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  1. It was so great to spend time with other parents last night on the call about advocacy (and we're looking forward to tonight). I'm starting a thread to share advocacy resources. One that I always recommend is finding your state's parent training and information center -- a center funded by the US Dept of Education to help families navigate systems. I've found it very helpful to have them attend IEP meetings just to be able to remind me about questions or debrief with me afterward. https://www.parentcenterhub.org/find-your-center/
  2. Are you attending the MED-EL parent panel today or tomorrow? I'm presenting with other MED-El moms, @Lindsay Walden, @Colleen Powell, Amanda Linscheid, and Heather Macerinskas, giving advocacy tips and sharing our experiences advocating for and supporting our school-aged children. If you haven't, please register using the links below. Do you have questions you want us to answer on these calls? Do you have a tip to share? Share questions or tips here and we will include them today or tomorrow!! We will also post tips and resources in this forum. Don
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