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  1. The more responses I get to this link the better the chances of helpful information for myself and others with the same general type of problems. Anyone know how to get the link out there? https://cihorrorstory.com/
  2. I have a hard time hearing a conversation in a coffee shop and such places. There are a lot of apps out there that translate speech to text but none that I tried worked unless the people were almost talking right into the phone. Any app that will pick up distant speech?
  3. What I need is a speech to text app that can pick up conversations around a table of people talking. I have recently used Speech-to text apps but they weren't very good. Anyone know of the best one on the market?
  4. The failure that I experienced is very depressing and I need any advice or whatever information anyone can add that might be of help. https://cihorrorstory.com/
  5. I have some hearing in my left ear and my right ear is now deaf. So logically I will want to have a CI in my deaf ear and not the ear with some hearing which allows me to get by from day to day. Right? Or am I missing something. I was told by a person that consulted me about the implant that I would do better to have it done in the ear with the hearing. But wouldn't they have the same result from the CI whether or not it was in an ear with some hearing? I told the consultant that there is no way I would have it done in my ear that has some hearing. Never!
  6. could you possible try to explain how it sounds compared to normal hearing. That may be difficult I know. Someone said the CI made a quacky sound. Does that make sense? I assume that the sound will get better in time as more technological advances continue.
  7. I know that it is difficult to explain sound with words. But I wonder if there is a tape or some kind of way an approximation as to the sound a cochlear implant would give to an implant recipient.
  8. I grew up the youngest of 4 children with 3 older sisters that I lived with during their teenage years. You know how teenage girls can be vain. I learned to be very vain of my appearance both both physically and socially. I knew everything a teenage girl knew about fashion including what colors matched and which didn't.(brown and green never went together for instance.) Now that wouldn't have been such an overwhelming influence if my father would have been a rough and tough type that didn't pay much attention to all that fashion and other stuff. But he was as vain as a teenage girl. He would shave before going fishing. So that is why I ended up so darn vain and I have lived with it as it just being a part of me. But that is why I would want the knew implant that is the size of the quarter and not the big hearing aid with the cord leading to the side of the head. Do I have any sympathizers at this point? But ear that I am may get the implant on is completely deaf after a serious infection. So one question that I have is can I get that small device on an hear that is completely deaf or doesn't it make a difference?
  9. I mean the balance system that is encased in the bone near the ear on both sides. I thought a long time ago a guy told me that he wouldn't get a cochlear implant because it would destroy one of the balance systems. What is the situation now with that?
  10. I am just getting my feet wet so to speak when it comes to cochlear implants since it has now been suggested that I get one. So one of my first questions(out of many questions I assume) is: Does being a candidate for a Kanso Sound Processor depend upon how bad a persons hearing is? The ear where I will have the implant is totally gone now. I should have asked if everyone who is a candidate for a CI can also have the Kanso Sound Processor.
  11. I am an old hearing aid user in both ears. But now the hearing in one ear is completely gone since an infection. So now I have hearing in only one hear and it isn't much so I try to lip read as best I can. I have been told that a cochlear implant will help me so I am now preparing for that in the near future. I am sure my struggles are something that most of you can relate to. I have many questions about a CI that I plan on posting on this forum.
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