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  1. hadron is probably right. As I had the last two electrodes placed outside the cochlear window so they didn't touch the cochlear.It is hard to program the device with misplacement. As for me, I hear very high-pitched sound with little speech recognition. So I needed a revision surgery and hope it will work after activation. Good luck to all.
  2. Hi Nikki, I had a revision surgery in late April -- done by a different surgeon with more experience. Dr. took picture to prove that the device is properly inserted. I will know the result this fall when I activate the new device as I am travelling.
  3. I had a revision surgery in late April and my doctor took pictures and it was verified that 2 electrodes were out of the cochlear window. The new implant is 100% inserted and I am waiting for activation this fall because I am travelling. Thank you for your post.
  4. I have bilateral CI. My first implant (Mi1000 MED_EL CONCERT, Flex 28 on left ear) was successful but the second implant is not working from day one. It has sound but little speech recognition (about 11%). The sound is very high pitched as test shows that electrode number 11 and 12 are drawing high current and had to be disabled for mapping. In addition, CT scan showed that the bad ear has the electrode array inserted to the middle of the cochlear not at the apical area. Not sure if this is electrode migration. I am looking into redoing the implant. Do anyone have the same problem and share th
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