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  1. Hi Salman, Like you I had a severe to profound loss in both ears before my implant. In 2014 I got an implant in my left ear. My life has never been better since my implant. Your first two questions would probably be better answered by your audiologist. I have a Med El implant and would not be able to answer what an AB can do. I can tell you though that I did not have pain after my surgery. I understand your concern about going home the same day as the surgery, but I did and I was fine. I thought I might get pain, so I took one of the pain medications tablets later after I got home. It made me sleepy. After that I decided that I did not need the pain medication and only took Advil. I love music too. I know everyone's experience is different, but two days after my activation I tried listening to music from my Ipod through my implant. I was able to recognize songs right away. I could sing along. I am also able to enjoy music from Pandora music app on my phone, music on the radio, and on tv. Hope this info is helpful and if you have any more questions for me feel free to contact me. Lisabeth
  2. Hello Renachelw, I totally understand being nervous. I was nervous too. I got my implant in 2014. It is on my left side. I have a little bit of hearing in my right ear, but I do not use a hearing aid because it really doesn't help. Most of my life I just used a hearing aid in my left. When the hearing in my left ear dropped to the point where my hearing aid did not help, I decided I would get the implant. I was told all the complications that you were told and I too was told they are very rare. I did not have any of the complications that you mentioned. In fact, I did not really have any pain. I only took 1 of the pain medications (mostly because I thought I might get pain), but when I didn't, I didn't take any more. I also understand your concern about the doctor. My ENT, who was planning on retiring, was going to introduce me to the surgeon who was also going to become my new ENT, but before that could happen my first ENT had a stroke and did not come back to work. I knew about the surgeon and had heard very good things about him, but didn't know him like I did my first ENT. Fortunately everything went well for me, but if you do not feel comfortable, are there other surgeons you can meet with? I think all the things you are thinking about and worrying about are the same things other people, including me, experienced. I can only tell you that my life has never been better. If you have any questions for me please feel free to ask. Lisabeth
  3. Thanks much for your kind welcome Kara. Lisabeth
  4. Hello Mary Beth, It's nice to meet you. I have spoken to both my CI surgeon and my Audiologist about the cut out and the both seem confused about what Is happening. My surgeon thinks its an air bubble that gets in when I blow my nose. His suggestion is to see my Audiologist when this happens so she can check to see if there is a change in the electrodes before and after I blow my nose. Fortunately the implant has always come back on after it cuts out, but each time I worry that it will not. Other than this problem, I absolutely love my implant! I don't know anything about the Sonnet. What do you like about it? After years of wearing around the ear hearing aids, I love that now I have nothing around my ears with the Rondo. Lisabeth
  5. Hi, I am new to Hear Peers. I got my Cochlear Implant in May of 2014 and have both the Med El Rondo and the Opus for my left ear. I use the Rondo the most and am enjoying my new hearing. I recently had a cold and have a problem that when I blow my nose the implant cuts out and sometimes stays out for 15 min. Has anyone had this problem?
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