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  1. Sorry I’m not upon Children’s apps.... As she not a profiecent reader yet how about letting her watch/listen to TV shows that she knows with sound to CI alone, or using YouTube kids videos. Try 10 - 15 mins at a time. have you got any children’s audio books, or do any of her books have CD’s etc that go with them that you can play for her whilst she looks at the book? Again there are a naumber of Children’s audiobooks on YouTube too, but it’s best if you go through and select some first to make sur they are appropriate. Good luck!
  2. Hi Thanks for the prompt MaryBeth! Sorry I haven’t been on Hearpeers for ages...doing too many other things. Alexei, it is good that your son is coping well at present. As a child (about 4 yrs old) I hadn’t realised, and neither had my parents, that I couldn’t hear in my right ear until my dad held something to my that ear to listen to. Apparently i looked at him as if he was mad and pointed to my left saying “this is where I hear!” Things are harder depending on the environment you are in, and I think as life got more stressful as I got older stared to notice more difficulty too. I struggled on untili had kids myself and then felt I needed to do something for their sake. I had twins and it was hard not being able to hear the one on my right side, or only realising they were talking to me when they flopped against me in exasperation because I was ignoring them. I had a bone anchored aid at first which gave me an awareness of sound. I was later very fortunate to get a CI for my right ear, and find out what it is like to hear around me(it’s not the same as my good ear but it really helps me, and I wouldn’t be without it). If I could go back in time to when I was a child, with the knowledge I have now, and the technology, I would give myself a CI. There is a reason for having two ears.....and life is easier with 2 functioning ear.
  3. Hi Mark Herre’s a link to my experience https://blog.medel.com/a-hearing-therapist-chose-med-el-for-single-sided-deafness-ssd/ i hope you find it helpful. Happy to answer any questions you may have
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