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  1. I had my surgery last April 2017,activation in May 2017. Going to have it removed. in a few weeks. It dose not work.All I hear is static.. my batteries only last a few hours. MedEl has not been very helpful. Very upset. Ken T.
  2. I am waiting for a call from my audiologist, she in making a appointment with Medel..They are going to check out my CI, to see if any thing is wrong. Hate to think I will need to do all of this again.
  3. It has been 4 months since my cochlear implant was activated. I am not hearing anything but static. 12 hours a day nothing but static. When will I hear something else. Has anyone had the same problem? Thank You Ken
  4. I had my surgery April 19, and was activated May 23. I hear noise and a constant hum, but can't understand any speech. When will it all kick in. I know everyone is different. Ken T
  5. I was activate May 23rd. I hear a humming all the time, I hear noise, can not understand any speech. When will be able to hear and understand speech?
  6. Ken T

    I am New

    Hi I had my surgery yesterday at University of Michigan. everything went well. The doctors, and nursing staff are the best. Kept my family and me very informed on what was gong on , and what to expect over the next few days. I fell great today, no pain at all . Now the waiting starts. My CI will be activated on May 23. I can't wait.
  7. Ken T

    I am New

    Thank you all. i am so excited to get this done. will let you all know how everything goes.
  8. I am new. Going to have my CI April 19th at University of Michigan. Was wondering if anyone had there CI at U of M. My surgeon is Dr.StevenTellian. Any input will help.
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