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  1. Thanks everyone so much for taking the time to get back to me. I really appreciate it and it has been great to hear the positive feedback that everyone has given me. I will definitely look into aural rehab. BTW, I will continue to wear my HA in my right ear.
  2. I am being considered for a cochlea implant. I am 68 years of age. I have met several people who have lost all their hearing in the ear in which the implant was done. I have not met others like me who have been severly hard of hearing all their life and had a cochlear implant. I have never had normal hearing due to a premature birth. I have a 20% word recognition in my left ear without a hearing aid and have used my right ear exclusively for speech recognition. My speech recognition in my left ear is very limited. I would like some feedback about how successful the implant would be on another persons like me in this situation. The implant would be in my left ear. Especially speech recognition for one who has always had difficulty understanding speech. Another question would be how successful the operation is in nerve sparing the remaining hearing in the implant ear. I was informed that one might lose their remaining hearing when operating on the ear for the implant. I understand that the new sound on the cochlea side has been described as different as being masked. How long does it take before one adjusts to the difference and both sides ears work together with the new cochlea implant. Any feedback would be more than welcome. Thanks so much for taking the time to address some of my issues.
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