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    Parent of a hearing implant user
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    1-2 years
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    Cochlear Implant
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    Auditory Neuropathy
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    Unknown / Prefer not to say
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    Unknown / Prefer not to say
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    Unilateral implant
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  1. Hi All, I am from India and I search a lot over internet for best online shop to buy Med-el Opus 2 Accessories. Can any one help me by suggesting any e-commerce website who offer such accessories at India. I tried www.cishop.net and www.deafequipment.co.uk but deafequipment is not offer their product to India and with IC-Shop total cost comes higher than India. ex dacapo power pack cost in India Rs.12500 where on CI-Shop it cost 219 euro (Approx Rs.15964) My daughter is using opus 2 sound processor and she is hardly 5 years old. she get broken her coil cable many times and it cost me a lot here. So if anybody have any reference for online shop for Medel Opus 2 accessories , please write me on kinjalbhatia1984@gmail.com
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