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    Lita got a reaction from Mary Beth in Roger MyLink with Rondo 1 & Rondo 2   
    Hello, this is a follow-up to my previous email (posted April 1) about purchasing a Phonak Roger MyLink neckloop from Hearing Direct to use with my Sonnet in one ear and a hearing aid in the other ear.  I was informed by Joan, the customer service rep, that the product was a Roger MyLink (03), so I purchased it for $180 and am completely satisfied. I apologize for not following up sooner. Feel free to let me know if you have questions.  
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    Lita got a reaction from Mary Beth in Android phones live Speech to text   
    Well, I couldn't wait after learning about it from you, so I downloaded Live Transcribe and poked around until I activated the microphone (it turns red). My husband and  tried it out and, folks, it's amazing, just amazing. I still have a lot to learn about it, so will stop here for now. This has HUGE potential for our community. Lita
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    Lita got a reaction from Mary Beth in Reload AB CLIX on my iPad?   
    Thank you, Mary Beth. I am grateful to you and all the other gurus for your wonderful support! Lita
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    Lita got a reaction from Megan L. in Hello from Arlington, VA   
    I am so pleased to receive well wishes from Mary Beth, Megan, and now Adam. I'm still in the decision phase but very much like what I've learned about Med El cochlear implants. I agree that it's important to get a good understanding of the internal implant. I understand the full coverage concept, but am still mystified by the terms, "maximum stimulation rate," "channels," and "electrode drivers." My current understanding from looking at the Cochlear Implant Comparison Chart on the website named Cochlear Implant HELP, Med El's electrode array can have up to 24 electrodes, and that each electrode has a positive and negative current source. When a coded signal comes down the array, it goes to the appropriate electrode and stimulates the associated hair cell or neuron, and then goes to the auditory nerve. In fact, the electrodes can be stimulated simultaneously (51,000 PPS, with PPS being the number of updates per second the implant is capable of providing, according to the chart.) The chart also shows that Advanced Bionics has a maximum stimulation rate of 83,000 PPS, but more isn't necessarily better. How am I doing so far? Is there literature anywhere that describes the mechanism in more layman terms? Can you explain it more fully for me? Thanks a million.
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