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  1. I did try contacting Med-El through a message on their web site but have heard nothing. I am not willing to publish my 'details' on the forum.
  2. Thanks for your speedy reply, Beth. I did not have high expectations about finding someone who had been through a re-implantation, but I thought it worth a try. Yes, my understanding is that the surgery to replace both will be done in a single event. I learned in my conversation with the surgeon that the Med-El electrode is not inserted in the same scala as Cochlear's and AB's electrode. I did not get the impression that this would be a problem, but I had not been aware of the difference before. I do not know if there have been many re-implantations where the path of the electrode differ
  3. I have bilateral Advanced Bionics [AB] implants, one implanted in 2017 and the second in 2018. The implants were subject to a recall by AB in 2019 and it appears now that both of mine have been compromised and probably should be replaced. Since both implants will be replaced it seems I have an opportunity to consider a change of implant vendors. I am curious if anyone with one or more Med-El implants has had occasion to go through re-implantation surgery, either a re-implantation of Med-El with Med-El or AB or Cochlear with Med-El.
  4. Thanks, Mary Beth. Your response was clear, comprehensive and very helpful.
  5. I am a CI candidate and I expect unilateral CI implantation soon. I am trying to decide on the best CI device for me. One particularly confusing area in making comparison of the three major US vendors is the area of wireless connectivity. This post simply raises my level of anxiety about MED-EL. I currently use bilateral Phonak hearing aids. They connect to Bluetooth devices such as my cell phone and computer through an intermediate Phonak device named ComPilot. The ComPilot communicates with my hearing aids using an undisclosed and presumably proprietary transmission protocol. I do not
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