Roger Pen is much much better. there are pr
  13. Despite being very windy out, I heard a golf ball smack off a tree. And it wasn’t even my shot!
  14. I would say it took me about 5 months after surgery to get to the point where the ear returned to almost "normal" I'm about 9 months post surgery now and there is still a slight sense of numbness but nothing like the first few months ?
  15. Shirsee, I was perhaps a lot like you, had some residual hearing in both ears but I had long lost the ability to talk on the phone, impossible in groups, starting to shy away, realizing I just couldn't hear all the music anymore etc... I was implanted with a flex soft with all the trepidation that you have especially when it came to music but the residual hearing was lost. It wasn't evident until a few months post activation due to healing and such and by that time I seriously had regrets for about 20 seconds as the implant has been so much better than I ever expected. Hearing aids never worke
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