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  1. Yes, I had right ear done a year ago and left ear in April 2018. I am open to any help with my hearing. As I am writing this, I am at a Thanksgiving get together sitting by myself in the living room while everyone else is in the family room. I choose to isolate myself because I cannot follow speech.
  2. I’ve had my cochlear implants for a year. I still have trouble understanding any kind of speech. I have a Roger pen, I still have trouble hearing. I have looked at these other “loop” devices. Anybody have any words of wisdom for me?
  3. Activation went very well today. I went with a Sonnett instead of a Rondo this time. I’m really liking the Sonnett. It’s nice to hear bilaterally again. Glad I had it done.
  4. Hi everyone! I had my second CI surgery April 13 and am just now feeling up to discussing it. My first CI, it took two full weeks to feel “normal” again. This time around, the pain isn’t so bad it’s the dizziness that’s bothering me. Dizziness brings on nausea then?. I was hoping this surgery wouldn’t be so bad as I knew what to expect from the first one. Until activation day, May 2, I guess I will just take it easy.
  5. You are so sweet keeping everyone up to date on each other. My activation date is May 2?
  6. Getting around a little better, very sore and bruised. How did your surgery go?
  7. Yes, I will have two sets for both sides. I haven’t asked about the plus Rondo 2 yet. Thanks for your feedback on the sonnett vs Rondo ?
  8. I have two Rondo’s for my right side. This time I’m going with Sonnett because of the two microphones and just see what happens.
  9. Thanks Mary. Good luck to you on your surgery.
  10. Anybody out there have any preferences Rondo or Sonnett? If so, why?
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