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  1. Dear Jude. I had many ops on my left ear. 3 attempts at eardrum rebuild and 4th one to install a PORP ( titanium bridge ) to replace missing middle ear bones. Unfortunately my stapes bone (where the PORP was attached) crumbled. SO.... finally I had sound bridge fitted. Because of the state of my middle ear the soundbridge 'connection' was made to the 'round window' rather than my crumbling stapes (the 'round window' allows the fluid in the choclear system to move when the stapes moves normally - it would otherwise 'compress' the fluid ) . I must say I am very happy with the result.. If your choclear is working fine then I understand Bonebridge would also be an option for you. Soundbridge gives a more 'natural' hearing, I think, but there may be some conditions on getting it fitted - I think Bonebridge is probably more straight forward. Even with Soundbridge which (appart from the magnetic sensor) goes under the scalp there is some lasting modest difference in sleeping comfort with that side down on the pillow. I think Bonebridge would be the same. HoweverI would imagine that some of the alternative systems that rely upon clamping to some form of titanium screw/pillar could be quite hard to sleep with ?? My Soundbridge was fitted at London St.Thomas' Hospital where they have a lot of experience and work quite closely with Medel. Highly recommended :-) Best Wishes. Jon
  2. Hi. I think it has a good chance to improve. I had several (2 or 3?) adjustments (almost monthly) after first fitting. I think partly its your brain has to get used to the new signals. I had only about 40% before vibrant but now I would say it's 85-90% and very good quality.. I would suggest you talk to the audiologist about adjusting it.. ? Hope this is helpful. Rgds. Jon
  3. Hello All, I was fitted with Soundbridge about 1 year ago - I Love it! As I just broke one of the small clips in my Matt Black Samba cover I had to swich back to the shiny black one that came with the processor. It made me realise that I am lucky to have two (black) options - none of the other covers I received in the package are much use to me (see photo) and it made me think that if there were a UK contact group for this them we could possibly help one another. Particularly - possibly - exchanging some covers !! Thus - I would love to hear from you if you are in UK and have Vibrant Sound bridge and perhaps - if there is interest we can make a sub forum on this site - or something. Best Regards, Jon
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