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  1. Hi, I recently became ssd in my left ear. I had some questions about cochlear implants. 1. How does a CI sound in one ear compare to normal hearing from the other, will they confuse eachother or will hearing become normal on both sides? 2. Will CI's prevent any future treatment from stem cells in pipeline. 3. Does it matter how much time passes from when i lost my hearing to getting the CO, as I am very much still trying to make a decision on this. 4. Would anyone in the same position share whether they thought it was worth it or better just living with one ear. Or perhaps
  2. Any updates from anyone with bonebridge? Thanks guys for your answers above!
  3. I live in Bermuda. But I do go to New York a lot. I will probably do that. I'm still trying to come to terms with this and hoping suddenly it will change. Am I going to completely not be able to be in social situations anymore? That used to be a large part of my life? Work I should be able to deal with as it's an office, but island life is in large part socializing!
  4. I'm not doing well guys. Can't shake he feeling my whole life is going to fall apart. Would love to hear from more of you. feeling the lowest I've ever felt.
  5. Also what is the sound on a CI like?
  6. Thanks or your reply! Can I ask, since your implant do you still feel hard of hearing? Or is your hearing back to as before. Are you conscious of wearing the visible implant above your ear? Have you done any research on clinical trials of stem cells? Sorry for the scatter of questions, my minds all over the place!
  7. Oh and last question just to add, does it help with sound direction? Also Alex, its been a couple of years now. How are you getting on. Any resemblance of life turning back to normal. Kind of terrified so hearing from you guys would be helpful. Thanks
  8. Hi. I recently suffered full SSHL on my left side. I'm still in the freak out mode and trying to work out how I can go forward. Apologies for the pity! My first (of many I suspect) question is, is the Bonebridge applicable for me? My right side hearing is perfect. Some other random q's, how does it do in crowds, restaurants etc at cutting out background noise? Will it bring back the enjoyment of music or will it still sound mono? Thanks in advance!
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