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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that. It's a horrible thing to experience and I wouldn't wish it on anyone either. Just to give an update: Initially the insurance approved the procedure, but the hospital which would do the surgery wanted some changing of the contract which the insurance wouldn't do. So the surgeon/hospital has backed out and I'm back to square one now. At this point, I'm contemplating 3 options - 1). Find a cochlear implant surgeon in network somehow (tried, couldn't find) 2). Ask around for clinical trials (Med-El?) 3). Appeal to the insurance, but it's a really long shot.
  2. Is there a trick to join the Discussion Group? This is the 4th time I've clicked Join (Request Sent) only to check back later and see it still showing "Join". Can someone please add me? I'm Sambasevam.
  3. I did ask to join the group couple days back and haven't been accepted yet. Thanks for the finding Adam - that's really disheartening as I mistakenly told the hospital to check again thinking the FDA has gotten the approval.
  4. Just an update: So far surgeons are telling me that cochlear implants for Single Sided Deafness aren't FDA approved. This is what I heard several years ago too. I thought FDA approval has recently been changed. Is this not the case? If this isn't the case, how do I convince a surgeon (who could be in my network) to perfom this surgery? I'm still not clear on the process for candidacy. :-( My PCP can refer me to an ENT of my choosing, but so far even the most experienced surgeon I've talked to hasn't done Cochlear Implants for SSDs. What do I do?
  5. I'm game. I've started searching and reading about it. Do you know of a direct contact I can reach out to? MED-El would particularly be interested in me as a patient because I'm in the unique position of being a full-time musician and sound engineer who can help them with various things. For instance, I can take a "normal" sounding audio file and manipulate it to demonstrate how it sounds to me using various audio processing tools. I can create a tinnitus sound that is pretty close to the sound I'm hearing on my right ear MUCH more accurately than the typical verbal description given by most people.
  6. Thanks Adam and Mary. I found a clinic from Medel in my city but they don't accept my insurance. Also on talking with the office of an experienced surgeon CI for SSDs in the USA seems to be unchartered territory. So who do I make the case to saying I'm qualified for CI? Is there anyone with SSD in the US who has gone through this process with their insurance company? I'd love, LOVE to talk to them.
  7. Well my insurance called and looks like it is covered (or atleast these two codes, which are taken from cochlear.com): CPT Code: 69930 Cochlear Device Implantation (surgery) L8614 Cochlear Implant System Both are covered by my insurance. Looking forward to my PCP appointment tomorrow. It looks like there's no surgeon who does CI in my network, so I'm trying to find someone in Texas who is experienced in CI surgeries. If anyone in Texas can refer me to one that'll be great. I realise I'm getting ahead of myself (by researching surgeons, etc) even before my PCP has referred me to an ENT specialist but I'm just a little too excited.
  8. Thanks Ivana and Adam. Curing tinnitus alone would give part of my old life back. Yes, I miss out on hearing stereo, pinpointing sounds, certain conversations, etc. but the tinnitus has been a bigger issue than all of that. Even my recent discovery of MED-EL was through Googling a solution for managing tinnitus in SSD (which led to a promising research article on SSD CI patients, and so here I am). Is there anyone here who had single-sided deafness and hence tinnitus in the deaf ear, due to labyrinthitis? I know it's a very specific ask, but I'd love to talk to someone who has the same condition as I.
  9. Hello Megan and Mary - thanks for the warm welcome and posting the links. It's so great to read about your experience and it gives me renewed hope. I'm just waiting for my insurance provider on whether they cover the cost of the procedure. I'm so glad I discovered this forum. I've been fighting a lone battle, every day, every hour for the past 7 years, especially since I got tinnitus in my deaf ear. Reading about others' stories feels comforting in that I'm not alone. Even in the middle of an intense scene in a movie sometimes I'd get distracted by the tinnitus and I'd ponder how the movie would sound with my right ear working. I don't know why I waited so late to discover this technology but it gives me the hope I was searching for and didn't find 7 years ago.
  10. Hello All, I'd like to introduce myself here. I've recently started reading about CI (though my doctor told me several years ago that CIs aren't viable for SSD candidates like myself). I've garnered a new but cautious hope in my life after reading about all these stories. I've just started my journey on CIs - starting with a PCP appointment later this week. Where do I read the before/after stories? They provide me with hope and motivation. Regards, Sam
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