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  1. - Thanks Cara mia, right, my old Clarion was very invasive and destroyed the cochlear tissue because the electrode array was very large (2 mm). The real problem is another, removing the Clarion will destroy even more the tissues inside the cochlea and according to me put a new array of electrode releasing steroids helps a lot. I will try to contact this Australian doctor. He called Jaydip Ray who Who said interesting things on the site I posted before.
  2. Goodmorning everyone. I found important news on the internet. It relates to an atraumatic electrode with a substance that repairs the cochlear tissue after insertion. Read here. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4126352/Can-ear-implant-restore-hearing-thousands-people.html Since my right ear has an old IC Clarion that has destroyed the cochlear walls, I would like the new Medel electrodes to fix (repair) the cochlear tissue. I do not know how long it will take to formalize this experiment, according to you it is possible that it will arrive early and that it is worth waiting for before of a replanting?
  3. Here are the pictures that I could not post before! As you can see the pieces are small and difficult to handle for children and elderly person. However the most important thing is you have to choose the product with the best listening as Medel and we hope that Medel will become the number one in the international market in the future. But it wants new features such as the bilateral wireless listening when you use your phone.
  4. TRANSLATION ERROR! I wanted to say that I can now use the Medel all day and I no longer use the Clarion. Then, according to the results, at the end of 2017 I will replant. So I will have the perfect bilateralism.
  5. Yes, my doctor is very cautious. He says I do not have too much stress on the left auditory nerve as I hadn’t heard for 19 years, this can cause headaches and nausea. He advised me in the early days of using one or the other and sometimes both. Now I have no more hassles and can not use the Medel almost all day. You can link to the site of FB Medel here? Thank you
  6. Sorry, I can not post pictures because of megabytes. I try to redo the photos.
  7. Hello Mary Beth, I think it's right to say all the things that are our personal thoughts so that the House should intervene to improve Medel products internationally. I know that the processor Naida Q70 / 90 of the AB has 3 different sizes rechargeable: mini, standard and big. The standard of the AB rechargeable (also of Cochlear) has the same dimensions as the cover for 2 zinc air. Its capacity is around 160/180 mAh and lasts 25 hours. But the standard battery Medel is smaller with 81 mAh as in the picture. Also in the picture you see that it is impossible to put a larger rechargeable due adapter and cover separate from the battery instead of having a cover and battery integrated into a single body/corp as AB and Cochlear. In addition, children, the elderly and people with articulation / movement problems have not manual dexterity with such small objects and are likely to break or lose them. I have no problems to assemble everything, but if I had a broken thumb I could not do it. I hope that when we will get the Sonnet 2, there is a rechargeable standard with integrated cover without adapter. And at least 180 mAh to last two days. Excuse me, I wrote a theme, I like to inform everyone.
  8. Hello everyone, I think it is possible gene therapy with cochlear implant. It concerns the generation of the acoustic nerve in the spiral ganglion area. https://it.pinterest.com/pin/416160821795911731/
  9. Thanks Mary Beth, I know the battery pack but I wished something more manageable without bringing the wire. Now rechargeable batteries (81 mAh) last more than 12 hours but after 200 cycles will last less than one day. However, the zinc air batteries (disposable) last much longer and cost little but my fear is that it will increase prices. That's why I would have a rechargeable (wireless) with duration similar to the disposable. In fact, the Cochlear has rechargeable 180 mAh and the AB has 230 mAh lasting longer than two days. https://cochlearimplanthelp.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/cochlearimplantcomparisonchart_v6-0e.pdf (page 6)
  10. Hello to all. I am using Sonnet with standard rechargeable battery. It lasts about 12 hours, it has 81 mAh and 3.7 volts. The strange thing is that Opus 2 has the biggest rechargeable 120 mAh and is not compatible with Sonnet. I hope that Medel will make a larger battery rechargeable, about 150 mAh.
  11. I read your reviews, I have not yet measured the zinc air battery life. Now use the Sonnet with 2 batteries Power One implant plus provided by Medel. For comparison I bought two other brands: Duracell activair and Rayovac Cochlear. Both are 1.45 volts, I will compare them the next mapping. I also used the standard rechargeable battery that lasts about 12 hours. I also have the small rechargeable battery but I have not yet used. They are 51 and 81 mAh. I also saw that the larger battery Da Capo (120 mAh) is not compatible with Sonnet. I hope that the Medel will make a larger rechargeable battery for Sonnet.
  12. Hello everyone, the activation went very well, this time it has not bothered me and fright as the first activation in 1997. The sound seems familiar and I already distinguish the frequencies. I am now using the FineHearing strategy that seems similar to analog strategy. I would now like to update the mapping but the doctor said it takes one month. Sometimes I use the new IC, sometimes use the old IC because it is dangerous to abruptly switch from right to left, one must do it gradually. I do not use both of them together because I hear a lot of confusion, next year my doctor will remove the Clarion and he will put Medel, so I will become "Medelist" bilateral. I will update next week.
  13. Thank you all for your advices and warm greetings. I'm happy to talk to you. My story is very complicated and will tell it to another topic. In summary, I have already been implanted in 1997 in right ear with the Clarion and I have not felt good. After a long reflection I decided to have surgery in the left ear with Medel. If all goes well I will also replanting in right ear with another Medel. I'm very excited to know how I will hear at the activation on March 1. I know it's very hard and difficult but thanks to previous experience I know how to deal with things. I am very curious to hear the differences between the old IC Clarion and the new Medel. In any case I will never more use the Clarion because it has too many problems. Sorry for my English, I hope you understand me. Again thank you and see you soon. Ale
  14. Goodmorning everyone. I am a new member and I have been implanted recently with Medel, activation on 1 'March. I'm very excited and I would like share your experiences. My name is Alessandro and I live in Italy. I found this forum through the website of Medel, I also read a few topics and are really interesting. I hope to write soon. Best wishes
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