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  1. Thanks All for comments. Don’t y’all love Mary Beth! I knew she was the person to get the answers I was looking for. So here you go.. I am complicated! Lol I am bilateral with 4 Sonnets now. 2 of my Sonnets are EAS Sonnets and 2 are regular first generation Sonnets. I do have some residual left in one ear but not much. I wear my Sonnet EAS in my left ear when going out or in group settings, but mostly wear my regular first generation Sonnets. My question is about upgrade. This is my upgrade year for my first generation Sonnets, but have heard the new Rondo 2 may be the better opt
  2. Thanks Mary Beth for the tag. I am not often on hearpeers, so nice to connect today. I believe the reason there is not an over abundance of EAS talk is due more to the fact the procedure and EAS processor has only been FDA approved since September 2016 I have been implanted with my first EAS/flex24 array since 2010, as I was a participant in the clinical trial. I am now bilateral. C T Lex if you have enough residual low frequency hearing to try the Sonnet EAS processor, I would encourage you to do so. Back in the day when I was implanted the surgery was a little different
  3. Hi Dorothy! congratulations on your surgery date. I would love to share my experience with you and answer any questions I can. I was actually part of the clinical trial for the EAS, which is Med-El’s name for their hybrid. My first implant was 7 years ago and now I am bilateral EAS. I have been given back a life I thought I would never be a part of again! I was terrified when I began this journey as I knew no one with my type of hearing loss, and I didn’t know about these wonderful groups. I have a very special friend that encouraged me to follow this path that had opened befo
  4. I have 3 WOW moments. The first was about a month after activation. Because I was never completely deaf I had no idea what I was missing! I remember my husband and I going for a walk on the beach which we had done frequently, but this day the sounds of birds overwhelmed me! I had no idea what I had been missing and that they were so loud. Amazing!! My next 2 moments were being in the delivery room when my Grands were born! Babies cry loud when they enter this world! What a sound!! And today they both call their Gammy’s name over and over! My heart continues to be overwhelmed in a very goo
  5. Mary Beth!! I am so thankful I joined this group! I had not read your story before!!! Thank you for sharing yours and mine!! You have had quite a journey. What a great encouragement you are to so many. I do hope we can meet face to face one day.
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